Nové Hvězdlice

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Nové Hvězdlice
Nové Hvězdlice does not have a coat of arms
Nové Hvězdlice (Czech Republic)
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Basic data
State : Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic
Region : Jihomoravský kraj
District : Vyškov
Municipality : Hvězdlice
Area : 745 ha
Geographic location : 49 ° 12 '  N , 17 ° 5'  E Coordinates: 49 ° 11 '38 "  N , 17 ° 4' 56"  E
Height: 310  m nm
Residents : 588 (March 1, 2001)
Postal code : 683 42
License plate : B.
Street: Bohdalice - Litenčice

Nové Hvězdlice (German Neu Wieslitz , formerly Neu Hwiezdlitz ) is a district of Hvězdlice in the Czech Republic . It is located eleven kilometers southwest of Morkovice-Slížany and belongs to the Okres Vyškov .


Nové Hvězdlice is located in Litenčické vrchy . The town extends into the hollow of the Hvězdlička brook. To the north rises the Klín (448 m), in the northeast the Stará hora and the Hradisko (518 m), in the southeast the Kalvárie (354 m) and to the west the Homole (336 m).

Neighboring towns are Žešov and Orlovice in the north, Zdravá Voda in the northeast, Nítkovice and Chvalkovice in the east, Komorov and Dobročkovice in the southeast, Uhřice and Roštoutky in the south, Bohaté Málkovice in the southwest, Kozlany in the west and Bohdalice and Staré Hvězdlice in the northwest.


Archaeological finds prove an early settlement of the place. In 1949, two stool graves of the Aunjetitz culture were found during construction work , dating from around 1650 BC. Come from BC. Furthermore, on the Kalvárie hill, around 1000 BC. An urn burial site laid out in BC and a container with bracteates dating from between 1253 and 1305 were found in 1861 .

The market and festivals Nové Hvězdlice ( municionem et opidum Hwyezdlicz ) were first mentioned in 1353 when they were sold by Bernart II of Cimburg to his brother Albrecht Vranovec. The founders of the market and festivals were probably the Hvězdlice family, a branch of the Deblín lords. Between 1366 and 1406 Jaroš von Cimburg, a son of Albrecht Vranovec, was the owner of Nové Hvězdlice. He expanded his property to Staré Hvězdlice. During the Moravian fratricidal war between the Marquis Jobst and Prokop of Moravia , probably in 1399, the fortress was conquered and destroyed.

In 1411, the Augustinian monastery of St. Thomas in Brno acquired the Nové Hvězdlice market and the village of Staré Hvězdlice including the desert festivals for 1,020 pounds of silver from Jaroš's brother Albrecht Tovačovský of Cimburg. The order established an administrative center in Nové Hvězdlice, to which, in addition to the town, the villages Staré Hvězdlice, Německé Málkovice and Kozlany as well as parts of the villages Černčín and Czechs were subordinate. During the Hussite Wars , Jan von Dlouhá Ves seized the monastic rule. The Augustinians pledged Nové Hvězdlice to Vilém von Víckov around 1530. Emperor Ferdinand I granted Nové Hvězdlice the privilege for two markets at his request. In 1573 the inhabitants of the town were able to buy themselves out of the labor service. In 1668 Nové Hvězdlice received the brewing license. The existence of the Heilbad Brunn has been documented since 1733 . The first pottery workshop can be traced back to 1760. The first school was built around this time. In 1783 Emperor Joseph II confirmed the privileges of Nové Hvězdlice, which u. a. included four annual markets and a cattle market . In 1791 Neu Wieslitz had 821 inhabitants. The old rights were confirmed again in 1795 by Emperor Franz II. In 1802 the one-class school moved into a new school building. Until the middle of the 19th century, Nové Hvězdlice always remained subservient to the Augustinian hermits who were sent to Old Brno in 1783. Nové Hvězdlice was an arable town with a brick factory, a brewery, a distillery and two windmills.

After the abolition of patrimonial Nové Hvězdlice including the Gesundbrunn baths formed from 1850 a market town in the district administration Wischau . In 1878 the two-class and in 1893 the three-class instruction was started. The fact that the schoolhouse turned out to be too small for this resulted in the construction of the new school in 1910 and 1911. The voluntary fire brigade was founded in 1886. In 1910 there were 20 weavers and 26 craftsmen in Nové Hvězdlice. In 1930 the town with 1906 inhabitants reached the highest population in its history. In 1947 Nové Hvězdlice lost the status of Městys . In 1948 the kindergarten was established. Between 1950 and 1960 the community belonged to the Okres Bučovice and after its abolition came back to the Okres Vyškov at the beginning of 1961. In 1964 Nové Hvězdlice were merged with Staré Hvězdlice to form the municipality of Hvězdlice. The primary school was closed in 2002 due to insufficient student numbers. Nové Hvězdlice had 594 inhabitants in 1991. At the 2001 census, 588 people lived in the 190 houses in Nové Hvězdlice and Zdravá Voda.

On October 10, 2006 Hvězdlice received the status of a Městys back.


  • Baroque castle Nové Hvězdlice, the single-storey two-wing building was built in 1712 according to plans by Giovanni Pietro Tencalla as the residence of the Augustinian monastery. In 1924 a home for the blind was set up in the castle; today it serves as a home for the elderly. Above the portal is a cartridge with the coat of arms of the provost Nikolaus Kederitz.
  • Late baroque parish church of James the Elder and Matthew, it was built between 1770 and 1773 under the prelate Matouš Perčr according to plans by the Brno builder Franz Anton Grimm .
  • Rectory, the baroque building was built around 1730. The cartouche above the entrance portal bears the coat of arms of Brno Provost Andreas Zirkel.
  • Pilgrimage chapel on the Hradisko
  • Remains of the fortress Nové Hvězdlice, on the hill Kalvárie or Holá Manda south of the town, it was built in the second half of the 13th century under the Lords of Deblín and died out around 1400 during the Moravian Fraternal War between the Marquis Jobst and Prokop of Moravia . The castle has been considered desolate since 1411.

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