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City of Marktbreit
Coat of arms of Gnodstadt
Coordinates: 49 ° 38 ′ 17 ″  N , 10 ° 7 ′ 12 ″  E
Height : 276 m
Residents : 643  (1987)
Incorporation : May 1, 1978
Postal code : 97340
Area code : 09332

Gnodstadt is a district of Marktbreit in the district of Kitzingen in the Bavarian administrative district of Lower Franconia at the southernmost point of the Main triangle and at the same time the Main , although Gnodstadt is 2 km away from the Main. Gnodstadt is one of two districts of the city of Marktbreit and has about 750 inhabitants.

Geographical location

Gnodstadt is located in the extreme south of the Marktbreiter municipal area on the Breitbach tributary Bräubach or Steingraben. In the north, the area of ​​the city of Ochsenfurt in the Würzburg district begins some distance away . To the north-northeast, separated by the federal autobahn 7 and the state road 2271 , you can find Marktbreit itself, with which Gnodstadt is connected via the district road KT 18. The southeast is occupied by Martinsheim - Enheim . In the south, with the district Geißlingen, the area of ​​the municipality of Oberickelsheim begins in the Neustadt an der Aisch-Bad Windsheim district in Central Franconia . In the south-west of the federal highway 13 runs partially over Gnodstadt area.


The village was mentioned for the first time in 1130 . A knight dynasty with the name of Gnodstadt is also documented at this time. Between 1448 and 1806 Gnodstadt was one of the so-called Six Main Villages that belonged to the Margraviate of Brandenburg-Ansbach.

Near the village, but still within the location marker, is an obelisk that was erected in 1773. This is also known as the toll pyramid . In December 2010 it was driven over by a truck driver - who paradoxically wanted to save on the motorway toll - which made Gnodstadt the headlines across the region.

Numerous historic house facades in the town are made of Gnodstädter sandstone , which is still being broken on the edge of the town.

With the municipal reform , which came into force on May 1, 1978, the village was incorporated into the town of Marktbreit, about 4 km away, and moved from the old district of Ochsenfurt , which was added to the district of Würzburg with the only exception of Gnodstadt , to the district of Kitzingen . The incorporation was preceded by large protests by the population.

coat of arms

Sketch coat of arms Gnodstadt.jpg
Blazon : "The silver clad apostles Peter (right) and Paul, the first raised his right, in the left a key, the latter a sword in the left, the right raised with a cross as a blessing."
Justification for the coat of arms: The two apostles have been referring to the town's two church patrons since the Thirty Years' War. Before that, the place had another seal of unknown content, which was renewed in 1632 by the Margraves of Brandenburg-Ansbach. At first the two apostles were shown sitting behind a table, with a cross between them.


Natural stone facade in Gnodstadt made of Gnodstädter sandstone (base made of Kirchheim shell limestone )

The center of the place is the former pilgrimage church of St. Peter and Paul . Your tower dates back to the 13th century. Later a Madonna drew pilgrims there from distant places. In 1528 the Margraves of Ansbach introduced the Reformation and ended the pilgrimage. The church still has valuable furnishings, such as one of the oldest bells in the area.

At the north-western end of the village in the direction of Ochsenfurt , between three so-called cross trees, there is a renaissance shrine from 1586, which was restored in 2001, restoring the high artistic quality of the torture column with biblical figures.

In the center of the village there is a picturesque village fountain with a motto and year (1920). The existence of a town hall has been known since 1463 . Today's two-story building with the youth room of the country youth Gnodstadt and an old cannon dates from the years 1730–1732 and has a large hall.

Social life


The gymnastics and sports club TSV Gnodstadt represents a considerable part of the leisure activities in Gnodstadt. It currently has 630 members. In addition to football , the TSV also offers spinal gymnastics, cycling, children's gymnastics, mother-father-child gymnastics and aerobics. In 2006 the TSV celebrated its 100th anniversary with a sports week, the juggler gymnastics festival and other festivities.

Seven clubs are located in Gnodstadt: rural youth , TSV Gnodstadt, men's choir, rural women , fire brigade association , diaconal association , riding and driving association.


Gnodstadt has a Protestant kindergarten .



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