Street Parade

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Street Parade
city Zurich
Last event August 10, 2019
Next event -
Duration 1 day
budget 3.5 million Swiss francs
entry Free
organizer Street Parade Association Zurich
Record number of visitors 2018 with 1,100,000 visitors
Size Second largest event in Switzerland

Largest techno festival in the world

Predecessor /
former name
  • 1992: Demonstration for love, peace,
    freedom, generosity and tolerance
  • 1993 – present: Street Parade
Route (orange line) on city map;  until 2003 the street parade started on the west bank of the lake, since then it has started on the east bank
Route (orange line)
on city map;
until 2003 the
start was on the west bank of
the lake,
since then on the east bank
Lovemobiles on the Quaibrücke - Street Parade 2013

The Street Parade is a techno parade in Zurich that runs along Lake Zurich . It is the largest techno party in the world and also the largest annual event and, after the Züri Fäscht, the second largest event in the city of Zurich, as well as the fourth largest music festival in the world.

The Street Parade is usually held on the second Saturday in August.


year Attendees Weather motto Lovemobiles
1992 1,000 18 ° C Demonstration for love, peace,
freedom, generosity and tolerance
1993 10,000 13 ° C - 13
1994 40,000 Sun 18 ° C - 12
1995 120,000 25 ° C - 22nd
1996 350,000 Sun 28 ° C The rave-olution continues 22nd
1997 475,000 Sun 29 ° C - 29
1998 450,000 Sun 28 ° C It's All In Your Hands 30th
1999 550,000 Sun 30 ° C More than words 29
2000 750,000 Sun 32 ° C Believe in love 29
2001 1,000,000 Sun 21 ° C Love, Freedom, Tolerance 31
2002 650,000 Rain 17 ° C PEACE! 29
2003 900,000 Sun 37 ° C Let the sun shine 25th
2004 950,000 Sun / clouds 27 ° C Elements of culture 31
2005 900,000 Sun / clouds 23 ° C Today is tomorrow 32
2006 800,000 Sun / rain 17 ° C Move your mind 30th
2007 800,000 Sun / clouds 23 ° C Respect 23
2008 820,000 Sun / clouds 24 ° C Friendship 27
2009 600,000 Rain 22 ° C Still have a dream! 26th
2010 650,000 Rain 23 ° C Celebrate the Spirit of Street Parade 30th
2011 900,000 Sun 26 ° C 20 Years Love, Freedom, Tolerance & Respect 29
2012 950,000 Sun 25 ° C Follow your heart 28
2013 950,000 Sun 25 ° C Dance for Freedom 27
2014 950,000 Sun, thunderstorm 25 ° C Enjoy the dance floor - and save it 27
2015 1,000,000 Sun 32 ° C Magic moments 27
2016 900,000 Sun 28 ° C Zurich is unique 27
2017 900,000 Heavily cloudy 22 ° C Love never ends 25th
2018 1,100,000 Sun 25 ° C Culture of Tolerance 28
2019 850,000 Clouds / sun 22 ° C Colors of Unity 28
2020 called off

The first Street Parade took place on September 5th, 1992, initiated by the math student Marek Krynski and officially approved as a demonstration for love, peace, freedom, generosity and tolerance . The first Street Parade flyer was designed by DJ Viola. Then it took part to the 1000 to 2000 persons behind the two Lovemobiles hertanzten. Today the Street Parade counts up to a million people and has become a significant economic factor for the Zwingli city.


In 1992, the parade route led along the Limmatquai and a part of the Bahnhofstrasse : Start was at Hechtplatz, with the marching route via Limmatquai, Rudolf-Brun-Brücke , Uraniastrasse into Bahnhofstrasse to Bärengasse and finish at Basteiplatz. One of the two mobiles went out of power in the middle of the move, but that didn't affect the mood. A counter-demo from the squatter scene, which was upset that their demo was not approved, was kept away from the move by the police, who were armed with batons and protective shields. Especially on Bahnhofstrasse, many young people spontaneously joined the techno dancers. In the evening the first “Energy” rave party with around 6000 people took place in the SRO ball bearing factory in Oerlikon .

In 1993, 10,000 ravers took part, the parade became well known and a major event.

In 1994, the Zurich police chief Robert Neukomm (SP) banned the street parade. The Street Parade is too big, too loud and pollutes the streets. In addition, they are only interested in a negligible part of the population. Neukomm also wrote in his rejection of the request (quote) that “the city center is completely unsuitable for such large-scale events”. There were press conferences by Marek Krynski and his lawyer Christian Widmer, who drafted a 19-page appeal - and on four consecutive Wednesdays (during the city council meetings) pro-street parade demos took place in front of the Zurich town hall. Neukomm initially stuck to his rejection, described the initiators as an "unimportant group" and finally suggested in an interview that the Street Parade should take place in Bern or Basel. The green politician Monika Stocker seconded as head of the Neukomm Social Department and also pointed out the great danger of drugs that, in her opinion, emanates from the Street Parade. However, a clear majority of the population saw no reason for a ban and felt that this was unfair to other traditional events held in Zurich such as the Sechseläuten , Lake Night Festival, carnival parades or the May Day demonstrations. Due to ongoing strong protests from the techno scene, the population and the hype in the media, the city government withdrew its socio-political ban, but made new requirements for implementation, noise emissions, waste and safety. The route of the parade was relocated and now went over the Quaibrücke from Mythenquai in Wollishofen around the lake basin of Lake Zurich to Hornbachstrasse in the Seefeld district .

Looking back, the ban on Neukomm and the resulting public discussion and solidarity with the Street Parade community gave a decisive boost. The times of the spontaneous underground rave were over. Some people from the “first hour” - like DJ Viola - had problems with professionalization and commercialization. They withdrew from Street Parade. In 1994 a CD was released for the first time with the name Energy 94 Streetparade - The Disc .


  • In 1995 150,000 ravers from home and abroad took part. For the first time, the double CD Street Parade 95 was released as an independent CD for the parade.
  • In 1996 Marek Krynski founded the Street Parade Authorities association together with Barbara Suter and Christoph Soltmannowski , which from then on organized the event. The parade today has the character of a folk festival, but legally it is still considered a political demonstration. This saves the organizers, among other things, the security costs that the city pays. For the first time the official logo of the Street Parade appeared, a stylized P in a star.
  • In 1998 a live CD was released for the first time after the Street Parade, which was recorded directly by a Lovemobile. In addition to the music, you can also hear the crowd cheering and celebrating in the background.
  • Radio Street Parade first aired in 1999. It broadcast techno music, electronic dance music and interviews with DJs and musicians around two weeks and a few days or weeks after the Street Parade, and brought reports on the occasion.


During the 13th Street Parade in 2004 on the Quai Bridge
Hustle and bustle on the lake on 12th Street Parade in 2003
14th Street Parade 2005
  • 2000 Under the motto “believe in love”, the Street Parade was broadcast live for the first time on Swiss television SF 1 , 3sat and Tele24 . The German music channel VIVA showed two-hour summaries the following week.
  • In 2001 it reached a record with more than one million participating ravers. For the first time, the Zurich Street Parade stepped out of the shadows of the Berlin Love Parade, which had around 1 million participants this year.
  • In 2002 it rained heavily, which partially affected the mood.
  • In 2003, another 900,000 people took part in the parade. For the first time, the Street Parade did not move from Mythenquai to Seefeldquartier as in previous years, but vice versa. This change in the direction of pull was on the one hand performed for noise abatement reasons, since the Seefeldquartier more people live, on the other hand, because the truck ( Love Mobiles ) in Wollishofen better routes to offer driving away.
  • In 2004 the Street Parade again reached 1,000,000 participants.
  • 2005 official sources spoke again of a million peacefully celebrating ravers . After Radio Street Parade ran into financial difficulties, broadcasting operations were saved in 2005 by the Zurich local radio station Energy Zurich and the free newspaper 20 Minuten . Beer was also sold for the first time by the official beverage suppliers of the parade . In many places it was heard that the mood was sometimes more aggressive than usual at a street parade.
  • In 2006 the Street Parade took place under the motto Move your mind . Despite cloud fields and repeated showers, the number of participants reached 800,000. The Dutch organizer Q-Dance provided a stage where world-famous DJs from the hardstyle scene played. Q-Dance later withdrew after disputes with the organizer of the street parade. The Street Parade is increasingly seen as a folk festival. Many visitors on the street followed this year's motto undisguised. Compared to the previous year, the police and medical services registered higher alcohol and drug consumption.
  • In 2007 the Street Parade took place for the 16th time on Saturday, August 11th, under the motto "Respect!" for a non-violent coexistence. A total of over 200 DJs played, including DJ Paul van Dyk from Germany, number 1 in the global DJ ranking. With around 800,000 ravers, roughly the same number took part as last year. The Street Parade made negative headlines for a homicide with a knife, a 17-year-old stabbed an 18-year-old and seriously injured another man.
  • In 2008 the Street Parade took place on August 9th. In order not to repeat the excesses of the previous year, the city of Zurich urged the organizers to take a number of measures which it hopes will have a dampening effect. In order to calm down the inner city, the restaurants there were no longer granted special permits for additional bar counters on public property. In addition, loudspeaker systems are no longer tolerated outside, and the free night was only valid inside the premises. So also are not directly related to the Street Parade was Main Station -party approved and in the main station only until midnight to 6 am no longer as in previous years. With the motto Friendship , the Street Parade called for peaceful and responsible interaction with fellow human beings and the environment.
  • In 2009, around 600,000 people attended the Street Parade despite continuous rain, cold and swine flu warnings. Due to the bad weather, however, the paramedics had to treat more people who were acutely hypothermic due to soaked clothing or too tight costumes.
In addition, in the run-up to the event, some media expressed concerns that a mass event such as the Street Parade could encourage the spread of the swine flu pandemic in Switzerland.
The motto of the Street Parade 2009 was "Still have a dream", and in 2009 the Mainstation Party took place for the last time.

Since 2010

  • The Street Parade 2010 took place on August 14th under the motto "Celebrate the Spirit of Street Parade". According to the organizers, around 650,000 people took part, according to the Swiss private radio station Radio 1 . The organizers attributed the slight increase in participants compared to the previous year, despite poor weather forecasts, to increased media coverage of the Street Parade in connection with the accident at the Love Parade 2010 in Duisburg . A minute's silence was observed at 5 p.m. in memory of the victims. In terms of the weather, there was a great deal of uncertainty. The short-term forecasts were bad, from 3 p.m. rain was announced and large amounts of rain had been announced for the following night. The start of the move was therefore postponed by a quarter of an hour at short notice. However, the continuous rain did not set in until around 7 p.m., the temperature was always above 20 ° C beforehand. Although the rain was relatively warm and many participants proved their "weather resistance", a considerable number of participants preferred to leave the event early, which had a noticeable effect on the overall mood towards the end.
    Street Parade 2013 at Bellevue, Opera House in the background
  • The 2011 Street Parade took place on August 13, 2011 under the motto “20 Years Love, Freedom, Tolerance & Respect”. According to the organizers, around 900,000 ravers danced for the anniversary when the weather was nice. The organizers insured themselves against bad weather for the first time in advance. The Swiss DJ Energy hung up on the parade, and died the following night of a drug overdose.
  • On August 11, 2012, the Street Parade 2012 took place under the motto “Follow your heart” in sunny weather and over 25 ° C. Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello , his brother An21 (together with Max Vangeli), Fedde Le Grand and Ferry Corsten performed on the Center Stage . The Future Sound Stage was set up on Bürkliplatz , where Pendulum and Fritz Kalkbrenner , among others , played. Criticism was expressed especially after the event in the form of Facebook comments and Twitter messages, as the sound system on the stages and also on the Center Stage was too quiet for the large crowd. Steve Angello as the main act of the evening also criticized the organizer heavily and was clearly annoyed about the sound system.
Young woman carried on shoulders in the 2013 Street Parade
  • On August 10, 2013, the Street Parade 2013 took place under the motto “Dance for Freedom” in sunny weather and over 25 ° C.
  • In 2014, with 950,000 visitors, the Street Parade took place on August 2nd and therefore on the first and not the second weekend in August as usual. Contrary to the weather forecast, which predicted rain, it stayed sunny all day with light clouds and around 25 ° C. It wasn't until 9 p.m. that it started to rain.
  • Due to construction work on the Quaibrücke and Bellevue , the Street Parade 2015 did not take place until the last weekend in August, August 29, 2015. Around a million people took part in hot weather.
  • In 2017 the Future Sound of Egypt 500 took place as part of the Street Parade with greats like Aly & Fila , Madwave , The Thrillseekers , MIKE and Stoneface & Terminal .
  • In 2020 the Street Parade, which should have taken place on August 8th, had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic .



As an alternative to the Street Parade, the Antiparade has been taking place in Zurich on the same day since 1996 . The counter-parade is directed against the increasing commercialization of club culture, so the goals are similar to those of the Fuckparade in Berlin .

In the Rote Fabrik , Lethargy takes place in the same way as Energy .

Safety and Health Risks

The safety is not only due to the peaceful course of this dance parade, but above all to the diverse and balanced prevention concepts to reduce the health risks. At the Love Parade in Berlin, in relation to the number of participants, far more people (five to ten times as many) had to be treated by the paramedics and admitted to hospitals than is the case at the Street Parade. At the Love Parade 2010 , which took place in Duisburg , there was a tragedy in which 21 people were killed in a crowd; According to the organizer, this event led to the end of the Love Parade until further notice. Although the conditions in Zurich are completely different from those in Duisburg and a similar incident is hardly conceivable, the safety precautions here were also checked again on this occasion and some points were adjusted.

Waste and disposal

Mountains of rubbish at dawn after the 2011 Street Parade

Every year, the street festival generates several tons of waste within a few hours. After the Street Parade 2011, the city of Zurich and private waste disposal companies cleared away around 88 tons of waste. The coordination and cooperation between the organizer and the waste disposal office has worked well over the years. Before the end of the party, work will begin to clean the moving route of any waste. Most of the time, the clean-up work lasts until the next day. A flavored disinfectant is used to remove the urine odor as well.


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