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Count's coat of arms of those of Kuenburg, without ornament
Keep of the ruins of Khünburg , Carinthia

Kuenburg , originally Kienburg, also Khienburg, Khünburg, Khuenburg, Küenburg, Khuenburg, Kuenburger , is the name of an old noble family from Austria with origins in Carinthia and branches in Lower Austria , Styria and the Salzburger Land as well as in Carniola , Bohemia , Moravia and Silesia .


Max Gandolf von Kuenburg (* 1622; † 1687), the third Kuenburger as Prince Archbishop of Salzburg

Origin, possessions and ennobling

The Carinthian nobility family served the Counts of Ortenburg as ministerials and initially named themselves after the village of Deinsdorf, today part of Magdalensberg (municipality) in the lower Gurktal . Since 1388 it was named after its ancestral castle near Hermagor northwest of the Pressegger See , today the castle ruins of Khünburg .

The family had its heyday in the period from the 16th to the 18th century, when it was able to provide ten bishops, including three Prince-Archbishops of Salzburg. In Tamsweg , Salzburg , the Kuenburg family acquired property from around 1560 and built Kuenburg Castle (Tamsweg) , which remained in the family until 1954, as well as Frohnburg Castle, which was family-owned from 1620 to 1960, and Blumenstein Castle (Salzburg) in the 18th century . In South Tyrol, the Counts of Kuenburg have been based at the Sallegg residence in Mitterdorf (Kaltern) since 1851 .

Branches of the family were raised to the baronial and imperial counts status, for example the later Archbishop Max Gandolf von Kuenburg in 1665 by Emperor Leopold I.


coat of arms

Family coat of arms

Blazon : The family coat of arms according to Siebmacher's book of arms shows a shield split in red and silver; the helmet treasure represents a shield picture with a plume of 5 (after others 7) cock feathers; the helmet covers are red and silver.

Count's coat of arms

Blazon: The count's coat of arms according to Johann Siebmacher was created after the coat of arms was increased and is quartered; Fields 1 and 4 show the family coat of arms, 2 u. 3 are divided by black over silver, inside a color-changed "gate hinge / door hinge" (originally rudder / rudder in three pass, coat of arms of the † Steierberger / Steuerberger); two open crowned tournament helmets: 1. Tribe jewel with the ball from 1 u. 4 set with five (seven) black cock feathers, the helmet covers red-silver; 2. an open eagle flight with the colors and image of the figure from 2 u. 3 and the helmet covers in black and white. The coat of arms remained unchanged when it was raised to the baron and imperial count status.


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