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Helge Jung (1999)

Helge Jung (born May 31, 1943 in Wittenberge ; † June 3, 2013 in Berlin ) was a German musician and composer .


From 1956 to 1961 Jung received training in piano , violin , viola and music theory at the Frankfurt (Oder) Music School and from 1959 to 1961 took private composition lessons from Günter Kochan in Berlin.

After graduating from high school in Frankfurt (Oder) in 1961, he studied at the Hochschule für Musik Berlin , later the "Hanns Eisler" Hochschule, until 1967 : composition ( Wolfgang Hohensee , Günter Kochan , Rudolf Wagner-Régeny ), piano ( Eva Ander , Rudolf Dunckel), bassoon (Fritz Finsch) and conducting (Horst Müller). In 1965 he became a member of the Association of Composers and Musicologists of the GDR and composed his first film music (Jens and Fiasa) for DEFA in Babelsberg . In 1967 he completed his studies with the state examination and a diploma thesis on the problem of expressive possibilities in contemporary chamber music .

Also in 1967 Jung received a two-year teaching assignment for music theory and ear training at the Berlin University of Music. In 1969 he became a lecturer and in 1973 chief editor at Verlag Neue Musik Berlin, where he worked until 1977.

Helge Jung (1997)

From 1970 to 1978 he worked with singing actors as a pianist and ensemble leader. With them he developed a lively concert activity at home and abroad ( Middle East , Eastern Europe , Scandinavia , Africa , Austria , Italy , Portugal , FRG ). Numerous radio, TV and record productions were made.

Since 1978 Jung worked as a freelance composer, pianist and conductor . From 1978 to 1985 he worked as a pianist and répétiteur with the Rundfunkkinderchor Berlin and the Ossietzky Kammerchor Berlin and maintained close contacts with other top choirs such as the Rundfunk-Jugendchor Wernigerode , Rundfunkchöre Berlin and Leipzig , Leipzig vocal ensemble, Dresdner Kapellknaben , Thomanerchor Leipzig, Cantores Minores Helsinki and the ars-nova-ensemble Berlin.

From 1985 onwards, Jung undertook numerous guest tours to his own performances and productions, among others to Finland , Austria, Hungary , the FRG and Switzerland . In 1986 he was a guest lecturer at the comprehensive university in Kassel with a series of lectures on 40 years of music in the GDR . In 1989/90 he was involved in a responsible position in the reorganization of music life: Composers Association, AWA- GEMA , GNM and the German Music Council .

From 1991 Jung worked mainly in concert management, including from 1993 to 2000 for the Pankow Town Hall Concerts, 2001 to 2004 for the Pankow Orphanage Concerts. In 2001 he was the project manager of the Berlin Sings Choir Festival . From the 2004/2005 season until his death he was a freelancer for the Berliner Philharmonie GmbH. Jung died on June 3, 2013 after a brief illness. His Missa da Requiem for vocal quartet and string quintet, which he had given Ludger Stühlmeyer to perform in the event of his death in 2002 , was first performed on June 12, 2013 in Hof's city church .

Helge Jung was married to the publishing editor and music therapist Martina Jung for 47 years. His compositions are performed in almost all European countries , the USA and Africa.

See also: List of Classical Composers in the GDR .

Prizes and awards

Jung received numerous composition prizes at home and abroad, including

  • the Premio musicale Città di Trieste 1978,
  • 1st prize OIRT radio competition Helsinki 1983,
  • the 1st prize of the European Broadcasting Union 1987,
  • 1st prize in the international composition competition Spittal / Carinthia 1988,
  • 1st prize for youth music school Hameln 1989,
  • and the 1st prize of the European Broadcasting Union in 1989.

Works (selection)


  • Triptych for orchestra (1968) VNM .
  • Concerto for fifteen strings (1969/70) Edition Peters .
  • Orchestral music I “Autograph” (1974/75).
  • Flute Concerto (1978) Edition Peters.
  • Trois Poésies Françaises. For mezzo-soprano or baritone and orchestra (1978) Edition Peters.
  • Tre pezzi per archi (1979) VNM.
  • 2nd piano concerto (1980/81) Edition Peters.
  • Organ concert (1982) Edition Peters.
  • Orchestral Music II “Homenaje a Gabriel García Márquez” (1984) Edition Peters.
  • Violin Concerto (1987) Edition Peters.
  • Psalm 59. With two meditations by Bernhard Lichtenberg. For soprano solo, mixed choir, organ and string orchestra (1988).
  • Concerto for trombone quintet and orchestra (1989/90). Music publisher Intermezzo.
  • Windows. Mobile for chamber orchestra (1992).
  • Concerto for violoncello and orchestra (1996).
  • Circumferential. A Kreuzspiel for chamber orchestra (2002).

Chamber music

  • Suite for brass instruments (2 Trp, Hn, Pos) (1967) DVfM.
  • Trips. Six poems for soprano and piano (1974/75).
  • Suite galante et généreuse. For flute and guitar (1976/77) DVfM.
  • Extravagances. From Pablo Neruda's breviary. For tenor and piano (1979) VNM.
  • 2nd string quartet (1980) Edition Peters.
  • Two pieces for trumpet and piano (1981) Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag .
  • The colors of the Chagall. Chamber music for guitar and wind quintet (1981) Edition Peters.
  • Dream dances. For flute solo (1982) DVfM.
  • Notturno for flute and guitar (1984) Magnus Verlag.
  • Discorsi per due violini / per violino e viola / per violino e chitarra (1985/1993) Hofmeister (3 editions).
  • 3rd string quartet (1985) Edition Peters.
  • 3 epigrams & 1 afterword. For guitar solo (1987) Moeck Verlag .
  • Integral. For bass flute solo (1988) Hofmeister.
  • Calculated wounds. For A / T / BarSax & Piano (1988/95) Hofmeister.
  • Elliptical Darkness (Trombone Basso) + A Poet's Discourse (Trombone Alto) (1988) Hofmeister (2 editions).
  • Giuoco a quattro. Per tre fagotti e contrafagotto (1989) Feja Verlag.
  • PQB serenade. For four trombones and tuba (1989) Hofmeister.
  • PERDUO. Violin and Organ (1990) Merseburg Verlag .
  • Adagio. For flute / alto flute and harp (1990) Hofmeister.
  • Offset pieces. For two guitars (1991) Hofmeister.
  • Bachmann songs. For mezzo-soprano and guitar (1992).
  • Aubade à PQB. For four trombones and tuba (1993) Hofmeister.
  • Hope from shadows. Three times two poems for soprano a. Guitar (1993) Magnus Verlag.
  • A l'ombre d'une promesse. Quatuor des Saxophones (1996) Hofmeister.
  • 4 PLUS 1. For clarinet and string quartet (1996) Hofmeister.
  • Collect stones, scatter stones. A mobile for flute, oboe, viola etc. Piano (1999).
  • Triathlon. For clarinet, bassoon and piano (1999) Musikverlag Intermezzo.
  • June. For voice and piano (1999).
  • Three Sporting Events. Piano Trio (2003) Intermezzo music publisher.
  • Broken, whenever. Pasticcio per clarinetto, violoncello e pianoforte (2004).
  • Shostakovich Variations. Equipment for clarinet, violoncello etc. Piano (2005) music publisher Intermezzo.
  • A circle of tales. For clarinet / bassclarinet, violoncello & piano (2005/2006) Musikverlag Intermezzo.

Choral music

  • Missa LA-SI-DO. For 4st. according to Choir, wind quintet and organ (1964). Premiere: October 10, 1999, choir of the St. Marien Hof Church , headed by Ludger Stühlmeyer.
  • Three pieces for chamber choir (Günter Kunert) (1967/76).
  • The fairy tales of Mother Goose / Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes. For children's choir (1974/1980).
  • Inconsistencies. Seven memorable pieces for children's choir, piano and percussion (Waldemar Spender) (1978) DVfM.
  • Bird nests. Five love poems for female choir (1979) Edition Ferrimontana.
  • Historia Nativitatis Domini / The story of the birth of Christ. For mixed choir, soloists, five wind instruments a. Organ (lat / finn + lat / dt) (1980). Premiere: 1982, Cantores Minores Helsinki, directed by Heinz Hofmann.
  • Mr. Walther's weed tone (Walther von der Vogelweide / Hubert Witt). For two children's choirs (mhd / nhd) (1980).
  • Two Goethe choirs: Autumn feeling - change. For mixed choir (1981/82) DVfM.
  • Laudes Creaturarum. The Song of the Sun of St. Francis. For 8sti. mixed choir (old Italian) (1982). Premiere: 1982, Dresdner Kapellknaben, led by Konrad Wagner
  • Tibulli Elegia Pacis. The peace song of Tibullus with an ending by Salvatore Quasimodo. For 12 solo voices (and speaker ad lib.) (Lat / dt -ital / dt) (1982) DVfM.
  • Good night A Christmas concert for two children's choirs, three soloists, five brass instruments, harp and organ (Ambrosius / Thomas Münzer, Brecht, Anonymus) (1985).
  • Domine Deus meus ( Psalm 7 ). For mixed choir (ad lib. With tenor solo) (lat / dt) (1987) DVfM.
  • Psalm 59 with two meditations by Bernhard Lichtenberg . For soprano solo, mixed choir, organ and string quintet (1988). WP: 1993 Choir of St. Hedwig's Cathedral Berlin , conducted by Michael Witt .
  • And It Is Day. Six poems by ee cummings. For acc. Choir (1989).
  • It's called ... so bitter (Erich Fried). For mixed choir (1990) Edition Ferrimontana.
  • Beatitudes (Mt 5, 8-10). For two mixed choirs, four trombones and organ (lat / dt / engl) (1995). WP: Choir of St. Hedwig's Cathedral Berlin, conducted by Michael Witt.
  • Magnificat . For soprano, mixed choir, four trombones, organ and strings (lat) (1996). WP: Choir of St. Hedwig's Cathedral Berlin, conducted by Michael Witt.
  • With different eyes. A cat music for children's choir a cappella (2001) Edition Ferrimontana.
  • Dresden litany . For mixed choir and organ (2001). Commissioned by the Dresdner Kapellknaben for the 250th anniversary of the consecration of the cathedral Ss. Trinitatis Dresden in June 2001, WP lead by Matthias Liebich
  • Missa da Requiem. For vocal quartet and string quintet (2002). WP June 12, 2013, conducted by Ludger Stühlmeyer.
  • Father noster . For 4st. according to Choir (2003). Premiere: May 31, 2003, choir of the St. Marien Hof Church, headed by Ludger Stühlmeyer.
  • The milkmaid bill. For female choir a cappella (Helge Jung after La Fontaine) (2003).
  • De verbo carneque laudes ad duodecim voces (Joh 1,1-14, Ps 89,12, Ps 98,3b) (2004). WP: ars-nova-ensemble, conducted by Peter Schwarz.
  • Responsories to feasts of the church year.

Works for keyboard instruments

Harpsichord solo

  • Dichotomy (1992).
  • Quattro Ricordi per il harpsichord: 1st Preludio, 2nd Aria, 3rd Intermezzo, 4th Concerto (2011). Premiere: December 25th, 2011, Stadtkirche St. Marien Hof, Ludger Stühlmeyer.

Piano solo

  • Arboretum. 12 piano pieces (1970/72) Edition Peters.
  • Shostakovich Variations for Piano (1982) Musikverlag Intermezzo.
  • Cinq recherches pour piano: 1. Gradation, 2. Contraire, 3. Miroirs, 4. L'espace et les temps, 5. La chasse (2007).

Organ solo

  • Kochberger Albumblatt (1978), H. + H. Sch. dedicated .
  • Finale for Organ op. 58 (1986), dedicated to Henry Schädlich .
  • Chains & Wings. Concert Movement for Organ (1989).
  • Potsdam album sheet (1991). For Matthias Jacob .
  • Saarbrücker Albumblatt (2003), dedicated to Christian von Blohn .
  • Four Organ Etudes (2008). Premiere: February 1st, 2009, Stadtkirche St. Marien Hof, Ludger Stühlmeyer.
  • Tricinium for organ (2011), dedicated to Ludger Stühlmeyer . Premiere: October 16, 2011, Stadtkirche St. Marien Hof, Ludger Stühlmeyer.
  • 5 intermedia and 2 postludes for organ (2012), dedicated to Sebastian Sommer .


Discography (selection)

  • Topographies. For two guitars, speaker and tape: Intersound-Pro Viva - CD Like Fire Burning.
  • Five Christmas carols. For four trombones and tuba: Koch-Schwann - CD Trombone Quintet Berlin Vol. 2.
  • Triplum. For flute, bassoon and harpsichord: Aulos - CD La banda palatina.
  • Offset pieces. For two guitars: NCA New Classical Adventure - CD Herbstmusik.
  • Twelve Christmas carols. For mixed choir: VET's Records - CD Omnis mundus jucundetur.
  • Bachmann songs. For mezzo-soprano and guitar: Signum / MusiContact - CD calliope-calls.
  • Circumferential. A cross play: mdr culture / Sächsische Tonträger - CD 15th and 16th Dresden Days of Contemporary Music 2001/2002.


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