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Maja Maranow (born March 20, 1961 in Nienburg / Weser , † January 4, 2016 in Berlin ) was a German actress .


Origin, education and theater

Maja Maranow was born in March 1961 in Nienburg / Weser, Lower Saxony, as the daughter of an architect . After her parents divorced early - Maranow was two years old at the time - she grew up with her mother and grandmother. Maranow developed an interest in acting during her school days. She played in the school theater , where she first noticed positively with her acting skills. She received her acting training from 1978 to 1981 at the theater school Bühnenstudio in Hamburg . In addition, she was the drama teacher Annemarie Marks-Rocke in the subjects acting and musical teaching. Then Maranow was hired by the Städtische Bühnen in Lübeck , where she could be seen in the 1981/82 season in I'll get out and do my own show . Then she returned to Hamburg at the Thalia Theater , where she appeared in the play An interesting day, among other things .

Movie and TV

In 1983 Maja Maranow made her film debut as a young Sarah Lenhart in the film Days in the Hotel at the age of 22 under the direction of Ulrich Stein . She was then seen in the crime film television series Tatort , where she was subsequently seen perpetrators and victims (first broadcast: May 1984) as Sanapharm employee Ute Bernett, who was a rape victim and who is suspected of murder months later after the murder of her rapist. Finally, she took on other roles in the crime scene in the following years . In the episode Programmiert auf Mord, produced by Bayerischer Rundfunk (first broadcast: December 1988), the first case of Commissioner Otto Brandenburg ( Horst Bollmann ), she took on the role of Steffi Neuhaus, who is strangled by her former company colleague Struwe ( Marcus Bluhm ), after she recognized him by the voice. In the last Schimanski crime scene, the Schimanski case (first broadcast: December 1991), she played the wife of State Secretary Zech ( Alexander Radszun ), Nora Zech, who, under the false name "Corinna", aroused the sympathy of Commissioner Schimanski at a campsite on the Ruhr Spends a shepherd’s hour with him, which later leads to charges of corruption and even murder for Schimanski. Most recently, she embodied the butcher Lisa Pietsch in the Bremen crime scene Die Liebe der Schlachter (first broadcast: November 2003) by investigator duo Lürsen and Stedefreund , who finds out that her husband Hans ( Hannes Jaenicke ) has had a relationship with another woman for five months and as she wants to challenge them, there is a fatal fall of her husband's lover in a scuffle.

Maranow had her breakthrough as a television actress in 1989 in the eleven-part ZDF series Rivals of the Racetrack as the beautiful, scheming millionaire's wife Sylvia Gruber, who had an affair with ex- jockey and horse racing stable manager Christian Adler ( Thomas Fritsch ). She herself - according to her own statement - does not like to remember this role. From 1989 to 1991 she appeared as secretary Anette in 21 episodes alongside Stefan Fleming and Paul Hubschmid in Marco Serafini's TV series Jolly Joker . Maranow had another continuous series role from 1992 to 1993 at the side of Uwe Friedrichsen and Andreas Schmidt-Schaller as Barbara Fabian in the television series Oppen & Ehrlich . In addition, she also worked in many other television series such as Ein Fall für Zwei (1984), SOKO Munich (1986/1991), Derrick (1991), Der Alte (1999/2006) and Siska (2002).

From March 1994 to January 2016, Maja Maranow was seen continuously (except for one episode in 2013) in 63 episodes of the ZDF crime series A Strong Team , in which she played the leading female role alongside Florian Martens as Chief Detective Verena Berthold. In 1999 she and Florian Martens received the Golden Gong for their portrayal in the episode A Strong Team: Brown Eye . On August 24, 2015, it was announced that she was leaving the series and that she wanted to focus more on individual films in the future. The last wacky (64th) episode with Maja Maranow was broadcast posthumously on January 9, 2016 under the title Burnt Dreams and was the odds winner of the day with 8.18 million viewers. The shooting of her originally last episode as Verena Berthold with the working title Berlin Houses was canceled for health reasons Maranow.

In the television thriller Donna Leon - Vendetta (first broadcast: October 2000), the opening film of the Donna Leon adaptations , she played the travel agency manager Regina Ceroni, who confessed to the double murder of the lawyer Carlo Trevisan and a tax advisor from Padua because she once went through Human trafficking had come to Venice . In Police Call 110: Fallen From Heaven (first broadcast: August 2002) she was the nightclub owner Johanna "Jo" Clausen. In the pilot of the ZDF crime series Kommissarin Lucas , Die Blaue Blume (first broadcast: March 2003), she was seen alongside Alexander Held as Ingrid Kürten, whose five-year-old daughter was initially missing and later found dead. In the sixth case of the ZDF crime series Nachtschicht , Blutige Stadt (first broadcast: January 2009), she played Ramona Neumann alongside Uwe Kockisch . She was seen again in the thirteenth case of the crime series in the episode The Last Job (first broadcast: February 2016), where she played her last television role in the role of the shady refugee home manager Olga König.

Dieter Wedel cast Maja Maranow several times in his multi-part series. In the five-part television thriller The Shadow Man (1996) she took on the role of singer and nightclub owner Michelle Berger. This was followed in 1998 with the six-part television drama The King of St. Pauli , where she played the prostitute Mizzi, and the eight-part Sat.1 television series Die Unbrechliche , in which she played the title role of the single-parent court reporter Sylvia Brant alongside her fellow actor Florian Martens , renewed collaboration with Dieter Wedel as director and producer. In 2002 she was again seen under his direction in the six-part television series Die Affäre Semmeling in a supporting role as a reporter Katja Aschberg.

She also worked repeatedly with the director Matti Geschonneck , who mostly cast her as a character actress in leading roles. In the thriller Late Revenge , she was seen as Heide Klenz, the wife of chief physician Michael Klenz ( Peer Jäger ). In the film drama Dear Sister (first broadcast: October 2003) Maranow embodied the successful lawyer Lea Spielhagen, who found a new value system after her sister Judith Wlassek ( Anja Kling ) fell ill with breast cancer . In the melodrama Love after Death (first broadcast: February 2006) she played Greta Bücking, who like Paul Markwart ( August Zirner ), after the sudden death of the respective spouse, has to realize that husband Lutz ( Götz Schubert ) is having an affair with Markwart's wife Karin ( Franziska Stavjanik ) had. In Zeit zu Leben (first broadcast: April 2008) she took on the main role of marine biologist Annabelle Kohut, whose father (terminally ill with cancer) and her mother (upcoming leg amputation) have decided to end their lives in Holland. In the crime film Behind blind Windows (first broadcast: February 2010), which is based freely on the novel of the same name by Friedrich Ani , she was seen as the SM club owner Clarissa Weberknecht, whose partner, the prostitute Dinah Schmidt ( Bernadette Heerwagen ), stabbed to death in the Olympic Park becomes. In A Woman Disappears - Van Leeuwen's First Case (first broadcast: October 2012), she played Simone van Leeuwen, who had Alzheimer's disease and was the wife of Commissioner Bruno van Leeuwen ( Peter Haber ).

She also worked with other well-known directors and worked in various other film and television productions. Directed by Dietmar Klein she was in South Africa and in Berlin for the two-part TV movie The happiness at the other end of the world (Air Date: April 2007) on the side of Heiner Lauterbach as Hanna Westphal, a successful manager at a major Berlin dairy company , before the camera. In Dror Zahavi's film biography Mein Leben - Marcel Reich-Ranicki (first broadcast: April 2009) Maranow was seen as Helene Reich in the role of the mother of the German-Polish author Marcel Reich-Ranicki ( Matthias Schweighöfer ). Johannes Grieser cast her for the psychological thriller Murder in the Best Family (first broadcast: March 2011) as Manuela Lorentz, who is to take over the family sawmill from her father ( Otto Mellies ) together with her partner Jens Mattern ( Max Herbrechter ) . In Dominik Graf's historical love drama The Beloved Sisters , Maranow took on the role of Charlotte von Lengefeld's godmother ( Henriette Confurius ) as Charlotte von Stein .

Maja Maranow also worked as a speaker for audio books and radio plays . Among other things, she spoke the audio book on Sicily and Palermo , published in March 2008 . A literary invitation . On September 22nd, 2008, another audio book she had read in was published by CHBECK on Lessons of Silence. Classic Zen texts. When you are beyond love and hate, everything is as clear as the bright daylight that speaks of classic Zen masters is released.


Gravestone on the
south-west cemetery Stahnsdorf

Maja Maranow dated her fellow actor Florian Martens for two years in the 1990s . After that she was in a relationship with the actor Christian Redl for several years . She also had a short-term relationship with her colleague Andreas Schmidt-Schaller .

In early 2013, Maranow planned a longer trip to the USA , which collided with the filming of A Strong Team: The Friend's Wife . In the same year, Maja Maranow was diagnosed with breast cancer, which later metastasized . It was mid-December 2015, the Charité in Berlin-Mitte in treatment . On January 4, 2016, at the age of 54, she succumbed to two years of cancer. Her grave is in the south-west cemetery Stahnsdorf , south-west of Berlin.

Maja Maranow, who largely shielded her private life from the public, last lived in Berlin-Charlottenburg .

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