Big creams

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Big creams
Kamp krems.png
location Waldviertel , Austria
River system Danube
Drain over Kamp  → Danube  → Black Sea
source Kl. Krems near Scheib, Kirchschlag community ,
Gr. Krems near Bad Traunstein in the Weinsberg Forest
48 ° 23 ′ 56 ″  N , 15 ° 6 ′ 46 ″  E
Source height 950  m above sea level A.
muzzle Kamp near the Altenwörth power station Coordinates: 48 ° 22 '20 "  N , 15 ° 51' 51"  E 48 ° 22 '20 "  N , 15 ° 51' 51"  E
Mouth height 180  m above sea level A.
Height difference 770 m
Bottom slope 9.5 ‰
length 81 km
Catchment area 365.7 km²
Medium-sized cities Krems
Small towns Gföhl , Traismauer
Communities Bad Traunstein , Ottenschlag , Sallingberg , Kottes-Purk , Lichtenau , Albrechtsberg , Weinzierl , Senftenberg , Gedersdorf (Theiß) , Grafenwörth , Kirchberg ( Altenwörth )

The Krems is a river in the southern Waldviertel ( Lower Austria ) whose longest source river, the Große Krems, can also be used to describe the entire river.

Upper course

The Große Krems rises south of Bad Traunstein , more precisely west of Reitzendorf (Vordere Waldhäuser) at an altitude of 950 m and drains the eastern Weinsberger Wald and flows through the Weyerteich (near Ottenschlag ) with the imposing railway bridge over the Kremstal. The Kleine Krems rises between Roggenreith and Höllerbrand . The two rivers flow through the rough granite landscape in an easterly direction. More important places are Großreinprechts on the Große Krems and Kottes on the Kleine Krems.

Middle course

Before the confluence of the two source rivers, they cut deep into the Bohemian Massif and form an imposing valley landscape. The union takes place just below Hartenstein Castle , where the Gudenus Cave , which was washed out of the shore and was inhabited in the Stone Age, is also located.

Lower course

Before Senftenberg, the Krems forms the backbone of the Kremstal wine-growing region and emerges from the granite and gneiss highlands near Krems on the Danube , where it flows into the Danube in the area of ​​the Krems harbor . In the course of the construction of the Altenwörth power station on the Danube , the estuary was relocated to Altenwörth together with that of the Kamp .


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This river is not to be confused with the Upper Austrian river Krems , which flows into the Traun .

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  2. Four incorporated cadastral communities in the city are located a few kilometers from the town center, in the Kremstal.
  3. The Krems River flows through an alluvial forest area north of the Danube belonging to the municipality, which was separated from the urban area south of the Danube by the Danube regulation in the 19th century.