Police call 110: Fallen from the sky

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Episode of the series Polizeiruf 110
Original title Fallen from the sky
Country of production Germany
original language German
length 85 minutes
classification Episode 243 ( List )
First broadcast August 4, 2002 on Das Erste
Director Dieter Laske
script Rudolf Anders and Ernst Josef Lauscher
production Pure Milker
music Mulo Francel
camera Johannes Anders
cut Angelika Strelczyk

A German crime film by Helmut Förnbacher from 2002 fell out of the sky . The television film was released as the 243rd episode of the Polizeiruf 110 film series and was produced by NDR under the direction of Dieter Laske . Chief Detective Jens Hinrichs ( Uwe Steimle ) is investigating his 19th case. For his colleague Holm Diekmann ( Jürgen Schmidt ) it is the 5th and last regular assignment in Schwerin .

The chief detective Hinrichs and Diekmann want to use an undercover agent to track down a gang of thieves.


The Krummbiegel company in Schwerin was broken into one night, computers were stolen and the security guard was killed. Since there have been many similar break-ins in recent times, the police assume an organized gang of thieves. Diekmann therefore wants to use an undercover agent, which Hinrichs thinks is exaggerated. In his opinion, the last break-in could very well have been an isolated act. Diekmann gets the green light for an informant and persuades Lenny Schneider, a young petty criminal who has just been released from prison. So he learns, since he started with a freight forwarder Spieka, that he is obviously dealing in stolen goods. Another break-in was planned for the night after next, with Lenny to be there. But things go wrong - one of the intruders is caught and has to be taken to hospital. Diekmann and Hinrichs now hope for a witness in him, but Spieka succeeds in killing the man in the clinic. This makes it dangerous for Lenny too, and he has to go into hiding.

In the meantime, Hinrichs finds a trace of the stolen property from the last break-in and arrests another perpetrator, which also enables the head of the gang to be identified.


With his fifth episode, Jürgen Schmidt ends his career as a commissioner in Police Call 110 for health reasons . He appeared for the first time as Robert Dieckmann in Die Macht und Ihr Preis alongside Uwe Steimle in the police call as a representative for the sick Kurt Böwe . In Seestück mit Mädchen he became Hinrich's official partner and his character was renamed Holm Diekmann. After him, Chief Inspector Tobias Törner, played by Henry Hübchen , took on the role of investigative partner alongside Hinrichs.


The critics of the television magazine TV Spielfilm only gave a medium rating (thumbs straight) and said: “Confused and no other lamp either”.

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