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Coordinates: 55 ° 20 ′ 29 ″  N , 11 ° 2 ′ 10 ″  E

Official name Storebæltsbro
use Road and Railway Bridge (West Bridges), Road Bridge (East Bridge)
Convicted E20 Europastraße 20
Crossing of Great Belt
place Fyn ( Eng .: Funen ) and
Sjælland ( Zealand )
Entertained by A / S Storebælt
construction Suspension bridge
overall length 6790 meters (east part),
6611 meters (west part)
Longest span 1624 meters
Clear height 65 meters (east part),
18 meters (west part)
vehicles per day 32 500 (as of 2015)
opening June 14, 1998
planner COWIconsult, architect Dissing + Weitling
Storebæltsbroen (Denmark)
Location and detailed map
Map Storebælt Bridge.png
Detailed map of the Great Belt with the Storebæltsbro

Storebæltsbroen ( German  The Great Belt Bridge , also: The Bridge over the Great Belt ) is a bridge in Denmark . The structure is part of the Storebaelt crossing said the strait Great Belt between the islands Fyn ( Danish Fyn ) and Zealand ( Danish Zealand ). The construction includes a toll motorway and a rail link. Non-motorized road users must use the railway, which runs through a tunnel between Sprogø and Zealand.

In the West, two connecting prestressed concrete - box girder bridges with low clearance Funen with the small island Sprogø. The eastern section of the bridge is formed by a suspension bridge , which, with a main span of 1624 meters, is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world .

The cost of the building was the equivalent of around 7.5 billion D-Marks . According to estimates by the operator in 1998, the construction costs are to be refinanced within 35 years with the help of tolls.

Location and construction

Toll station at the eastern end at Halsskov on Zealand
A bird's eye view of Storebæltsbro (with Sprogø and Funen in the background)

Until the Great Belt Bridge was put into operation, there was a ferry connection between Funen and Zealand. Combined road vehicle and railway ferries were used, the ports were at Nyborg and Korsør .

The railway and road bridges are parallel to each other in the western part between Funen and Sprogø. On the east side between the artificially enlarged island of Sprogø and Zealand, the two traffic routes run independently of each other. The København – Fredericia railway runs through an eight-kilometer tunnel under the main fairway of the Great Belt, the road over a high bridge. The railway connection went into operation in 1997, the road in the following summer of 1998. The toll booth is on the Zeeland side for both directions.

The west bridges were mainly installed with the large Svanen floating crane , which lifted the prefabricated parts onto the piers. The eastern section of the structure between the island of Sprogø and Zealand has a total length of 6790 meters. Part of this construction is a suspension bridge, which with its length of 2694 meters and a main span of 1624 meters is the longest suspension bridge in Europe and the third longest suspension bridge in the world after the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge and the Xihoumen Bridge . Their reinforced concrete pylons are 254 meters high, the deck is 31 meters wide and about 70 meters above sea level.

The passage under the bridge is restricted to ships with a maximum height of 65 m. The draft of the ships may be up to 15.4 m above the parallel Great Belt railway tunnel ( see Baltimax ). The Öresund as an alternative route, on the other hand, only allows a draft of 8 m and the Kiel Canal 9.5 m.

Storebæltsbro is operated by a subsidiary of the state-owned company Sund & Bælt , which is also responsible for planning the planned “fixed” Fehmarnbelt link, which is to replace the ferry connection between Fehmarn on the German side and Zealand on the Danish side.

Wind influences

The west bridge is equipped with two wind measuring points for train operations, which are monitored by the Danmarks Meteorologiske Institute (DMI). From a measured wind speed of 21 m / s (75.6 km / h) on average of ten minutes, a maximum speed of 80 km / h applies to freight trains. From 27 m / s (97.2 km / h), freight traffic is completely stopped, the maximum speed of 100 km / h then applies to electrically operated passenger trains, and there are no restrictions for passenger trains operated by diesel vehicles. From 30 m / s (108 km / h) all traffic is stopped.

As a result of the accident on January 2, 2019, the safety regulations for strong winds were changed on January 8, 2019. Up to 15 m / s on a 10-minute average, there are no restrictions, between 15 and 20 m / s freight trains (except for idle locomotives) may travel a maximum of 80 km / h. Freight traffic (with the exception of idle locomotives) is stopped between 20 and 25 m / s. Passenger train traffic is possible up to 25 m / s without restriction, at higher wind speeds all traffic is stopped.

Railway accident in 2019

On the morning of January 2, 2019, at 7.45 a.m., there was a railway accident on the railway bridge between Funen and Sprogø in heavy winds , which also affected the roadway of the road bridge. 8 people lost their lives and another 16 were injured.


On 3 March 2005 wrecked the 88-meter Danish 3500-ton freighter Karen Danielsen with the West Bridge. A Croatian seaman died after falling into the hold of the ship. The captain was seriously injured and three other sailors were slightly injured. The navigating bridge of the ship was torn off the ship clamped under the bridge. The structure was reopened to traffic after a few hours.

Storebæltsbroen is used as a motif on the 1000 kroner banknotes . The banknote is part of a series published between 2009 and 2011 that, among other things, has Danish bridges as a theme. It was drawn by the artist Karin Birgitte Lund.

In 2009 the cruise ship Oasis of the Seas , built in Finland, passed under the east bridge . The ship is 72 m high in its normal state. To enable passage, it was equipped with retractable chimneys, increasing the height to 64.75 m, i.e. H. 25 cm below the clear height, could be reduced. By crossing under at maximum speed, the clearance could be increased to 50 cm ( squat effect).


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