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MetroLisboa-linha-amarela.svg Linha Amarela
Route of the Linha Amarela
Route length: 11 km
Infantado planned
Loures planned
Santo António planned
Torre de Bela Vista / Frielas planned
Codivel planned
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Receipt slides planned
BSicon uextHST.svgBSicon uextSTR.svgBSicon .svg
Ramada planned
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Odivelas-Centro planned
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Bridge over the A36
Senhor Roubado
Bridge over the Calçada de Carriche
Quinta das Conchas
Linha Verde from Cais do Sodré
Campo Grande connection to the Linha Verde
Linha Verde to Telheiras
Cidade Universitária
Entre Campos
Campo Pequeno
Saldanha connection to Linha Vermelha
Bridge over the Rua de São Sebastião da Pedreira
Marquês de Pombal connection to Linha Azul
Link from the Linha Azul
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planned connection from Linha Vermelha
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Estrela planned, connection to Linha Vermelha
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São Bento planned
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Lapa planned
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Infante Santo planned
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Alcântara planned, transition to Alcântara-Mar train station
Santos planned
Turning systems at Cais do Sodré
Cais do Sodré transition to Linha de Cascais
Linha Verde to Telheiras

The Linha Amarela (also called Linha do Girassol ) is a subway line of the Lisbon Metro . It extends over a length of 11 kilometers and serves eleven stations . It is shown in yellow on the route network map.


The section between Entre Campos and Marquês de Pombal (then still Rotunda ) was opened on December 29, 1959 as part of the first Lisbon metro network. The route formed the right branch of the Y-shaped network. The left branch is part of today's Linha Azul . At that time the trains ran beyond Rotunda to Restauradores , and after extensions via Rossio and Anjos even to Alvalade . In 1988 the extension from Entre Campos to Cidade Universitária was put into operation. Five years later the line was extended to Campo Grande . Since this station was already connected to the underground network via an extension from Alvalade, a line reform was necessary, as the network now comprised a ring line with a branch to Sete Rios, analogous to the London Circle Line . While the Colégio Militar / Luz –Restauradores – Campo Grande route was called Linha Azul , the Campo Grande – Saldanha – Rotunda route became the new Linha Amarela . Marquês de Pombal thus became the first transfer point in the underground network.

In 1997 it was extended to today's endpoint Rato . On March 27, 2004, in turn, it was extended north to Odivelas , making it the second subway line alongside the Linha Azul that began to open up areas outside the city limits. The development of Odivelas in local public transport had previously only been possible by bus due to the lack of railway lines or tram lines.


In addition to numerous bus lines that can be reached at almost every station, the Linha Amarela offers three transfer points to the rest of the subway network: Saldanha to Linha Vermelha , Campo Grande to Linha Verde and Marquês de Pombal to Linha Azul. In Entre Campos there is also the option of changing to local and long-distance traffic of the CP on the Linha de Cintura or on the Linha do Sul . There is also a large Park + Ride car park at Senhor Roubado , as the station is right next to the Lisbon city motorway IC17 / A36 , in order to encourage numerous motorists to travel to the city by subway.


Expansion plans for the Lisbon Metro by 2020

The Linha Amarela is to be extended both south and north in the future.

Extension to the south

The extension of the route from Rato to Estrela is secured. The route would then lead via Infante Santo to the planned end station Alcântara at what is now the suburban train station Alcântara-Mar on the Linha de Cascais . The planned western extension of the Linha Vermelha would also be able to use this branch through a connecting route, it is still unclear which line will go to Alcântara in the future. A second line branch would run from Rato via São Bento and Santos to the Cais do Sodré station, where there would be a connection to the Linha Verde. Alternatively, a ring closure could also arise in this way.

Extension to the north

Until 2015, it was planned that the route from Odivelas north to the terminus Infantado in the urban area of Loures would be extended. The entire construction project would cost around 450 million euros. Optional, but without a known timeframe, would be the construction of a second, 2.6 kilometer long line branch over the city center of Odivelas to the final stop Bons dias in the local area of Ramada .

However, the projects were postponed for the time being due to Portugal's financial difficulties.

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