Mr. Bean (comedy show)

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Television series
German title Mr. Bean
Original title Mr. Bean
Country of production United Kingdom
original language English
Year (s) 1989-1995
Thames Television (1990-1992), Tiger Aspect Productions (1992-1995)
length Episodes 1–14: 25 minutes.
Episode 15: 72 minutes
Episodes 15 and 2 specials
genre Comedy
Theme music Southwark Cathedral Choir: Ecce Homo
Director John Birkins
Paul Weiland
John Howard Davies
idea Rowan Atkinson
script Rowan Atkinson
Andrew Clifford
Richard Curtis
Robin Driscoll
Ben Elton
Paul Weiland
production John Birkin
John Howard Davies
Paul Weiland
Peter Bennett-Jones
Sue Vertue
Nick Mortimer
music Howard Goodall
camera Shaun O'Dell
cut Ian Weil
Nick Ames
Peter Cartwright
First broadcast January 1, 1990 on ITV
first broadcast
January 1, 1991 on S3
Rowan Atkinson in the role of Mr. Bean (1997)

Mr. Bean is an English comedy series in which Rowan Atkinson plays the fictional character of the same name. The series was produced from 1989 to 1995 and consists of 15 episodes that aired on television and two specials.


Mr. Bean is an unworldly and childish clumsy man who, because of his selfish-anarchistic traits, goes from one fool to the next and finds it difficult to find his way in the modern world. He is usually dressed in a shirt and tie, trousers and jacket with elbows.

He lives alone in an old top floor apartment at Flat 2, 12 Arbor Road, Highbury , London , England .

His constant companion is his teddy bear named Teddy , whom he treats like a human. Bean takes his teddy bear everywhere and never takes his eyes off him.

His car is a green-yellow-black mini (in the first two episodes the mini is orange, which he loses due to an accident). So that no one steals his car after parking, he occasionally takes the steering wheel with him and locks the driver's door with a padlock.

Irma Gobb , played by Matilda Ziegler , is a wallflower and the friend of Mr. Bean, whom he often pisses off with his behavior.

The humor of the series is based almost exclusively on the facial expressions, gestures and slapstick interludes of the main character, who almost never speaks. It stands in the tradition of the classic silent film comedies by Buster Keaton , Charlie Chaplin , Laurel & Hardy and Jacques Tati , whose film character Monsieur Hulot Atkinson mentions as an inspiration in this context. As is usual in this genre , the focus of the plot is usually an everyday situation, which is transformed into a catastrophe by Mr. Bean's clumsiness and behavior.


There are some running gags in the series :

  • While driving, Mr. Bean often encounters a light blue Reliant Regal Supervan III, which is affected every time, for example when Mr. Bean pushes it off the street and makes it tip over or pushes the parked vehicle out of its parking space.
  • Another running gag in Mr. Bean's repertoire is the damage to property, which he usually unintentionally commits through his clumsiness, curiosity and playfulness and which he repeatedly tries to blame bystanders. Mr. Bean keeps knocking over garbage cans. A maid's apron and the power of a disco are also at risk. When he walks past a television, the picture is disturbed or lost. In Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Film , he destroys Whistler's mother, a precious painting .
  • Another running gag is Mr. Bean's greed. In the New Year's Eve episode, for example, he served his visit with pieces from a branch, which he refined with Marmite because he had forgotten to go shopping, or placed a makeshift doll in a sleeping bag in front of the front door of a furniture store in order to be the first to get hold of a discounted TV armchair .
  • Mr. Bean is also often very childish and has a childlike tendency to curiosity, play and experimentation. He grabs all sorts of objects and plays around with them, such as the lamps and the television in his hotel room or the crib and the toy display in the Christmas department store ( Harrods ).
  • Another running gag can be understood that Mr. Bean (and most of the other characters who appear in the series) seem to be constantly under time stress (even when excessive time stress contradicts the situation, e.g. during leisure activities ), since every delay, whether caused by Mr. Bean or a minor character, is acknowledged with an exasperated look and a tap on the watch. This gesture is also often used by Mr. Bean to portray himself as the person "injured" by a time delay, although he is often responsible for it himself.

Episodes and plot

TV episodes

The first 14 episodes are each 25 minutes long. The 15th episode lasts 72 minutes and is a compilation of scenes from earlier episodes.

No. German title Original title First broadcast in United Kingdom German language first broadcast ( D )
1 Mr. Bean Mr. Bean 0Jan. 1, 1990 ?
In the first episode broadcast by the British TV network ITV on January 1, 1990, Mr. Bean went to school for an exam. Before it starts, he has a short chat with his neighbor, who tells him that he has mainly practiced algebra. Bean, on the other hand, prepared especially for trigonometry. Then he takes a large collection of pens from his suit jacket and a few lucky charms and an alarm clock from his pocket. The exam begins and Bean is shocked to discover that the exam questions ask for algebra instead of trigonometry. So he tries in vain to copy his neighbors. After several unsuccessful attempts, he is desperate. But shortly before the end of the exam it turns out that alternative exam questions have been asked for the topic he has prepared and that he had overlooked the sheet in the envelope.

In the next act, Bean wants to bathe on the beach. After a short “warm-up exercise” he wants to put on his swimming trunks. But then he notices a second person sitting next to him on a beach chair enjoying the sea air. So he is forced to put his bathing trunks on over his suit trousers and to take them off in a special way. However, he tries again and again to hide this from his beach neighbor, who keeps looking over at him. When Bean has finally got rid of his suit pants, the other man leaves the beach, and it turns out that he is blind.

At the end he goes to church, where he cannot find a handkerchief after a sneeze fit and instead blows his nose with the fabric of his suit jacket pocket. After that he unsuccessfully fights against fatigue. He falls asleep, sinks to the floor and finally leans on his head and knees. He also increasingly arouses the resentment of his neighbor, not least because he sings the Hallelujah very loudly in a hymn or wants to snack on a candy during the service.

2 Mr. Bean's excursion into the fine world The Return of Mr. Bean 0Nov 5, 1990 ?
Mr. Bean wants to give a saxophone player change, but doesn't have any himself. So he stands next to him and dances to the music in his own way. He succeeds in obtaining change that he can put in the player's box.

Then he goes shopping with his credit card. First he crosses the perfume department, where the many different smells almost make him breathless. He leaves the department crawling on the floor and can finally devote himself to his shopping. He tests everything that ends up in the shopping basket very carefully beforehand. In the telephone department he is of the opinion that the telephones are not working and therefore simply takes the connected company telephone with him. At the checkout he wants to pay with his credit card. But another customer accidentally puts Bean's card in because they both have the same card. Bean wants to swap the cards back unnoticed, but when he puts his wallet back in his hand he gets stuck in the other customer's pocket and has to follow him to the toilet.

Then he visits a posh restaurant and celebrates his birthday alone, but because of a chronic lack of money he decides on the cheapest dish: a steak tartare. Since he is disgusted with this apparently unknown food, he tries to get rid of the contents of his plate inconspicuously. In the end, the waiter has a mishap who trips; Bean now pulls out the steak tartare, which has been distributed in many places, and blames the waiter. In the wrong belief that he was getting a different dish, he was eventually served a new steak tartare.

In the evening, Mr. Bean is at a film premiere, at which Queen Elizabeth II is expected as a guest. He lines up next to the actors and gradually notices that his appearance does not quite match that of the actors. So he tries to put the finishing touches to his appearance while his neighbors look in horror and also practices a greeting for the queen. She finally gets a head nut from Bean and in the turmoil to help the queen up again, Bean leaves the room inconspicuously.

3 Leisure fun with obstacles The Curse of Mr. Bean Dec 30, 1990 ?
Mr. Bean goes to the swimming pool. There he initially wants to slide on the children's slide, but is refused by the lifeguard. Then he sees the diving platform as a special challenge. Once at the top, however, he is gripped by fear of heights. In front of two boys who join him, he wants to play the show-off and land in the water in a special way by shackling himself off the diving board. However, one of the boys stamps his fingers, Bean falls into the water and loses his swimming trunks, which are fished out by a little girl. When he has to leave the pool at the command of the lifeguard because the pool is closing, he goes out last so that nobody can see him naked. However, he meets a group of women who are very "impressed" by his nakedness.

Then he tries to outsmart the entrance barrier of the parking garage because he doesn't want to pay any money at the exit. So he pushes a barrel into the sensor of the ticket machine, which opens the barrier. Bean drives his Mini between the barrier and the bin and thinks he has won. But when the bin is out of the way, another car pulls up and wants to go into the parking garage. So Bean has to reverse and finally manages to push the next arriving car back at full throttle and leave the parking garage.

During the lunch break in the park, he tries to prepare a particularly elaborate sandwich from only very fresh ingredients under the eyes of someone sitting next to him. For example, he “grinds” peppercorns with the help of a cloth and his shoe or washes a lettuce leaf and dries it by “hurling” it in his sock. After the sandwich is ready, he wants to make some tea in a hot water bottle. In the meantime, he shakes out the cloth on which the peppercorns were ground, causing him to sneeze. As a result, he splashes the tea from the hot water bottle over his pants. To save him further embarrassment, Bean's neighbor finally gives him his remaining sandwich.

Finally, he goes to the cinema with his girlfriend to see the horror film "Nightmare on Elm Street 5 - The Trauma". However, he gets more scared than he would have previously admitted. To distract from it or to prevent it, he puts his popcorn bag over his head and scares his girlfriend and other moviegoers.

4th Mr. Bean goes into town Mr. Bean Goes to Town Oct 15, 1991 ?
Mr. Bean has bought a television but is having problems with antenna reception. He solves the problem in this way by gradually disguising the armchair with his suit and underwear and slipping naked into the box of the TV set, which initially succeeds in order to obtain a picture. But then the electricity switches off because the time for the money that he had previously put in the electricity meter has expired.

In the park a man steals his camera instead of taking a picture. At the police station, Mr. Bean identified the thief after he stabbed him with a pen through a garbage can and heard his scream, just as he did during the chase in the park. After solving problems with his shoe and his hairstyle, he and his girlfriend go to a club that evening, where he involuntarily becomes a (rather poor) assistant to a wizard. At the end he shows his skills as a dancer in the disco, but loses his girlfriend to someone else and finally switches off the entire power supply.

5 Endless trouble The Trouble With Mr. Bean 0Jan. 1, 1992 ?
Mr. Bean overslept and finds that he has an appointment with the dentist. He also has problems shaving. In a great hurry, he gets dressed while driving in the car. In the waiting room he looks for a particular newspaper that a boy is reading. Bean spends this on the boy in his own way when he can finally read it, but the dentist takes him straight away. Since the dentist gets the anesthesia himself thanks to Bean's clumsiness, Mr. Bean treats his teeth himself, drilling and sealing a tooth on the upper jaw, but finds that it was the wrong tooth. Since the x-ray of his teeth can be rotated in all directions, he ends up treating all of his teeth, which then also stick together. When the dentist wakes up again, Mr. Bean says goodbye.

Then he goes to the park for a picnic, where he successfully repairs the remote control for a model boat, much to the delight of the owner, but does not notice any side effects on other technical devices. After all, the remote control also controls an electric wheelchair. Finally he is bothered by a wasp.

6th Mr. Bean is traveling again Mr. Bean Rides Again Feb 17, 1992 ?
Because Mr. Bean's car won't start, he takes the bus. At the bus stop a man collapses with a circulatory system. Bean is able to revive him with unconventional first aid, which he does for the time being with the help of a jump start cable. Due to a mishap, the man faints again. In the meantime, the emergency services have been notified. Bean uses the jumper cable and the ambulance battery to start his car again, and the ambulance driver can no longer start it because the battery is empty.

Bean then tries to post a letter, but accidentally swallows the stamp and gets a replacement stamp from another letter. Then it is stuck in the mailbox, but is later let out. Then he shows how much luggage fits in a small suitcase by minimizing and cutting off the utensils, but then finds a larger suitcase. On the train he is harassed by a loudly laughing traveler, whereupon he tinkers with earplugs, with the result that Bean does not notice the controller and he accidentally throws his book and ticket out of the window. There is turbulence on the plane with a young passenger who is sick. Bean's job is to cheer up the boy, but the boy doesn't respond to anything. The boy then vomits and Bean then bursts a paper sack, not knowing that this is the sack with the boy's vomit.

7th Merry Christmas Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean Dec 29, 1992 ?
It's Christmas and Mr. Bean goes shopping. In the Harrods department store , he tests an electric string of lights, but fails the facade lighting. After molesting a Santa Claus, who will not be his last victim that day, he performs a nativity play. Back outside, he meets his girlfriend, who wants a valuable ring that she discovered in the window of a jewelry store that Mr. Bean actually goes to. Bean then collects donations, some of which are a boy’s loot, and conducts the Salvation Army band. The Christmas carol God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen , which is widespread in the Anglo-Saxon region , is given a completely new, idiosyncratic interpretation.

When he wanted to buy another tree, all the Christmas trees were sold out and he dragged the big tree home from the market square with his cart and cut a small tree from it. He celebrates Christmas Eve alone at home. He also prepares Christmas socks, even one for the mouse. The next day he prepares a turkey for dinner with his girlfriend. When the turkey is filled, his watch is lost. He then puts the turkey over his head and does not bring it down again. At the same moment his girlfriend comes, who at first doesn't see his head, but then faints. Finally, with the help of a weight, he manages to get the turkey off his head. Then it comes to the giving of presents. Mr. Bean receives a model for a ship from his girlfriend, his girlfriend is looking forward to the ring, but instead, to his girlfriend's disappointment, Mr. Bean bought a picture of a couple that was in the shop window directly behind the ring. When he hands over a jewelry box, she gets hope again, but in it she only finds an eyebolt to attach the picture. She radically leaves him disappointed.

This episode was also released individually on DVD.

8th Guest in room 426 Mr. Bean in room 426 Feb. 17, 1993 ?
Mr. Bean is on vacation at the hotel. When the porter tries to take the suitcase from him, Bean thinks he is a thief. After inspecting his room and unpacking his luggage, he hangs up all of his pictures, drilling holes in the wall. Then he is horrified to find that he has booked a room without a bathroom. He then drills a life-size hole in the wall through which he reaches the neighbor's bathroom, locks himself in and bathes himself there, with the result that the neighbor can no longer open the door of his bathroom.

On the narrow stairs he always gets behind slow elderly people when he is in a particularly hurry. When he finally reached the buffet in the evening, he filled his stomach and imitated every movement of his table neighbor, who was also his room neighbor. Bean devours oysters with full gusto, but the person sitting next to him finds that the oysters are spoiled, which in turn causes a certain nausea. During the night he locks himself out of his room unprepared and unclothed. He covers his private parts with fire extinguishers and warning signs and crawls under the runner in the aisle towards the lift. At the reception, where he first tries to steal the duplicate key, he finally hides in a travesty artist's suitcase and then puts on his clothes.

9 The handyman Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean Jan. 10, 1994 ?
Mr. Bean has invited two friends to a New Year's Eve party, for which he is making detailed preparations in the apartment and a. Paper party hats (even for the teddy bear). He constantly takes the golden doorknob from the apartment door and puts it in the fruit bowl. When the friends arrive, he finds that he has no food at home. He improvises a feast, chops off branches and dips them in Marmite . He also prepares vinegar with sugar. The friends immediately recognize the improvisation of the food, whereupon the friends set the clock to midnight and give him the New Year's wishes prematurely in order not to have to stay longer. The friends say goodbye and Mr. Bean goes to bed early. Before going to sleep, however, he first hears the real New Year's calls from the neighboring apartment and has to use his alarm clock to determine that he has missed the turn of the year.

On New Years Day, he is the first to walk into the department store and buys a new special-offer armchair that turns out to be too big for his Mini, and then puts it on the roof of the car. To bring him home, he controls the car from above, sitting on the chair. He steers it with a string and operates the pedals with the broom. But then he has problems with a steep gradient in the road. He cannot brake because the broom gets caught in the pedals, is seen by a police officer and causes bed springs to fly by steering the car into a moving van. The subsequent renovation of his apartment begins with a new hatch, as he has to rearrange his living room with the new armchair and push the table that was under the hatch to the other side. He measures the new hatch in his own way, while sawing it out he saws up pictures and posters on the back wall without being noticed, including the telephone cable. Then he wants to paint the room. The hair of the brush sink into the paint, whereupon he uses the teddy bear as a brush. When this doesn't work, he wraps all the furniture and every detail in newspaper, even the fruit in the bowl (and every single grape at that). Then he paints the whole room by sinking a firecracker in the paint bucket, but initially panics because the door handle is not there (he put it with the fruit and also wrapped it up), but finds it quickly and can still escape. He accidentally meets one of his friends who wants to get his forgotten hat at the crucial moment. But he doesn't notice anything of the coloring spectacle in Bean's apartment. When Bean goes back into the apartment, he finds a white room, but then he discovers the silhouette of a friend on the wall in the position of “picking up his hat”.

10 Unwilling babysitter Mind the baby, Mr. Bean Apr 25, 1994 ?
When Mr. Bean drove to a fair in his car, he mistakenly dragged a stroller with him, involuntarily becoming a babysitter and trying in vain to get rid of the child. After he has temporarily placed it in a toy car, he has fun on the roller coaster, falling asleep out of boredom during the ride and going to various stalls. Later he has to change the baby's diaper, but this results in the dirty diaper flying around. As a new diaper he uses a girl's teddy bear.

He also has to save a goldfish that he wins in bingo. Finally, he buys some balloons for the child, attaching them to the stroller, which causes the child to literally go up in the air. He then shoots a bow and arrow into the balloons and that ultimately leads to the child's return to his mother. (Without them knowing whose care the child was in.) Then a dog enters his car, which he only notices while driving.

11 Open-door day Back To School Mr. Bean Oct 26, 1994 ?
Mr. Bean visits a school on open house. After commanding a troop of soldiers, he looks around and ruins a stamp collection and calligraphy in the process . Then it is electrically charged in a physics experiment and reveals a strong magnetic attraction. After a brochure sticks to his body and he cannot remove it and finally hands it over to a woman, it pulls her dress up. As a chemist, he had resounding success, although a boy was also present and he “got color” with blue steam.

As an artist, he should first draw fruit and then a nude model. He behaves shyly in front of the naked woman; the teacher moves him to look. In doing so, he lets an “interesting combination” of fruit and breasts emerge from his drawing. Then he makes a clay bra in a corner of the room; meanwhile, a teacher appears unnoticed by him with the boy sprayed blue from the chemistry room, who sees the naked woman. The teacher looks for the culprit, but does not find him; then Mr. Bean covers the model's breasts with the clay bra. During judo lessons, he loses the courage to let himself be thrown and then defeats the judo teacher by knocking him over and wrapping him in the mat. He loses his pants when changing clothes. Bean looks for his pants and finds them in someone's bathroom. Bean gets his pants back in a childish way by snatching them from the man in the toilet. Meanwhile, in the parking lot, Mr. Bean's car was run over by a Chieftain tank during a crash show , because he had put it on the place where the Mini, which was actually intended for the show, looked exactly the same and which he had rolled away. When Bean finds the wreck, he is inconsolable at first, but calms down again when he discovers the still-preserved padlock.

12 Mr. Bean strikes again Tee off, Mr. Bean Sep 20 1995 ?
Mr. Bean brings his underwear, an air mattress, a lampshade, a doormat, two cubes of fabric and his teddy bear into a laundromat , where he comes across a price increase and therefore has to get his emergency money that he has hidden in his pants. He also has to deal with a rude, strong, young man. When he ran out of underpants (one for each day of the week), he realized that he was wearing them. He takes these off and his pants get into another woman's machine, while he mistakenly puts on the woman's skirt of the same color. Then he discovers a forgotten pair of underpants. He wants to put them on, but the young man prevents him. Bean reciprocates by exchanging the man's fabric softener for black coffee, which the man then pours into the machine. Bean uses the fabric softener to pretend he is drinking coffee. The man then blames the manager of the laundromat for his brown shirt. Bean gets his " shrunk " things out of the dryer, whereby the dice have also lost their points. Later he looked in vain for his trousers. He crawled into the dryer, the young woman did not see him in them, closed the door, turned on the dryer and selected the hottest setting.

Then Mr. Bean plays a game of mini golf . On the first lane he punctures one more stroke. Since the ball bounces off the second lane and lands outside the area, the ball must not be touched with hands (the railway operator warned Bean) and Bean plays the ball further and further away due to his clumsiness, he undertakes a journey. To get the ball back, he destroys the contents of a shopping net, which annoys a woman. When the ball lands on a boy's ice cream cone, Bean also destroys his ice cream. The ball also prevents a car from starting and even falls into the sewer. Bean even looks for the ball there and then lands on the garbage truck. On this the ball falls out onto the meadow. In order to finally get the ball into the hole, he cuts out the piece of meadow around the ball and hitchhikes a woman's car back to the mini golf course, where he pounds the ball in the evening.

13 A day with pitfalls Goodnight Mr. Bean Oct 31, 1995 ?
Mr. Bean has to go to the hospital because his hand is stuck in a pot. First he drives his car just behind an ambulance and parks in front of the hospital so close behind it that the doors of the ambulance no longer open. In the waiting room he tries in vain to shorten the waiting time by first causing an argument between two men in front of the reception. He pulls a high number to be called upon. He later shows the condition on his hand. He takes the lower number from a wheelchair user bound in a cast and turns the numeric display upside down. When "his" number is called afterwards, the wheelchair user prevents him from admitting him by holding him by his pot. After a patient who has just arrived, a nurse notices that the display has been flipped and turns it back. After the unsuccessful attempt, he falls asleep and the wheelchair patient gets her number back when she is called because the number had fallen on the floor and Bean has to queue up and log in again, which means that he gets a much higher number. To make matters worse, his other hand is also stuck in a trash can.

Then he photographs every detail in the park that he sees and wants to photograph himself with a guard. He also decorated it lavishly, which the guard is not exactly happy about. But when he has prepared everything for the photo, the soldier is changing the guard. When this leaves, the camera takes photos in the void and the photo fails. Finally, it's time to go to bed. Before that he reads a comic book with his teddy bear and then he turns off the light by shooting a pistol at the light bulb. But Mr. Bean can't sleep. First, disguised as a dog, he drives away a crowd of cats that disturb the peace. The TV program also wakes him up. He also tries counting sheep, and then finally manages to fall asleep.

14th Mr. Bean at the barber shop Hair By Mr. Bean Of London Nov 15, 1995 ?
Mr. Bean goes to the hairdresser. When he temporarily disappears because his assistant does not answer the phone, Mr. Bean involuntarily takes over the job and proves his ineptitude first on a little boy, on whom he shaves a strip from back to front on the center of the head. However, the boy really likes his new hairstyle. Because Bean earns money in the process, he tries his hand at two other customers, accidentally cutting off a man's ponytail and covering the bald head of another with foam and collected hair, which he exposed through the toupee jammed in his razor. This creates trouble for the real hairdresser and they are wrongly accused. Bean leaves the parlor with Prince Charles' head disguised.

He then goes to a school festival, where he first tricked a game of skill to get a prize. In the next game "Meet the Director" he throws cans, boxes and an armchair on the wall after he has used up the wet sponges that were actually intended for it, but the overseer finally prevents him. He then takes part in an animal competition with his teddy bear, after a judge allows the stuffed animal (his teddy bear) to be used without consulting her superior, who is short of time and does not listen. All other children lose with their animals, and Bean wins the competition with his teddy’s tricks. However, he doesn't take the grand prize, which is a big bone, and instead takes a pot of honey with him. Later he had problems getting past a control at the train station because he didn't have a ticket and slipped into a mailbag. With that he even lies down on a turnstile, but ends up on the wrong side again and falls down the tracks in a frenzy of joy. After that, it is actually mistaken for a mailbag, but it ends up on a train with mail to Russia. Now he is traveling (presumably as a stowaway) halfway around the world.

15th Mr. Bean is cleaning up The Best Bits of Mr. Bean Dec 15, 1995 2010
This episode is 72 minutes long and contains a compilation of skits from previous episodes. Mr. Bean goes to the attic of the house with his teddy bear on a rainy day. He finds a lot of old things there while clearing out and remembers what happened in individual episodes in which the things occurred.

This episode has only been released individually on video and DVD.

Special offers

The two specials only appeared on video and DVD and were never broadcast on television.

No. German title Original title First publication United Kingdom German language first broadcast ( D )
S1 Mr. Bean in the library The Library The last sketch was unreleased until The Amazing Adventures of Mr. Bean was released on VHS . Here an antique book is given to Mr. Bean in the library. His attempt to trace a particularly impressive page ends with the almost complete destruction of the valuable work. When returning the book, he fails to slip the damaged book on to another, unsuspecting visitor. Mr. Bean leaves the library but notices that he has forgotten his bookmark in the book; he gets it back when it is handed over and reveals himself in the process. 0Nov 5, 1990
S2 Mr. Bean is waiting for the bus The bus stop Mr. Bean is waiting for a bus because he's going into town. When the bus arrives, however, it is full. Mr. Bean tries to push the people who are now gradually appearing from the first spot next to the stop sign by releasing the brake on a woman's stroller or by confusing a blind person. Finally the bus arrives, but stops at the other end of the queue so that the others come along and the bus is full when Mr. Bean wants to get on and he has to stop again. Nov 15, 1991


The theme music by Mr. Bean is a choral theme, which is rather untypical for comedy. It was written by composer Howard Goodall and sung by the choir of Southwark Cathedral (later Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford). The Latin text in the sequences is as follows:

  • Ecce homo qui est faba - See the man who is a bean (title)
  • Finis partis primae - end of the first part (before the advertisement, omitted in the German broadcast)
  • Pars secunda - Second part (after the advertisement, also not in the German broadcast)
  • Vale homo qui est faba - Goodbye, man who is a bean. (At the end)

The piece was on the album Choral Works by Howard Goodall published. Goodall also wrote music for many of the episodes. The choral theme did not appear until the second episode. In the first episode, the theme music was another instrumental piece, also composed by Goodall. It played as background music while Bean was out and about in his Mini, terrifying the blue Reliant, which is why it would appear later whenever Mr. Bean's archenemy appeared on the scene.

Sometimes music is also used as an ironic reference in the series: In the episode Mr. Bean strikes again when Mr. Bean gets into the car with the lady at the end of the mini-golf episode, the theme tune to another Richard Curtis comedy series , The Vicar of Dibley , played on the car radio.

The End

Atkinson said in an interview with the Frankfurter Rundschau in 2007 that he was going to part ways with his role as Mr. Bean . In fact, since then he has played the role again and again on individual occasions, for example at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games and in several comic relief sketches.


Great Britain

In Great Britain, starting with the first episode (Mr. Bean) on January 1, 1990, the ITV network broadcast the comedy series.

Broadcast in German-speaking countries

Mr. Bean was shown on German television for the first time in 1991 by the broadcaster SWR and until 2004 Das Erste , some third programs , and Arte broadcast the episodes. In 1997 and 1998 the episodes ran on RTL . Since 2005, the broadcasting rights in Germany have been with Super RTL , where the season has been repeated several times every year and mostly broadcast at prime time. The series is broadcast in the original language with subtitles. Only a synchronized version was broadcast on Super RTL in 2010, in which Lutz Mackensy lent Mr. Bean his voice.

In Austria, Mr. Bean has been on ORF 1 since 2005 , and the Swiss broadcaster 3+ has been broadcasting the episodes since 2008.


  • 1990: Rose of Montreux : Golden Rose , Prize of the Press and Special Prize of the City of Montreux

Appearances in other media


Since October 2014 Atkinson can be seen in the role of Mr. Bean in the British Snickers commercials. In the past, the character has also appeared in commercials for Fuji Film , the Nissan Tino (series only ran in Japan) and M & M’s .

Music videos and own record

Mr. Bean appears in 1991 in the music video The Stonk by the British comedian duo Hale and Pace , which was filmed for the British charity organization Comedy Relief ( Red Nose Day ) . A year later, Mr. Bean made a charity record himself. The song (I want to be) Elected by Mr. Bean and Smear Campaign featuring Bruce Dickinson was the cover of an Alice Cooper song and reached number nine in the British singles charts.

1997 Mr. Bean was also seen in the video for the single Picture of You by the group Boyzone . The song is part of the soundtrack for Bean - The Ultimate Disaster Movie .

Screen adaptations

1997 came Bean - The Ultimate Disaster Movie in the cinemas, in which Mr. Bean spoke for the first time on a larger scale (and also relatively clearly instead of the snuggly, humming tone familiar from the TV series), which was heavily criticized by many fans. The film was shot in the USA .

On March 29, 2007, another movie with Mr. Bean in the lead role started with Mr. Bean Makes Holidays in Germany. He remained much more faithful to the figure, reduced his speaking parts to a minimum and instead relied more on the figure's facial expressions and body language.


Since 2002 there has been an animated series that is broadcast on German television on Super RTL . Rowan Atkinson is involved in the production of the series and lends the cartoon Mr. Bean also his voice, and Richard Curtis and Robin Driscoll are other people involved in the production who also worked on the Real series. However, since the original series lives mainly from Rowan Atkinson's facial expressions, the cartoon version is controversial among Mr. Bean fans and never achieved the same success and cult status as the Real series.

2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony

Atkinson appeared again as Mr. Bean at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London . In a slapstick interlude, he accompanied the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Simon Rattle , during the piece Chariots of Fire , the title sequence of the feature film The Hour of the Winner . Atkinson's appearance was considered a highlight of the ceremony.

Comic relief

Since 1991, Mr. Bean has also appeared in sketches for the annual Comic Relief Gala. He was last seen there in 2007 in Mr. Bean's Wedding , where he caused a sensation as a guest at a wedding, and in 2015 in Funeral , where he threw a funeral into chaos.


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