Mouvement reformateur

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Mouvement reformateur
Georges-Louis Bouchez
Party leader Georges-Louis Bouchez
founding 1846 (Parti libéral)
1961 (PLP-PVV)
1971 (PLP)
1979 (PRL)
+ 1992 (FDF)
+ 1998 (MCC)
= 2002 (MR)
Headquarters MR
Avenue de la Toison d'Or, 84-86
1050 Brussels
Alignment liberalism
Colours) blue
Belgian Chamber of Deputies
Belgian Senate
Walloon Parliament
Brussels Parliament
Parliament of the French Community
International connections Liberal International
European party ALDE
EP Group RE

Mouvement Réformateur (MR) (German reform movement ) is a French-speaking liberal party in Belgium . The party can only be elected in Wallonia - including the 9 German-speaking municipalities - and Brussels .

Mouvement Réformateur was founded in 2002 from the union of four already existing parties: (PRL, PFF, FDF and MCC).

Formerly part of the alliance:

On May 18, 2003, the Mouvement Réformateur took part in the elections for the two chambers of parliament for the first time. With 11.4% of the vote, which corresponds to around 25% in the French-speaking part of Belgium, it became the seventh strongest party in the country, garnering 24 of 150 seats in the Chamber of Deputies (second largest group after the Flemish Liberals ) and 10 seats in the Senate .

At the European level, the Mouvement Réformateur has been represented in the Renew Europe group since the 2019 European elections with currently 2 MEPs - Olivier Chastel and Frédérique Ries . In addition, Charles Michel , President of the European Council since December 1, 2019 , and previously Prime Minister of Belgium from 2014 to 2019 , is a member of the MR. His father Louis Michel , from 2004 to 2009 EU commissioner for development aid, is also a member of the MR.

A well-known politician of this party is the soccer coach and former soccer player Marc Wilmots (former FC Schalke 04 player and coach of the Belgian national soccer team 2012-16).


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