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Artists' village Schöppingen, court of writers
Fine arts courtyard

The Foundation Künstlerdorf Schöppingen (North Rhine-Westphalia) supports authors, visual artists, composers, artists of new media and with the "KWW scholarships - art, science, economy" also interface projects with a scholarship stay in Schöppingen . It accepts more than 30 applicants per year. The artists' village is also an important cultural organizer.

Tasks and facilities

The foundation awards grants to support authors and visual artists, as well as to composers of experimental music. Scholarships for new media, interdisciplinary projects and interface projects between art, science and business have now also been added. All scholarships are advertised internationally and the selection is made by an expert jury. For the scholarship holders there is a residence requirement in the artist village; around 14 artists and authors each live and work in Schöppingen at the same time. You will receive a monthly scholarship amount of 1025 euros, of which a 10 to 20 percent share must be paid for management costs. There are over a thousand applications annually for the scholarships, which last up to 6 months. In addition, the area of ​​responsibility of the Künstlerdorf Schöppingen Foundation includes cultural projects and events, for example readings, workshops , art projects and projects with a cultural and historical background as well as national and international cultural exchange and net art . There is the “Virtual Gallery F8” and the “KI” website, an internet platform for “artistic ideas at the interface between culture, science and business”. “The artists' village sees itself as an adequate place of work for artists as well as an artistic project laboratory. Intensive communication between the divisions is possible. The artists' village is also an important cultural organizer and source of ideas. ” Josef Spiegel is the director of the Künstlerhaus .


The artist village has been sponsored by a foundation since 1998, to which, among others, the Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia , the North Rhine-Westphalia Foundation Nature - Homeland - Culture , the Foundation's Friends' Association, the Borken District , the municipality and the Westphalia Regional Association Lip involved. Christina Rau is the chairwoman of the Board of Trustees and the Friends' Association . Funders for grants within the foundation include the Prime Minister of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Rhineland Regional Association and the Art Foundation of North Rhine-Westphalia .

Location and premises

The Künstlerdorf Schöppingen Foundation is located in the center of the Munsterland community of Schöppingen. In two listed manors from the beginning of the 19th century there are six studios for visual artists and eight apartments for authors. There are also workshops, a gallery and event rooms.

Scholarship holders

Since it was founded, more than 700 scholars have received a grant from the foundation.


In addition to foreign writers such as the Americans John Linthicum and Styles Sass, the Russian Alexei Pawlowitsch Schipenko , the Swiss Armin Senser and the Chinese Zhang Jie, the following German-speaking authors were among the scholarship holders: Hansjürgen Bulkowski , Nina Bußmann , Kurt Drawert , Karen Duve , Patrick Findeis , Frederike Frei , Franz Hodjak , Felicitas Hoppe , Nina Jäckle , Marcus Jensen , Marjana Gaponenko , Reinhard Jirgl , Ricarda Junge , Peggy Mädler , Kristof Magnusson , Andreas Mand , Silke Scheuermann , Norbert W. Schlinkert , Kathrin Schmidt , Kathrin Schrocke , Stefanie de Velasco , Peter Wawerzinek and Michael Wildenhain .



  • 2008: art for everyone
  • 2007: Second Art - An art project in public space by SecondLife
  • 2006: Oberliga
  • 2004: no way
  • 2003: Famous paintings from Entenhausen's private collection
  • 2002: Flying high - three-dimensional replicas of visionary means of transport
  • 2001: visions of the future
  • 2000: The world in your pocket. The history of the rororo paperbacks

Own publications

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  • 2004: Dieter Daniels: attempts in the space in between. Experimental art education in the digital age . ISBN 3-937828-00-1
  • 2003: Josef Spiegel (Ed.): 6 art associations - 6 locations. A joint project at the State Garden Show Gronau / Losser . ISBN 3-9808214-6-3
  • 2003: Sigrun Brunsiek: On the status of art education today. Approaches, perspectives, criticism . ISBN 3-9808214-3-9


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Individual evidence

  1. Self-testimony on the website of the artist village

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