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Haufe Group

legal form GmbH
founding 1951
Seat Freiburg in Breisgau
management Birte Hackenjos CEO , Harald Wagner CFO , Isabel Blank, Jörg Frey, Dominik Hartmann, Joachim Rotzinger, Christian Steiger, Carsten Thies
Number of employees 2,000 (2019)
sales 407 million euros (2019)
Branch Software, media, training, human resources management
Website www.haufegroup.com
Status: 2019

The Haufe Group (spelling: Haufe Group ), a group of companies based in Freiburg im Breisgau , emerged from the Haufe publishing house founded in 1934 . In the past few decades, the classic core areas of the initially pure publishing business have been increasingly replaced and expanded to include offers in the field of training and further education as well as digital workplace solutions and services. The range of the family-run group includes specialist information and portals, ( cloud computing ) applications, e-procurement solutions, online communities , specialist software as well as seminars and advice on personnel and organizational development in companies.

In the financial year ending June 30, 2019, the group employed 2,000 people at 21 locations in 7 countries. In addition, more than 1000 freelance authors, developers and designers as well as around 800 trainers, speakers and coaches work for the Haufe Group. In Germany there are branches in Berlin , Bielefeld , Hamburg , Hanover , Leipzig , Planegg / Munich , Neu-Isenburg , Stuttgart , Wiesbaden , Wörthsee-Etterschlag and Würzburg . The Haufe Group is represented internationally in St. Gallen , Barcelona , Boston , Cluj-Napoca , Huntsville (Alabama) , San Francisco , Beijing , Timișoara and Vienna .


Stand of the Haufe Group at the 106th German Librarians' Day 2017 in Frankfurt

In 1934 Rudolf Haufe founded Haufe Verlag in Berlin. His goal was to publish specialist literature in the field of law. In 1951 the publishing house moved from Berlin to Freiburg im Breisgau. In 1968 the Rudolf-Haufe-Verlag became the market leader in the area of ​​information for personnel work in companies with the loose-leaf collection “The Personal Office in Law and Practice”.

In 1977 the publishing house Wirtschaft, Recht und Taxes was added as a subsidiary of Haufe Verlag. Since then, people have spoken of the Haufe publishing group. In 1978 the company expanded its range of seminars and the "Haufe Academy" was founded. While specialist knowledge on the topics of taxes, law and economics was initially imparted, seminars on management knowledge as well as personal and social skills were added in the course of the 1990s. In 1991 the “Annual Accounting Conference” and the “Annual Personnel Office Conference” took place for the first time. In 1993, the software house Lexware also became a subsidiary of the Haufe publishing group.

In 1994, a joint venture between Editions Francis Lefebvre, Paris, and Rudolf-Haufe-Verlag resulted in Memento Verlag, based in Freiburg, which was to exist until 2009. In the same year, the Haufe publishing group was joined by the software house Soft-use and Haufe + Kisling Verlag AG, based in Zurich, was newly founded. In addition, the Würzburg Max-Schimmel-Verlag became part of the Haufe publishing group, with Rudolf-Haufe-Verlag taking a 50 percent stake in the company. The Haufe publishing group was renamed the Haufe group. In the late 1990s, Lexware and Intuit Germany entered into a strategic alliance , as a result of which Lexware took over Intuit's German business. Lexware then created and sold financial software for private individuals and expanded its range of private tax returns.

The Haufe Service Center was founded in 2000. In 2001 the Haufe publishing group bundled all activities in the book sector under the title "Haufe Publishing" in Planegg near Munich. Two years later, online specialist portals added to the portfolio of the publishing group . Haufe took a 25 percent stake in Legios, an online portal for legal experts. In 2003, the Haufe Group also took over sekretaria.de, an internet service for assistance and secretarial services. The group increased its stake in Max-Schimmel-Verlag to 100 percent and took over the business magazines “Acquisa”, “Consultant”, “ProFirma” and “Economy & Further Education” as well as all connected electronic offers.

In 2004, Max Schimmel Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, which has been part of the group since 2003, was renamed Haufe Fachmedia GmbH & Co. KG. In the same year, Haufe + Kisling Verlag was completely taken over and renamed Haufe BusinessMedia , the company's headquarters remained in Zurich. In the following year, Haufe BusinessMedia merged with WEKA Holding in Switzerland. In 2006, Sykosch AG, a software manufacturer and provider of solutions, services and specialist information for the housing and real estate industry, was taken over. Also in that year, the expansion of the range of seminars resulted in the establishment of Haufe Akademie GmbH & Co. KG as an independent company.

In 2009, the DVS-Deutsche Vertriebsleiter Schule GmbH was taken over by the Verlag modern Industrie , a subsidiary of the Süddeutscher Verlag , by the Haufe Academy and the Verlag Norbert Müller, a subsidiary of DVS, was integrated into the Haufe publishing group as part of the sale.

In 2010, the independent companies Haufe GmbH & Co. KG and Lexware GmbH & Co. KG were merged with the sister company Haufe Fachmedia and the publishing house Wirtschaft, Recht und Taxes and henceforth operated as Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG. Haufe-Lexware Romania SRL was also founded in Timișoara (Romania) in 2010 . In the same year, Sykosch AG was also renamed Haufe-Lexware Real Estate AG and INPUT - Institute for Personal and Corporate Management GmbH, based in Paderborn, was taken over by Haufe Akademie.

In 2011 the takeover of LSL AG (today: Haufe Discovery GmbH; LSL = Literatur Service Leipzig) with locations in Leipzig and Boston. Further takeovers followed in 2012: ESS AG, smartsteuer GmbH and Semigator AG (today: Semigator GmbH). In the same year the group acquired a stake in umantis AG (today: Haufe-umantis AG). In addition, Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG founded New Times Corporate Communications GmbH, today Haufe New Times, with headquarters in Munich and a branch in Hamburg. In the same year, the Haufe Academy took over the qualification offer from WestLB Schloss Krickenbeck GmbH. In addition, the call center in Freiburg's main train station was closed, causing 184 employees to lose their jobs.

In 2013 the two subsidiaries Haufe-Lexware Real Estate AG and ESS AG were merged to form Haufe-Lexware Real Estate AG (HLRE). At the end of 2013, the Haufe Group took over Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag from the Handelsblatt publishing group .

In September 2014, Haufe sold some of its specialist magazines to WEKA Media. In 2018, the Haufe Group took over the Startup Steuerbot from Stuttgart. Hundreds of people create their tax returns in chat every day with the free tax bot app.

Corporate structure

The Haufe Group includes:

  • Haufe Akademie GmbH & Co. KG
  • Haufe-Lexware GmbH & Co. KG
  • Haufe-Lexware Real Estate AG
  • Haufe-umantis AG
  • Haufe Discovery GmbH (formerly LSL GmbH)
  • Schäffer-Poeschel publishing house for economics, taxes, law GmbH
  • Semigator GmbH
  • smartsteuer GmbH
  • Steuerbot GmbH
  • VCW AG (participation)
Further investments by the Haufe Group
  • WEKA Business Media AG (merger of Haufe Business Media AG and WEKA Verlag AG), Zurich, Switzerland
  • I-Zhong International Ltd., Beijing and Shanghai, China
  • Advolux GmbH , Berlin
  • WEKA Holding, Kissing
  • Deutscher Anwaltverlag, Bonn
  • bbh Federal Association of Independent Accountants and Accountants, Pleiskirchen (Federal Office: Berlin)
  • Publishing house Dr. Otto Schmidt , Cologne

The brands of the Haufe Group

The Freiburg headquarters, access on Munziger Strasse
The Freiburg headquarters, access on Jechtinger Straße


The range of products offered by the Haufe brand includes specialist information, applications, services, services, online communities and specialist portals, as well as training and qualification opportunities through to offers for personnel and organizational development. The target group are large and medium-sized companies, tax consultants and lawyers, the public sector, property managers and housing companies. According to the company, Haufe solutions are used by more than 100,000 companies.

Haufe Academy

Haufe Akademie GmbH & Co. KG is a provider of professional qualifications for people and companies. The offer is aimed at specialists and managers and includes seminars, training courses, qualification programs, courses, e-learning courses, meetings and congresses. Companies can also book in-house training courses, managed training services, e-learning solutions or consulting services. In terms of content, the Haufe Academy divides its qualification offer into the subjects of general management; Business Administration , Strategy and Law; Leadership and leadership, personal and social skills; International business; Project management , process management and change management; HR management, sales , marketing , purchasing , logistics and foreign trade ; Accounting , tax and finance; Controlling ; Assistance and office management as well as TVöD / TV-L and real estate .


The Lexware brand offers standard application software and the like. a. on the topics of financial accounting , payroll accounting , asset management, travel expense accounting and inventory management. The target group includes self-employed , freelancers and companies with up to 50 employees. According to their own information, around one million users use Lexware software.

Haufe-umantis AG

Haufe-umantis AG, based in St. Gallen , Switzerland, develops and implements software to support human resources management. It is the Swiss market leader and one of the leading providers in Europe for web-based talent and performance management. The foundation of the Haufe-umantis AG product portfolio is the cloud-based solution "umantis Talent Management". The modular software comprises the modules applicant management, development, target agreement, succession, events, remuneration and network.


In 2000, four students founded umantis AG as a spin-off from the HSG University of St. Gallen and the ETH Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich . The brand name is made up of “(h) uman” for “human” and “tis” for “technology”. In 2011 the employees of umantis AG voted for the company to be taken over by the Haufe Group.

In 2012 the Haufe Group took over umantis AG. Since then this has been operating as Haufe-umantis AG.

In 2013, the CEO Hermann Arnold resigned in order to make room for a more suitable successor for the next growth phase. The entire workforce voted on the new CEO. Marc Stoffel was elected with a majority of 95%. In the same year, the entire management team stood for election. Marc Stoffel was confirmed as a manager like many others; some were newly elected to a management position and one manager was voted out.

In 2015, all managers again stood for election. Marc Stoffel was confirmed once again with 85% approval and has been CEO to date.

Corporate philosophy

The company achieved fame among other things through its democratic corporate governance. The 150 employees of Haufe-umantis AG not only decide jointly on the CEO and management in a democratic election, but also determine the corporate strategy and all processes.

Prizes and awards

The IT research and consulting company Gartner has been running umantis since 2011 - Haufe-umantis AG since 2013 - as the only German-speaking provider alongside SAP in the “Magic Quadrant for Employee Performance Management” (today: “Magic Quadrant for Talent Management Suites”).

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