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The Morocco Rally was held for the first time in 1934 and was three World Championship rounds (WRC) in 1973 , 1975 and 1976 .

The rally was driven on gravel roads and the total distance in 1973 was over 5,000 kilometers. One of the longest rallies in the history of the World Rally Championship . The longest special stage went over 776 kilometers through the African desert and demanded everything from the drivers and the material. In addition, a refueling stop had to be made. The journey time was 9 hours and 40 minutes. The following events were shortened by around 1000 kilometers in total. Bernard Darniche won in 1973 in a Renault Alpine A110 1800 ahead of Bob Neyret in a Citroën DS 23. Hannu Mikkola was victorious in a Peugeot 504 in 1975 and a year later Jean-Pierre Nicolas won in the same car model.

Overall winner

year rally driver Co-driver automobile
1934 1 1st Rallye du Maroc 1934 FranceFrance Fred Bravard
1935 1 2nd Rallye du Maroc 1935 FranceFrance Jean Trévoux FranceFrance Marcel Lesurque Bugatti 3.0
1937 1 3rd Rallye du Maroc 1937 FranceFrance Jean Trévoux FranceFrance Marcel Lesurque Hotchkiss 686
1950 1 4th Rallye du Maroc 1950 FranceFrance Charles Preynat FranceFrance André Costa Simca 8 sport
1951 1 5th International Rallye de l'Atlas Marocain 1951 FranceFrance Jean Lucas FranceFrance Jacques Péron Ferrari 212 export
1952 1 6th Rallye du Maroc 1952 FranceFrance Amic Robert FranceFrance Mareschi Simca Aronde
1953 1 7th Rallye du Maroc 1953 BelgiumBelgium Paul van de Kaart FranceFrance Jacques Péron Porsche 356 1300 Super
1954 1 8th Rallye du Maroc 1954 FranceFrance Robert La Caze FranceFrance Grammatico Simca Aronde
1955 1 9th Rallye du Maroc 1955 MoroccoMorocco Jean Deschaseaux MoroccoMorocco Marteau Peugeot 203
1967 1 10th Rallye du Maroc 1967 FranceFrance Robert La Caze FranceFrance Ponnelle Raymond Renault 8 Gordini
1968 1 11th Rallye du Maroc 1968 FranceFrance Jean-Pierre Nicolas FranceFrance Jean de Alexandris Renault 8 Gordini
1969 1 12th Rallye du Maroc 1969 FranceFrance Bob Neyret FranceFrance Jacques Terramorsi Citroën DS 21 Proto Chassis Court
1970 1 13th Rallye du Maroc 1970 FranceFrance Bob Neyret FranceFrance Jacques Terramorsi Citroën DS 21 Proto Chassis Court
1971 1 14th Rallye du Maroc 1971 MoroccoMorocco Jean Deschaseaux MoroccoMorocco Jean Plassard Citroën SM Maserati
1972 1 15th Rallye du Maroc 1972 FinlandFinland Simo Lampinen SwedenSweden Sölve Andreasson Lancia Fulvia 1.6 Coupé HF
1973 16th Rallye du Maroc 1973 FranceFrance Bernard Darniche FranceFrance Alain Mahé Renault Alpine A110 1800
1974 1 17th Rallye du Maroc 1974 FranceFrance Jean-Pierre Nicolas FranceFrance Christian Delferrier Renault Alpine A110 1800
1975 18th Rallye du Maroc 1975 FinlandFinland Hannu Mikkola FranceFrance Jean Todt Peugeot 504
1976 19th Rallye du Maroc 1976 FranceFrance Jean-Pierre Nicolas FranceFrance Michel Gamet Peugeot 504
1985 1 20th Rallye du Maroc 1985 KenyaKenya Shekhar Mehta KenyaKenya Yvonne Mehta Nissan 240 RS
1986 1 21st Rallye du Maroc 1986 FranceFrance Alain Ambrosino FranceFrance Daniel Le Saux Nissan 240 RS
1987 1 22nd Rallye du Maroc 1987 FranceFrance Maurice Chomat FranceFrance Gilles Thimonier Citroën Visa 1000 Pistes
1988 1 23rd Rallye du Maroc 1988 FranceFrance Paul-Emile Decamps FranceFrance Michel Gauteron Opel Manta 400

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