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Kuno Ferdinand Graf von Hardenberg at the age of 60 in 1931

Kuno Graf von Hardenberg (born August 13, 1871 in Nörten-Hardenberg ; † November 15, 1938 in Darmstadt ), born Kuno Ferdinand Edzard Ernst Carl Alexander von Hardenberg, was a German lawyer , art historian , painter , interior designer , museum director and writer and Grand Ducal Court Marshal of Hesse-Darmstadt .


He was the son of the Fideikommissherrren on Hardenberg , Karl Graf von Hardenberg (1827-1913), and his wife Gisella Countess von Christalnigg von und zu Gillitzstein (1840-1912).


The war diary of the XVIII. AK , 1918
The Disappeared , 1920
Kuno von Hardenberg's signature, 1930

Kuno Graf von Hardenberg, the one by the Prussian Reform Minister Carl August Fürst von Hardenberg and the Romantics Novalis (actually: Georg Philipp Friedrich von Hardenberg) was very well-known family name, studied in Darmstadt law and did his internship at the Higher Regional Court of Celle. During this time he was already interested in the fine arts.

He worked alongside Curt Abel-Musgrave , Karl von Arnswaldt , Carl Busse , Engelbert von Kerkering , Agnes Miegel , Carl Mönckeberg , Börries von Münchhausen , Levin Ludwig Schücking , Paul Viertel and others on the academic-literary Göttingen Muses-Almanac of lyrical poems, founded in 1896 , Ballads and short stories, the title of which should be reminiscent of the famous forerunner of the Göttingen Hainbund of the same name .

He did his military service as Rittmeister of the Reserve with the 2nd Grand Ducal Hessian Leib-Dragoons Regiment No. 24 in Darmstadt. He decided to take up a second degree at the Sorbonne in Paris, that of art. In the meantime he devoted himself to nude painting . The 29-year-old then began a trip around the world, starting on New Year's Day in 1901 from Munich Central Station via Italy and Egypt to Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and China to Japan. He published a detailed travel report about it.

He corresponded intensively with Sascha Schneider , with whom he had been friends since 1902, and also supported him financially. With Schneider he took part in artist meetings, z. B. with Karl May and his wife Klara at Wilhelm Kreis .

“How beautiful was the evening with Wilhelm Kreis. These dear, good people. How big and simple my Karl stood next to the witty Count Hardenberg. Everyone felt that Karl was above them, spiritually. "

- Klara May

Parts of his correspondence (letters and telegrams) with Max Behrend and Gerhart Hauptmann from the period between 1918 and 1937 have been preserved.

He worked as an artistic assistant in the expansion of the Tarasp Castle in Engadin , Switzerland , which had belonged to the Dresden industrialist Karl August Lingner . After Lingner's death, this fell to his friend, Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hesse-Darmstadt . Kuno Graf von Hardenberg, released from service at the front during the First World War , but recorded as commander of the headquarters of the 25th Infantry Division , was entrusted with the organizational work for taking over the castle. From 1917 he was the last court marshal of the Grand Duke, who entrusted him with the inventory of his private collections in addition to his house and property management. With these collections, Kuno Graf von Hardenberg set up both the hunting museum opened in September 1918 at the Kranichstein hunting lodge and the residence and army museum opened in 1924 in the Darmstadt palace . He felt extremely connected to the House of Hesse and the Rhine .

On March 16, 1918, at the suggestion of the Grand Duke, he founded the Society of Hessian Book Friends . Similar to the Princely Ernst Ludwig Press , which had existed since 1907, this focused on publications that were supposed to meet the highest bibliophile standards, but deviating from this it was aimed at a broader readership. Under his leadership, the society became one of the largest bibliophile associations in Germany.

"Books in beautiful clothes - a festively dressed group of friends who can give us more than the most select company."

- Kuno Ferdinand Count von Hardenberg

Kuno Graf von Hardenberg was instrumental in founding the Society for Free Philosophy of Hermann Graf Keyserling , which he took over as chairman. He has written a wide variety of articles for art journals.

In the autumn of 1928, a robbery on his official apartment in Darmstadt's Neue Palais attracted public attention , which could never be fully investigated.

After 1931 Kuno Graf von Hardenberg was in contact with Erwin Rousselle , the director of the China Institute at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main .

In 1932 he described in his publication Rosenkranz und Bafomet that he had deciphered the Bafomet as the magic square of the Kabbalah . Through this book he was noticed by the Freemasons who list him to this day.

Kuno Graf von Hardenberg died at the age of 67 as a result of a serious traffic accident. His estate was auctioned on March 29 and 30, 1939. Letters and texts from the possession of Kuno Graf von Hardenberg are kept in the Hardenberg archive.


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