Gerhard Hanappi Stadium

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Gerhard Hanappi Stadium
The west stand before the game Rapid Wien against Rubin Kazan on July 21, 2007
The west stand before the game Rapid Wien against Rubin Kazan on July 21, 2007
Earlier names

West Stadium (1977-1981)

place AustriaAustria Vienna , Austria
Coordinates 48 ° 11 '53 "  N , 16 ° 15' 55"  E Coordinates: 48 ° 11 '53 "  N , 16 ° 15' 55"  E
owner City of Vienna
opening May 10, 1977
First game SK Rapid - Austria / WAC 1-0
Renovations 1977, 2001
demolition October 4, 2014 to
February 2015
surface Natural grass
architect Gerhard Hanappi
capacity 17,500 seats
playing area 105 × 68 m
  • Games from SK Rapid Wien (1977-2014)

The Gerhard Hanappi Stadium was a football stadium in Hütteldorf , a district in Vienna's 14th district and home of SK Rapid Wien . The stadium was owned by the City of Vienna , which leased it to Rapid. Originally called Weststadion , from April 1981 it bore the name of its architect, the rapid player Gerhard Hanappi , who became famous as a record national player during his time as an active soccer player.

The Gerhard Hanappi Stadium was once the home ground of the Austrian national soccer team , including in the European Championship qualification in 1984 and in the World Cup qualification in 1986. But even after that, friendly international matches were played there, and the ÖFB Cup finals eight times .

The stadium was demolished from October 2014 to February 2015 and has been replaced by the Allianz Stadium since mid-2016 .


West stadium with teething problems

The decision to build a new, second Vienna stadium next to the Prater Stadium was first made in July 1969, in particular SK Rapid Wien and SC Wacker Wien were to later play their home games here. Construction began in June 1971, but work on the stadium was not a good star. Completion was delayed by more than three years, Hanappi's plans were not fully implemented to enable a more cost-effective variant. The final capacity of the stadium was 20,700. In addition, the stadium was turned 90 degrees so that a strong westerly wind affected the field and became characteristic of the stadium. This fact also earned the West Stadium the amusing nickname "Bird House". Because of its location in the west of Vienna, the new stadium was called Weststadion .

The stadium was opened several times. On May 10, 1977, the first Bundesliga match took place, which ended with a 1-0 victory for Rapid over the Austria / WAC syndicate. Despite trying hard to fill as many places as possible, a disappointing 14,500 visitors came back then. It was also these two clubs that should find their new home here. Austria played previously in the Franz Horr Stadium , Rapid on the nearby Pfarrwiese . Since the construction work was not yet fully completed at this point, the official opening ceremony took place on September 14, 1977 before Rapid's UEFA Cup match against FK Inter Bratislava (1-0) with fireworks and musical accompaniment by a military band . Following the rapid victory, however, there was serious rioting by Rapid fans in a train on the light rail. The train set was brought to a standstill by a deliberately induced emergency braking and the following train came up. There were 37 injured.

The West Stadium was not spared negative headlines for the rest of the season either. After just a few months, from October 1977, the stadium had to be temporarily closed due to severe construction defects, as a 1.70 meter long crack had been discovered in a pillar. The responsible company was bankrupt, allegations of bribery made the rounds in the media. Both Rapid and Austria therefore had to play on other courses for almost the entire 1977/78 season. The Rapid football club then played its home games mainly on the temporarily modernized Pfarrwiese.

The following season opened in a sold-out West Stadium with 20,000 spectators with a 3-1 derby win by Rapid. During the season, however, the number of spectators remained far below expectations and an average of only 7,000 spectators visited the Weststadion. With the Rapid fans, it took some time before the stadium, which was too sterile in their eyes, could conquer their hearts compared to the cozy wooden stands on the Pfarrwiese. The purple fans, on the other hand, showed great resentment at having to share a stadium in their home district with arch rivals Rapid, and therefore returned to their Franz Horr Stadium. Nevertheless, Austria repeatedly made guest appearances in the West Stadium, as the Horr Stadium was initially not approved for European Cup games or it was used as an alternative stadium for extensions to the Horr Stadium. The last time Austria used the Hütteldorfer Stadion as their home ground in a 3-1 win over FC Brugge in 1992 in the UEFA Champions League round of 16 .

Way to the cult stadium

After Gerhard Hanappi died of lymph gland cancer on August 23, 1980 , the West Stadium was renamed the Gerhard Hanappi Stadium in 1981 in his honor by the City of Vienna . Hanappi was not only the architect of the stadium, but also the record national player of Austria at the time and had won a total of eight championships in his active career with his parent club Wacker Vienna and Rapid. The day when the Rapid fans finally accepted their new stadium is usually dated May 25, 1982. In front of a completely overcrowded house with 25,000 spectators, Rapid won the Austrian championship with a 5-0 win against SSW Innsbruck . The successes on a national and international level in the following years did the rest and the number of visitors increased. Rapid was particularly strong at home in the Hanappi Stadium and did not lose a single game in their own stadium in the 1982/83 season. According to the motto "Rapid is our religion", the stadium was often called Sankt Hanappi . The coach Ivica Osim , famous in Austria, once described the Hanappi Stadium as a cathedral of football .

Expansion from 2001

Comprehensive renovation and modernization of the Gerhard Hanappi Stadium began in 2001. The west and east stands were completely covered. From then on, all seats in the stadium were covered. During this time, SK Rapid either continued to play their home games in the Hanappi Stadium with reduced capacity without the West and East stands or moved to the Ernst Happel Stadium . The roof of the north and south stands was renewed and the fences facing the field were dismantled. The Hanappi Stadium was also equipped with a new sound and lighting system, and an underground garage with 400 parking spaces and a new training area were created next to the stadium.

The roofing of the east and west stands also reduced the difficulty of the incoming west wind, but at the same time reduced the service life of the lawn a little due to less ventilation . As a result of the renovations, the number of seats fell to 18,442, of which 17,500 are usually approved for Bundesliga games. The revitalization of the stadium was completed in October 2002 and the completely covered Hanappi Stadium reopened on October 27, 2002 with a 2-1 defeat against Vienna Austria.

In the years that followed, the stadium was further expanded and modernized. Two VIP clubs were built on the north and south stands for 200 people, a 25 m² video wall as a stadium display between the east and south stands in the curve of the stadium, and a modern video surveillance system for the entire stadium. In 2006 the stadium was equipped with underfloor heating in order to be able to guarantee the game in all weather conditions. As part of the installation of the underfloor heating, the football pitch was also extended from 102 meters to the 105 meters required for the European Cup. In the basement of the Hanappi Stadium, modern fitness and physiotherapy rooms have been set up for the training of Rapid's combat team.

On May 8, 2007 the 30th anniversary of the Gerhard Hanappi Stadium took place in front of a sold out crowd with the derby against Vienna Austria. The game was also Rapid's 500th championship home game in the Hanappi Stadium. The game ended 3-0 for Rapid.

In the 2008/09 season, a second video screen was set up between the north and west stands opposite the first. In December 2011 the Club Museum "Rapideum" was opened under the south stand.

New building

After discussions about a necessary renovation of the aging stadium emerged, the construction of a new stadium was confirmed in May 2014, and the plans and the exact schedule were presented on June 10, 2014. The new venue, which was completed in 2016, is called Allianz Stadium and has a capacity of 24,000 spectators; 28,000 are possible for national games with standing room.

When the new stadium was being built, SK Rapid played its home games in the Ernst Happel Stadium . As a farewell game from the Gerhard Hanappi Stadium, Rapid played a friendly against Celtic Glasgow on July 6, 2014 .

On October 4, 2014, SK Rapid hosted a demolition party under the motto My piece of old home . The supporters of the club were able to secure a souvenir of the club's venue. Among other things, stadium seats, parts of the pitch or goal nets and bricks were offered for sale. Long queues formed in front of the south / west entrance even before the entrance at 10 a.m. In the afternoon, the demolition work began symbolically with an excavator. 18 o'clock the farewell event on ended Hanappi .

Special games in the Hanappi Stadium

ÖFB Cup Final

  • 1977: FK Austria Wien - Wiener Sport-Club 3-0 (2-0), 13,000 spectators
  • 1983: SK Rapid Vienna - Wacker Innsbruck 3-0 (1-0), 12,000 spectators
  • 1984: SK Rapid Wien - FK Austria Wien 2-0 (2-0), 20,500 spectators
  • 1985: SK Rapid Wien - FK Austria Wien 3: 3 (1: 1) (0: 0) n.V.- Pen. 6: 5, 15,000 spectators
  • 1986: SK Rapid Wien - FK Austria Wien 4: 6 (3: 3) (2: 1) n.V., 16,500 spectators
  • 1987: SK Rapid Wien - FC Swarovski Tirol 2-0 (2-0), 9,500 spectators
  • 1998: SV Ried - SK Sturm Graz 3-1 (2-0), 6,000 spectators
  • 2007: FK Austria Wien - SV Mattersburg 2-1 (0-1), 15,000 viewers

Supercup (Austria)

  • 1986: SK Rapid Wien - FK Austria Wien 3-1 (2-0), 3,300 spectators
  • 1987: SK Rapid Wien - FC Swarovski Tirol 2: 1 (1: 1), 2,500 spectators

Legendary EC games

  • 1983: SK Rapid Wien - FC Nantes 3: 0 (2: 0) (EC of the champions - 1st round), 16,000 spectators
  • 1983: SK Rapid Wien - Bohemians Prague 1905 1: 0 (1: 0) (EC of the champions - round of 16), 20,000 spectators (sold out)
  • 1984: SK Rapid Wien - Dundee United 2: 1 (0: 1) (EC of the champions - quarter-finals), 15,000 spectators
  • 1984: SK Rapid Wien - Celtic Glasgow 3-1 (0-0) (EC cup winners - round of 16), 16,000 spectators
  • 1985: FK Austria Wien - FC Liverpool 1: 1 (1: 0) (EC of the champions - quarter-finals), 20,000 spectators
  • 1985: SK Rapid Wien - Dynamo Dresden 5-0 (3-0) (EC cup winners - quarter-finals), 15,000 spectators
  • 1985: SK Rapid Wien - Dynamo Moscow 3: 1 (0: 1) (EC cup winners - semi-finals), 20,000 spectators (sold out)
  • 1985: FK Austria Wien - FC Bayern Munich 3: 3 (1: 1) (EC of the champions - round of 16), 18,000 spectators
  • 1986: SK Rapid Wien - Club Brugge 4: 3 (2: 1) (EC cup winners - sixteenth finals), 11,000 spectators
  • 1989: SK Rapid Wien - FC Aberdeen 1-0 (1-0) (UEFA Cup - 1st round), 19,000 spectators
  • 1989: SK Rapid Wien - Club Brugge 4: 3 (0: 1) (UEFA Cup - round of 32), 18,000 spectators
  • 1989: SK Rapid Wien - FC Lüttich 1-0 (0-0) (UEFA Cup - round of 16), 14,000 spectators
  • 1990: SK Rapid Wien - Inter Milan 2-1 (0-1) (UEFA Cup - 1st round), 16,000 spectators
  • 1992: FK Austria Wien - Club Brugge 3-1 (0-0) (CL round of 16), 16,000 spectators
  • 1997: SK Rapid Wien - 1. FC Brno 6: 1 (2: 0) (UEFA Cup - Quali), 14,000 spectators
  • 2000: FK Red Star Belgrade - Leicester City 3: 1 (1: 1) (UEFA Cup - 1st round), 12,373 spectators
  • 2001: SK Rapid Wien - FK Partizan Belgrade 5: 1 (2: 0) (UEFA Cup - 1st round), 15,400 spectators
  • 2005: SK Rapid Wien - Lokomotiv Moscow 1: 1 (0: 1) (CL qualification), 17,455 spectators (sold out)
  • 2009: SK Rapid Wien - Aston Villa 1-0 (1-0) (EL qualification), 17,800 spectators (sold out)
  • 2010: SK Rapid Wien - Aston Villa 1: 1 (0: 1) (EL qualification), 17,800 spectators (sold out)
  • 2012: SK Rapid Vienna - PAOK Thessaloniki 3: 0 (1: 0) (EL qualification), 16,500 spectators (sold out)

International matches

  • 1982: Austria - Albania 5-0 (2-0) (European Championship qualification), 10,000 spectators
  • 1982: Austria - Northern Ireland 2-0 (2-0) (European Championship qualification), 12,000 spectators
  • 1982: Austria - Turkey 4: 0 (3: 0) (European Championship qualification), 10,000 spectators
  • 1984: Austria 0-0 Greece (friendly game), 10,000 spectators
  • 1984: Austria - Netherlands 1-0 (1-0) (World Cup qualification), 15,000 spectators
  • 1985: Austria - Hungary 0: 3 (0: 2) (World Cup qualification), 20,000 spectators (sold out)
  • 2002: Austria - Norway 0: 1 (0: 0) (friendly game), 15,800 spectators
  • 2007: Austria - Scotland 0-1 (0-0) (friendly), 13,200 spectators
  • 2007: Austria 0-0 Paraguay (friendly), 12,700 spectators

Farewell game

  • 2014: SK Rapid Wien - Celtic Glasgow 1: 1 (friendly match), 17,500 spectators (sold out)


Picture gallery

Overall panorama from the south stand


In 1983 Wolfgang Ambros , Opus and Rainhard Fendrich performed here . Later concerts were not allowed to take place in the Hanappi Stadium due to the dense residential area.

public viewing

During the European Football Championship in 2008 , the stadium was rented as an alternative fan zone for public viewing . In total, however, it was only opened four times, although it was only halfway full during the match between Austria and Germany and the final. Due to the high costs (3.4 million euros fixed costs) and the low number of visitors, the project was heavily criticized in the media, especially since the establishment of a private fan zone on the Danube Island had previously failed due to insufficient funding. The subsidy for this fan zone would have cost the city of Vienna only € 817,000, but was rejected on the grounds that the city could not participate in private projects without a tender.

Transport links

The Hanappi Stadium was well connected to the public transport network. The Hanappi Stadium could be reached with the underground line U4 , the Westbahn , the S-Bahn lines S15, S45 and S50, the tram lines 49 and 52 as well as the city and regional bus lines.

In addition to the stadium, there was also an underground car park with around 400 parking spaces for spectators.

A Park & ​​Ride facility with 1250 parking spaces in the area of ​​the Hütteldorf train station was accessible via Hadikgasse.

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