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Coat of arms of the joint municipality of Hanstedt
Joint municipality of Hanstedt
Map of Germany, position of Samtgemeinde Hanstedt highlighted

Coordinates: 53 ° 16 '  N , 10 ° 1'  E

Basic data
State : Lower Saxony
County : Harburg
Area : 198.17 km 2
Residents: 14,811 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 75 inhabitants per km 2
License plate : WL
Association key : 03 3 53 5402
Association structure: 6 municipalities
Association administration address
Rathausstrasse 1
21271 Hanstedt, Germany
Website :
Mayor of the municipality : Olaf Muus ( non-party )
Location of the joint municipality of Hanstedt in the Harburg district
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In the joint municipality of Hanstedt from the district of Harburg in Lower Saxony , six municipalities have come together to handle their administrative business.


Geographical location

The joint municipality of Hanstedt is located in the northwest of the Lüneburg Heath Nature Park and in the southern part of the Harburg district. The joint municipality is located in the south of the Hamburg metropolitan region . In terms of nature, most of the municipality belongs to the Hochheide. The highest points include the "Hanstedter Berge" (126 m), the "Rothberg" (113 m, Brackel) and the Krähenberg (123 m, Asendorf). In the north and northeast, the Hochheide merges into the Luheheide, which slopes down to the Elbe Valley with a clearly pronounced step edge.

Joint community structure

  • Asendorf with the districts Asendorf and Dierkshausen.
  • Brackel with the districts Brackel and Thieshope.
  • Egestorf with the districts Döhle, Egestorf, Evendorf, Sahrendorf and Schätzendorf.
  • Hanstedt with the districts of Hanstedt, Nindorf, Ollsen, Quarrendorf and Schierhorn.
  • Marxen with the districts Marxen and Schmalenfelde.
  • Undeloh with the districts Undeloh, Wehlen and Wesel.


On July 1, 1972, the law on the reorganization of the municipalities in the Harburg district merged the 15 following formerly independent municipalities into the Hanstedt joint municipality with its 6 member municipalities: Asendorf with Dierkshausen, Brackel, Thieshope, Egestorf, Sahrendorf with Schätzendorf, Döhle, Evendorf, Hanstedt , Nindorf, Ollsen, Quarrendorf, Schierhorn with consecration, Marxen with Schmalenfelde, Undeloh and Wehlen with Wesel.


All municipal elections 2016
Turnout: 61.5% (2009: 60.1%)
US c
EB f
Gains and losses
compared to 2011
 % p
-2.3  % p
-4.8  % p
+ 5.4  % p
-1.8  % p
+ 3.5  % p
+ 2.4  % p
US c
EB f
Template: election chart / maintenance / notes
c Independent Nordheide votes
f Single applicant Ulrike Müller
Distribution of seats in 2016 in the Hanstedt joint municipality
A total of 30 seats

The Samtgemeinde Hanstedt is a regional body that carries out the administrative business for its member communities. A Lower Saxony municipal constitution law regulates the tasks of the integrated municipality. These include a. the preparation of zoning plans, fire protection according to the Lower Saxony Fire Protection Act, sponsorship of general public schools, cemetery matters, construction and maintenance of communal roads, drinking water supply and sewage disposal. In addition, the joint community of Hanstedt supports the member communities in fulfilling their tasks and manages their cash operations.

The main source of income for the joint community is the joint community levy in accordance with Section 111 (3) of the Lower Saxony Municipal Constitutional Act . This contribution is made by the member communities according to their financial strength. The rate of assessment of the total community levy on the tax figures was set at 43.5 percent in the 2009 budget year.

Joint council

The council of the joint congregation consists of 30 members. After the municipal elections in 2011 and 2016, the following allocation of seats resulted:

Party / List: CDU SPD FDP Green US * EB ** total
Seats 2011 : 11 6th 2 4th 7th - 30 seats
Seats 2016 : 10 4th 3 4th 8th 1 30 seats

* Independent Nordheide votes     ** Single applicant Ulrike Müller

Joint community committees

The council of the joint municipality of Hanstedt has formed advisory committees from among the councilors. One of the tasks of the committees is in particular to prepare the Council resolutions.

  • Joint community committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Committee on Social Affairs and Order
  • Education and Leisure Committee
  • Committee on Environment, Planning and Building

coat of arms

Blazon : "In gold a black, courting black cock with red warts over the eyes."

The black grouse depicted on the coat of arms, a "typical animal of the heather and moorland" still living in the joint municipality, symbolically represents the heather areas in the joint municipality - and thus indirectly refers to the tourism that is important for the joint municipality.

Economy and Infrastructure


There are elementary schools with afternoon care in Brackel, Egestorf and in Hanstedt. The primary school in Egestorf will be completely rebuilt in the next few years. All primary schools have a cafeteria and afternoon care. A two-tier high school with a cafeteria and afternoon care (formerly: Hauptschule and Realschule) is located in the core town and basic center of Hanstedt.


There are kindergartens in Hanstedt, Asendorf, Brackel, Egestorf-Schätzendorf, Marxen, Schierhorn and Quarendorf (play area). There is also a day nursery in Hanstedt, Asendorf, Egestorf-Schätzendorf, Brackel and Schierhorn .

fire Department

With the administrative and territorial reform in 1972, the joint municipality of Hanstedt became responsible for fire protection and general assistance. With 15 volunteer fire brigades in the area of ​​the joint municipality of Hanstedt, around 600 well-trained volunteer firefighters provide help in the event of fires and accidents. Due to its size, the joint municipality of Hanstedt has the following fire brigades:

Base fire departments Local fire brigades
Brackel Asendorf, Marxen, Quarrendorf and Thieshope.
Egestorf Evendorf, Sahrendorf-Schätzendorf, Undeloh and Wesel.
Hanstedt Dierkshausen, Nindorf, Ollsen and Schierhorn.

In addition to the compulsory tasks of the volunteer fire brigades in the joint municipality of Hanstedt acc. Section 1 of the Lower Saxony Fire Protection Act (NBrandSchG) also includes promoting the community in the village structures. And with more than 13,000 inhabitants in around 7,200 households, the approx. 50 km 2 of forest and heathland, a 48-kilometer section of the federal motorway 7 and the 150 kilometers of state and district roads within the municipality, the 15 fire departments provide reliable help in the event of fires and accidents. The joint municipality of Hanstedt is responsible according to § 2 NBrandSchG defensive fire protection and assistance in your area. She has to u. a. To set up, equip and maintain an efficient fire brigade and to keep the systems, resources and equipment required for fire fighting and assistance ready.

The Marxen Fire Brigade Museum provides information about the history of the fire brigade in the region .

Individual evidence

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