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Coordinates: 52 ° 16 ′ 46 "  N , 11 ° 9 ′ 13"  E
Height : 141 m above sea level NHN
Area : 8.65 km²
Residents : 581  (December 31, 2011)
Population density : 67 inhabitants / km²
Incorporation : January 1, 2010
Postal code : 39356
Area code : 039055

Hörsingen is a district of the city of Oebisfelde-Weferlingen in the Börde district in Saxony-Anhalt .


Hörsingen is about 8 km southeast of Weferlingen between Lappwald and Drömling . The abandoned village of Nievoldhagen is located near the village, in the Hödinger Forest .

The following were identified as living spaces in the municipality:

  • Stemmerberg
  • Brick factory


Hörsingen, originally Horsigge , was first mentioned in 1112. In 1261 there was a mention of another audition in the area ( in utroque Horsigge ), which must have fallen wildly.

From 1994 to January 1, 2005 Hörsingen belonged to the administrative community Weferlingen from 2005 to December 31, 2009 to the administrative community Flechtingen . By means of a territorial change agreement, the municipal councils of the municipalities of Oebisfelde (on May 27, 2009), Bösdorf (on May 26, 2009), Eickendorf (on May 28, 2009), Etingen (on May 26, 2009), Kathendorf (on May 19 , 2009) May 2009), Rätzlingen (on May 27, 2009), Eschenrode (on May 28, 2009), Döhren (on May 28, 2009), Hödingen (on May 20, 2009), Hörsingen (on May 27, 2009), Schwanefeld (on May 25, 2009), Seggerde (on June 26, 2009), Siestedt (on May 28, 2009), Walbeck (on May 28, 2009) and the Flecken Weferlingen (on May 19, 2009) that their communities dissolved and to be united to a new city Oebisfelde-Weferlingen. This contract was approved by the county as the lower local supervisory authority and came into effect on January 1, 2010.

After the implementation of the unification agreement of the previously independent municipality of Hörsingen, Hörsingen became part of the new town of Oebisfelde-Weferlingen. For the included municipality, the local constitution according to §§ 86 ff. Municipality code of Saxony-Anhalt was introduced. The recorded community of Hörsingen and the future district of Hörsingen became the locality of the new town of Oebisfelde-Weferlingen. A local council with eight members, including the local mayor, was formed in the incorporated municipality and now the village of Hörsingen.


The honorary mayor Peter Schorlemmer was in office from May 6, 2001 to December 31, 2009 and has been the local mayor since then.

Local council

According to the last local election on June 7, 2009, the council had ten members. Due to the founding of the city of Oebisfelde-Weferlingen, the local council automatically became a local council. The turnout was 43.6%. The choice brought the following result:

  Individual applicants 6 seats (59.9%)
  SPD 2 seats (18.0%)
  CDU 1 seat (13.9%)
  The left 1 seat (8.2%)

In 2014 a local council with sesch members was elected, one seat remained vacant. The local mayor is also a member of the local council as chairman.

Culture and sights

St. Stephen Church

The Protestant St. Stephen's Church in Hörsingen has a Romanesque architecture, it was originally attached to a neighboring monastery. Its bell from the 12th century is one of the oldest preserved church bells in Germany. In 1683 the nave was extended to the east in a baroque style and the baptismal angel and altar were created. In 2006 the wall around the rectory was rebuilt with the old stones and the church area was redesigned.


The Evangelical Lutheran Church (see also "Arts and Culture") is part of the parish area Buelstringen, in the Central Region of the church district Haldensleben Wolmirstedt-the Evangelical Church in Central Germany .

Former Emmaus Chapel

Since, as a result of the Second World War, with the influx of expellees from the eastern regions of the German Reich , Catholics had resettled in the Protestant Hörsingen since the Reformation , and in 1967 a former forge was converted into a chapel . In 1968 it was inaugurated as the "Emmaus Chapel" and a wall hanging showed the Emmaus disciples . In 1992 the chapel was given up because the number of Catholics had decreased again. Today the church " St. Joseph and St. Theresa of the Child Jesus " in Weferlingen, about eight kilometers away, is the closest Catholic place of worship. The former Emmaus chapel is used profanely today.


It is around nine kilometers to the south to Bundesstrasse 1 , which connects Braunschweig with Berlin . The federal motorway 2 (junction Alleringersleben ) is reached after twelve kilometers. Hörsingen is located on the Haldensleben – Weferlingen railway line, which is used exclusively for freight traffic .


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