Tony Demelinne

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NetherlandsNetherlands  Tony Demelinne Ice hockey player
Date of birth October 7, 1987
place of birth The Hague , Netherlands
size 185 cm
Weight 90 kg
position striker
Shot hand Left
Career stations
2002-2004 Hijs Hokij The Hague
2004-2005 Amstel Tijgers Amsterdam
2005-2006 Southern Ice Lightning
Zoetermeer Panters
2006–2012 HYS The Hague
2010-2011 Sydney Bears
since 2012 Heerenveen Flyers

Tony Demelinne (born October 7, 1987 in The Hague ) is a Dutch ice hockey player who has been under contract with Heerenveen Flyers since 2012 and has played with the club in the newly founded Belgian-Dutch BeNe League since 2015 . He is also active in inline skater hockey . He is the Dutch national team player in both sports.



Demelinne began his career as a hockey player with Hijs Hokij Den Haag in his hometown, for which he played in the second Dutch league, the Eerste divisie , at the age of 15 . In 2004 he went to the Amstel Tijgers in the Dutch capital for a year and not only made his debut in the honor division , but also won the championship and cup straight away . He then moved to North America, where he could not prevail at the Southern Ice Lightning, so that he returned to the Netherlands during the 2005/06 season and was hired by the Zoetermeer Panters in the second division. For the new season he signed a contract with HYS The Hague in the honor division. He stayed in his hometown for six years - interrupted only by a short guest appearance with 16 appearances at the Sydney Bears in the Australian Ice Hockey League . With HYS he won the Dutch championship title in 2009 and the North Sea Cup in 2011 and 2012 . Since 2012 he has been playing for the Heerenveen Flyers , with whom he has played in the newly founded Belgian-Dutch BeNe League since 2015 . With the Frisians he reached the playoff final in 2016, which was lost to the Belgian representative HYC Herentals . As the best Dutch team, however, the Flyers won the national championship title. They were also able to win the Dutch cup competition. In 2017 he won the BeNe League with the Flyers and thus again the Dutch championship title.


For the Netherlands Demelinne took part in the Division II games of the U18 Junior World Championship in 2003 , 2004 and 2005 and the U20 Junior World Championship in 2004 , 2006 and 2007 .

He made his debut for the men's national team at the World Championship Division I in 2009 . He was also on the ice for the Dutch in Division I at the 2011 , 2012 , 2013 , 2014 and 2015 World Championships .

In the Olympic qualification for the Games in Sochi 2014, which took place in November 2012 and February 2013 , he also played for his colors. The Dutch managed to survive the first qualifying round after victories against Croatia , Lithuania and hosts Hungary , but then suffered significant defeats in the decisive second round against Austria , Germany and Italy .

Inline skater hockey

In addition to his ice hockey career, Demelinne is also active in inline skater hockey . At the European Championships in 2009 he was in the Dutch national team, which finished fifth. He himself was the third best scorer of the tournament with eleven goals and nine preparations. A year later he took part in the European Skater Hockey Cup with the Dutch Mustangs Den Haag , who finished ninth out of twelve teams . There he was the most successful striker of his club with ten goals.

Achievements and Awards


Seasons Games Gates Assists Points Penalty minutes
Ehrendivision main round 9 312 139 237 376 276
Honor Division Playoffs 7th 52 16 19th 35 52
BeNe League main round 3 63 53 93 146 46
BeNe League Honorary Division Playoffs 3 19th 12 21st 33 10

(As of the end of the 2017/18 season)

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