Gulliver's Travels (TV Movie)

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German title Gulliver's Travels
Original title Gulliver's Travels
Country of production USA , UK
original language English
Publishing year 1996
length 180 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Charles Sturridge
script Simon Moore
Jonathan Swift (novel)
production Duncan Kenworthy
music Trevor Jones
camera Howard Atherton
cut Peter Coulson

Gulliver's Travels is a two-part television fantasy film released in 1996 . It is based on the novel of the same name by Jonathan Swift .


Lemuel Gulliver, a doctor who sailed as a ship's doctor, returned to his native England around 1720 after years of absence. But his family hardly recognizes him. Disturbed, he tells of Liliput , a land of the dwarfs, and Brobdingnag , the land of giants, of floating islands and talking horses. His adventurous stories are taken for pipe dreams, his state of mind is seriously questioned.

Gulliver's wife Mary and her employer, whom she would like to marry, Dr. Bates, are concerned about him as he might be a bad companion to little Tom Gulliver, who never saw his father during his nine-year absence.

Dr. Bates, who is also afraid of losing his place at Mary's side by Gulliver's return, instructs him in the Bethlehem Hospital, in the "psychiatric ward" (rather insane asylum).

There he now reports to the sick about his experiences and earns the mockery of the doctors. When Mary discovers that Bates is hiding her letters for her husband in his study instead of telling Dr. Handing Gulliver over, she campaigns for a medical council hearing. This is permitted. In front of the large crowd of the assembled people, Gulliver finished his travel experiences and aroused the displeasure of the assembly when he reported of the reasonable society of the Houyhnhnms, which was superior to that of the people.

Finally, Dr. Bates him the choice - to renounce his stories and go free or to be put back in the cell. Gulliver holds on to his experiences and is about to be brought back by the keepers when at the last moment his son Tom enters the room and shows the amazed people a sheep from the land of Lilliput, which his father had brought with him. The film ends with shooting of Gulliver and his family at liberty.


The film was shot in England and Portugal .


  • The director Charles Sturridge is married to the actress Phoebe Nicholls ( Empress of Liliput ). Their son is Thomas Sturridge ( Tom Gulliver ).
  • Ted Danson ( Lemuel Gulliver ) and Mary Steenburgen ( Mary Gulliver ) met while filming and were married a few weeks later on Martha's Vineyard .
  • Samples of the final scene ( "You see, when night falls and you close your eyes to sleep and dream, I have seen the things you can only dream about. I have been there." ) Are performed in the piece by the British psytrance band Chi-AD Astral Warrior used.


The film received the following five Emmys in 1996 :

  • Best equipment
  • Best hair styling
  • Best script
  • Best movie
  • Best special effects

In addition, Gullivers Reisen received the following six nominations:

  • Best camera
  • Best costume design
  • Best director
  • Best cut
  • Best tone
  • Best Female Supporting Actress: Alfre Woodard


  • Jonathan Swift : Gulliver's travels in different countries around the world. (OT: Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the World. ) Winkler Weltliteratur, Blue Series. German by Kurt Heinrich Hansen. With illustrations by Grandville and an afterword by Uwe Böker . Artemis and Winkler, Düsseldorf 2006, ISBN 3-538-06325-7 .

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