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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the local community of Kleinniedesheim
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Kleinniedesheim highlighted

Coordinates: 49 ° 35 '  N , 8 ° 19'  E

Basic data
State : Rhineland-Palatinate
County : Rhine-Palatinate District
Association municipality : Lambsheim-Hessheim
Height : 101 m above sea level NHN
Area : 3.88 km 2
Residents: 946 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 244 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 67259
Area code : 06239
License plate : RP
Community key : 07 3 38 015
Association administration address: Mühltorstrasse 25
67245 Lambsheim
Website : www.kleinniedesheim.de
Local Mayor : Ewald Merkel (FWG)
Location of the local community of Kleinniedesheim in the Rhine-Palatinate district
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Kleinniedesheim , also known as Klänidsem in Palatinate or often just Nidsem, is a local community in the Rhein-Pfalz district in Rhineland-Palatinate . With around 950 inhabitants, it is the smallest municipality in the Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis and the only one that has fewer than 1000 inhabitants. It belongs to the Verbandsgemeinde Lambsheim-Heßheim .


Kleinniedesheim is located in the Vorderpfalz and borders directly on the Rhine-Hessian Worms in the north . Other neighboring communities are Bobenheim-Roxheim in the east, Beindersheim in the south and Großniedesheim in the south-west .


Kleinniedesheim is a Franconian town founded in the 6th / 7th. Century and was mentioned for the first time in 1190 in the fiefdom of Werner II von Bolanden as Uzelnheim . In the 16th century, the name changed from Ützelheim , Vorteilelheim , Nitzelsheim to Nittelheim . Because of the similarity of names and the same history with Nittesheim, both places took the same name with a distinction by the prefixes uppercase and lowercase.

The history of Kleinniedesheim largely corresponds to that of Großniedesheim . Until 1969 the place belonged to the former district of Frankenthal (Palatinate) .

Population development

The first population figure is from 1667 with 134 inhabitants. There was a stronger population increase only in the 18th century during the economic heyday under the government of Elector Karl Theodor . New settlers, mainly small farmers, caused a sharp rise in population at the beginning of the 19th century from 242 inhabitants in 1801 to 410 in 1836. The town limits from the exact town plan first drawn up shortly afterwards in 1842 remained largely intact until the Second World War. Likewise, the population hardly increased, in 1939 it was 437. Unlike many of the surrounding villages, Kleinniedesheim remained dominated by agriculture for a long time. Despite the proximity to the cities of Worms and Frankenthal, housing estates for externally employed workers and employees were only created after the Second World War when new building areas were designated in the northeast.


Municipal council

The municipal council in Kleinniedesheim consists of twelve council members, who were elected in a personalized proportional representation in the local elections on May 26, 2019 , and the honorary local mayor as chairman.

The distribution of seats in the municipal council:

choice SPD CDU FWG total
2019 4th - 8th 12 seats
2014 2 3 7th 12 seats
2009 2 3 7th 12 seats
2004 2 2 8th 12 seats
  • FWG = Free Voter Group Kleinniedesheim e. V.


In the election for the local mayor in 2009, Ewald Merkel (FWG) prevailed with 70.7% of the vote. He replaced Norbert Buch. Merkel was re-elected with 68.7% in 2014 and 74.70% in 2019.

coat of arms

Coat of arms of Kleinniedesheim
Blazon : "In gold, a green oak branch with two green acorns and a green oak leaf."
Justification of the coat of arms: It goes back to the joint court seal of Groß- and Kleinniedesheim from the 15th century and refers with the oak branch to the former local rule of the Lords of Falkenstein .


Kleinniedesheim Castle from the north
Kleinniedesheim Castle from the south
Pavilion and palace garden

The Kleinniedesheimer Schloss (also known as Provost Maudraisches Schloss for reasons of family ties ) was built between 1733 and 1735 by Steffne's secret council from the Electorate of Cologne and sold to Carl Christoph von Gagern by his son. Since then it has had many different owners. Today the southern part of the palace and the courtyard belong to the Westkirch family, whose ancestors come from Amsterdam . The north wing and part of the west wing with the entrance portal are the property of the community, who use it as a community hall. Between 1985 and 1988 the castle was extensively renovated.

Pavilion in the palace garden

The southern-looking pavilion in the palace garden now serves as a registry office and is a landmark in Kleinniedesheim.

Protestant Church

The Protestant church was built in 1725/26 and renovated in 1966.

Parish hall

The old parish hall was built in 1766. Today the municipal administration is housed in the castle.

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