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Bad Saarow and Scharmützelsee from the north
Geographical location Saarower Hügelland on the Storkower and Beeskower Platte south of Fürstenwalde / Spree , Oder-Spree district , Brandenburg, Germany
Tributaries Wierichgraben (in the north), Canal from the Großer Glubigsee (in the south)
Drain Wendisch Rietzer Fliess
Islands Big Werl, Little Werl
Places on the shore Bad Saarow , Wendisch Rietz , Diensdorf-Radlow
Coordinates 52 ° 15 ′ 0 ″  N , 14 ° 3 ′ 0 ″  E Coordinates: 52 ° 15 ′ 0 ″  N , 14 ° 3 ′ 0 ″  E
Scharmützelsee (Brandenburg)
Altitude above sea level 38.3  m
surface 12.1 km²
length 10 km
width Max. 1.5 kmdep1
volume 108,230,000 m³dep1
Maximum depth 29 m
Middle deep 8.8 m


second largest lake in Brandenburg

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Scharmützelsee in winter

The Scharmützelsee is a lake in Brandenburg . It is between Frankfurt (Oder) and Berlin , south of Fürstenwalde / Spree .


The lake is a typical channel lake , which owes its formation to a subglacial channel during the Brandenburg stage of the Vistula cold period . After the Schwielochsee, it is the second largest natural lake in Brandenburg and, like it, belongs to the Ice Age region in the catchment area of ​​the Spree and Dahme southeast of Berlin, which has over 200 lakes . During a visit to the then still small manor villages Saarow and Pieskow in 1881, the poet Theodor Fontane named the lake Märkisches Meer , a name that is still used today in tourism advertising.

The entire lake area belongs to the municipality of Bad Saarow . Other neighboring communities are Reichenwalde , Wendisch Rietz and Diensdorf-Radlow (all Amt Scharmützelsee ), which have a comprehensive tourist infrastructure for the use of the lake (swimming, sailing, diving, fishing) and its surroundings (cycling, hiking, golf, tennis and also inline skating). Bad Saarow and Wendisch Rietz are connected to the regional rail network of the Berlin-Brandenburg transport association.

The Scharmützelsee is part of the 33-kilometer-long federal waterway Storkower Gewässer (SkG) via the canal-like, almost two-kilometer-long Wendisch Rietzer Fließ, over the other parts of the Storkower Gewässer and the Dahme to the Berlin waters. The Storkow waters belong to waterway class I; The Berlin Waterways and Shipping Office is responsible . The Wendisch Rietz barrage (head: 1.27 m) keeps the lake level at a height of 38.3 m. In addition to pleasure boats, there is also passenger shipping on the lake to and from Berlin. The SG Scharmützelsee in the bay of Dorf Saarow is the largest sailing club in Brandenburg.

First mentions and etymology

As far as is known, the Scharmützelsee was mentioned for the first time in 1316/19 in a document, which is included in the regest of the Margraves of Brandenburg from Ascanic house edited by Hermann Krabbo and Georg Winter and reissued in 1955 , with the entry in stagno Tschermitzel (document 2737 ). In 1436 there is a note on the czermussel and in 1556 the current spelling Skirmish .

The name of the water goes back to the Slavic settlement period . The Brandenburg Name Book gives two explanations of the etymology : either from the Slavic name for the buckthorn or, less likely, a metaphorical name based on the curved shape, derived from the West Slavic koromyslo for water carrier :

  • Buckthorn variant : Old Polish / Old Sorbian basic form Čremušn- to čremucha = buckthorn . The “l” is to be explained by dissimilation in Middle Low German and alignment with Middle Low German scharmüssel , schermüssel after skirmish . The name book refers to analyzes by Julius Bilek (1959) and Gerhard Schlimpert (1972) and adds corroboratingly that, according to Henryk Borek (1968), 23 names were also formed in the West Slavonic language area.
  • Variant curved shape : The Slawist Friedhelm Hinze put the name in 1972, however, to the Pomoranian testified appellative Carme SL ë  = (pl.) Wooden stretcher that is laid for carrying baskets and buckets on the shoulder . This is a West Slavic variant of Russian koromyslo with the same meaning. The designation motive lies in the shape of the water - all derivations apply equally to the water names Schermützelsee and Zermützelsee, which come from the same basic form . These waters all have a curvature that resembles the yoke of a water stretcher . The Brandenburg name book does not consider Hinze's arguments to be valid, because the three lakes are very large and the shape of a yoke can only be seen on the map. A metaphorical naming according to the form is therefore completely unlikely.

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