Getaway (1994)

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German title Getaway
Original title The Getaway
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1994
length 111 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Roger Donaldson
script Walter Hill ,
Amy Holden Jones
production David Foster ,
John Alan Simon ,
Lawrence Turman
music Mark Isham
camera Peter Menzies Jr.
cut Conrad Buff IV

Getaway is an American feature film directed by Roger Donaldson and produced in 1994. It is a remake of the 1972 thriller Getaway and, like this one, is based on the Jim Thompson novel of the same name .


Carter “Doc” McCoy goes to a Mexican prison after a commissioned prisoner release and subsequent money delivery. His wife Carol sleeps with the influential criminal Jack Benyon, so that he can campaign for the release of Carter. After McCoy's release, Benyon demands that McCoy take part in a robbery in Arizona. Other gangsters are assigned to him. These include the inexperienced Hansen and the hard-nosed Rudy. Rudy and Carter know each other from the robbery that went wrong and hate each other. Carter tells the two gang members that he will get false papers after the robbery in El Paso.

During the robbery, Hansen puts the team in dire straits and he is murdered by Rudy and thrown on the street after the robbery. At the agreed meeting point, Rudy also wants to kill McCoy, but he suspects Rudy's plan and shoots him down. He thinks he killed him, but he only hurt him. Carter and Carol leave the scene. Rudy drags himself to the vet Harold and takes him and his wife Fran hostage. They take care of him and he travels with them towards El Paso. During this journey, he begins a sexual affair with Fran, who gives himself to him willingly. Harold has to watch and finally takes his own life. Carter drives his wife to Benyon, where Benyon happily talks about his affair with Carter's wife. Benyon had agreed to murder Carter with Carol, but she still loves Carter and shoots Benyon instead of Carter.

Carter and Carol escape with the stolen money to El Paso , where they get forged papers to flee to Mexico . But before that there is a showdown with the people from Benyon, who have tracked them down in a hotel. After shooting their opponents, including Rudy, they can continue to Mexico unhindered.


  • The Cinema wrote that is a masterpiece, "Sam Peckinpah's original with Steve McQueen in 1972", "this infusion in video aesthetics is not. Conclusion: remake without the fire of the original "


Kim Basinger was nominated for the MTV Movie Award in 1994 and for the Golden Raspberry in 1995 .


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