Chachapoyas Province

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Chachapoyas Province
Location of the province in the Amazon region
Location of the province in the Amazon region
coat of arms
coat of arms
Basic data
Country Peru
region Amazon
Seat Chachapoyas
surface 3,312.4 km²
Residents 55,506 (2017)
density 17 inhabitants per km²
founding November 21, 1538
ISO 3166-2 PE-AMA
Website (Spanish)
Alcalde Provincial Víctor Raúl Culqui Puerta

Coordinates: 6 ° 14 ′  S , 77 ° 52 ′  W

The province of Chachapoyas is located in the south of the Amazon region in northern Peru . The administrative seat is the city of Chachapoyas (San Juan de la Frontera de los Chachapoyas). It is also the bishopric of the Diocese of Chachapoyas. The province has an area of ​​3312.37 km². At the 2017 census, 55,506 people lived in the province. In 1993 the population was 45,058, in 2007 49,700.

Geographical location

The province of Chachapoyas borders in the east on the province of Rodríguez de Mendoza , in the west on the province Luya , in the north on the province Bongará and in the south on the regions San Martín and Cajamarca .

Administrative division

The province of Chachapoyas is divided into 21 districts. The district of Chachapoyas is the seat of the provincial administration.

District Administrative headquarters
Asunción Asunción
Balsas Balsas
Chachapoyas Chachapoyas
Cheto Cheto
Chiliquín Chiliquín
Chuquibamba Chuquibamba
Granada Granada
Huancas Huancas
La Jalca La Jalca
Glue bamba Leymebamba
Levanto Levanto
Magdalena Magdalena
Mariscal Castilla Duraznopampa
Molinopampa Molinopampa
Montevideo Montevideo
Olleros Olleros
Quinjalca Quinjalca
San Francisco de Daguas Daguas
San Isidro de Maino Maino
Soloco Soloco
Sonche Sonche


Ruins and Levanto Church

In Levanto, a village that can be reached via the Inca Trail, which is signposted from Chachapoyas , within 3 hours, or by taxi, there is a small church with an interesting altarpiece from the colonial times. Around Levanto you can also visit various ruins of the Chachapoya .

The Sonche Valley from Huancas.

Huancas viewpoint

There are two viewpoints in Huancas village . They are located near the village, but not signposted. The local population and the brochures that can be found in the town hall on the village square can show you the (very easy) way. From the lookout points you have a good view over the valley of the Sonche river .

Pottery in Huancas

Huancas is still the center of the production of clay pots, which are mainly used by the local population - also for cooking. If you want to see how it works, you can look over the shoulder of the potters in Huancas right on the village square and taste food cooked in a clay pot. You can also buy the pots.

Old town of Chachapoyas

The old town of Chachapoyas offers many gems from the colonial times as well as from the Chachapoya . You can find out what there is on the Chachapoyas (Peru) site .

Caves and ruins in Magdalena

The village of Magdalena is home to a plaza and a church, the ruins of Makro, built by the Chachapoya and visible from Kuelap . Magdalena is also the starting point for trips to the Shiual caves.

Fishing in Molinopampa

Molinopampa is located directly on the Sonche River and is known throughout the area for its abundance of fish and is therefore valued by amateur anglers. Mountain tours are also very nice in the area. More on this in the article Molinopampa .

Mummies in Leymebamba

The Leymebamba Museum has over 200 mummies from the Chachapoya culture. Leymebamba is also the starting point for trips to the Condor Lake . Leymebamba is a quiet village on the Utcubamba River .

Gocta and Yumbilla waterfalls

The highest waterfalls in the world include Gocta with 771 m (water-bearing all year round) and Yumbilla with almost 900 m (only water-bearing during the rainy season).

Calendar of events

District Most important festivals date place
Chachapoyas Chachapoyas Tourism Week First week of June Chachapoyas
Cheto Holy Week April 5th Cheto
Chuquibamba Saint Peter June 29th Chuquibamba
La Jalca Saint John the Baptist June 24th La Jalca
Leymebamba "Virgen del Carmen" 16th of July Levanto
Levanto Festival of the village saint 24.-29. June Levanto
Levanto Festival of the village saint 5th September Quipachacha
Mariscal Castilla Peter and Paul June 29th San Pedro
Molinopampa Corpus Christi May Molinopampa
Montevideo Festival of the village saint February 2nd Montevideo
Olleros Trinity June Olleros
Quinjalca Saint John June 24th Cashac
San Francisco de Daguas Señor de los Milagros October 18 Daguas
San Isidro de Maino Festival of the village saint June 7th Maino
Soloco Holy Week variable Soloco
Sonche Saint John June 24th San Juan de Sonche
Source: (translation from Spanish Wikipedia)

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