Little Bibernelle

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Little Bibernelle
Little Bibernelle (Pimpinella saxifraga), illustration

Little Bibernelle ( Pimpinella saxifraga ), illustration

Euasterids II
Order : Umbelliferae (Apiales)
Family : Umbelliferae (Apiaceae)
Subfamily : Apioideae
Genre : Beaverella ( Pimpinella )
Type : Little Bibernelle
Scientific name
Pimpinella saxifraga

The lesser saxifrage ( Pimpinella saxifraga ), also Common burnet , stone burnet , saxifrage Wurz , stone parsley , Bock Wurz , savory or Bumbernell , even outdated Bibenelle called, is a plant type from the genus of Pimpinella ( Pimpinella ).


Vegetative characteristics

The Kleine Bibernelle is a perennial herbaceous plant and a hemicryptophyte that rarely reaches heights of between 10 and mostly 40 and 60 centimeters. The stem is round, grooved in cross section and is almost full, glabrous or hairy in close contact with it and has only leaf sheaths without spreader in the upper area. The root does not discolor when cut.

The leaves are basal and arranged alternately on the stem. The simply pinnate basal leaves have rounded, egg-shaped blunt pinnate sections with a roughly serrated leaf margin and bare leaf top and loosely hairy leaf underside. The stem leaves, elongated in outline and bald or hairy on the underside, are very variable. In some cases they have linear, whole-margined pinnate sections, in some cases the stem leaves are incised twice.

Double umbel of the Kleine Bibernelle without husk, husk or sepals

Generative characteristics

The Kleine Bibernelle flowers from June to October in large, conspicuous, multi-rayed (8 to 15-rayed) double-gold inflorescences . The lack of bracts, bracts and sepals is characteristic of the Bibernelle. The flowers are five-fold. The white petals are about 1 mm long. After the petals have fallen off, the stylus is clearly visible, it is up to 1 mm long and shorter than the fruit and stylus pads combined.

The 2 to 2.5 mm long, with indistinct ribs, bare fruits are weakly heart-shaped at the base and longer than the style even after withering.

The number of chromosomes is 2n = 40.


The little Bibernelle is the forage plant of the caterpillars of the Bibernell ram and the caterpillars of the West Asian-Mediterranean mountain meadow owl ( Sideridis lampra ), which is extremely rare in Germany .

Furthermore, the small beaver is the host of the rust fungus Puccinia pimpinellae .


The little Bibernelle is native to Europe , Central Asia , Asia Minor and the Caucasus . In Europe, the distribution area extends from southern Europe to northern Europe , occasionally up to latitude 70 ° north. In the Allgäu Alps, it rises to an altitude of 2200 meters.

In Germany , the Kleine Bibernelle is probably an archaeophyte . It is abundant, but the population has certainly declined due to the intensification of land use. Yet it is not threatened.

The Kleine Bibernelle is found in individual plant specimens in light-rich to sunny, moderately dry, nutrient-poor, chalky places . It likes to grow on raw soil , in dry grass and in dwarf shrub heaths , preferably in association with gorse ( Genista sagittalis ). The Kleine Bibernelle is considered a skinny pointer . It is a character species of the Festuco-Brometea class in Central Europe, but also occurs in societies of the Violion or Erico-Pinion associations.

Medical benefit

The seeds and roots ("root stock") of the small Bibernelle (via Middle High German bibenelle from Old High German bibinell from Latin pimpinella from piperinella and, in terms of taste or aftertaste, possibly as pepper herb derived from piper , " pepper ") are collected and used as a drug Pimpinellae radix used. The root, in particular, contains 0.4% essential oil and various coumarin derivatives , especially pimpillin . The drug has a spicy smell, spicy taste, and a pungent, pungent aftertaste.

The following medicinal effects are mentioned: The beaver's shaft has an expectorant effect and a brew can be gargled in the case of diseases of the throat. When drunk, the brew acts as a stomach aid, but also has a diuretic and menstrual effect. In the liqueur industry, the root is also used to flavor bitters .



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