Election to the Berlin House of Representatives in 1967

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House of Representatives in 1967
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Gains and losses
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e founded in 1965
A total of 137 seats
Election poster of the CDU

The election for the Berlin House of Representatives in 1967 took place on March 12, 1967 and was the first election after Willy Brandt's resignation as governing mayor .

After the resignation of Federal Chancellor Ludwig Erhard ( CDU ) on November 30, 1966 as a result of the break in the coalition of CDU / CSU and FDP , the Union parties formed a grand coalition with the SPD at the federal level . The new Chancellor was on December 1, 1966 Kurt Georg Kiesinger , formerly prime minister in Baden-Wuerttemberg , selected.

The previous Governing Mayor Brandt, who took over the federal chairmanship of the SPD in 1964 and was his party's chancellor candidate in 1961 and 1965 , took over the office of Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic on December 1, 1966 . His long-standing Senator for the Interior, Heinrich Albertz, was elected as his successor in the Berlin office on December 14, 1966 , making him the top candidate of the Berlin SPD.

Albertz had a difficult legacy to manage, as Brandt had become a kind of tribune in his years as governing mayor , and surveys show that around 90% of Berliners expressed their satisfaction with his person and politics. Albertz still managed to set his own accents in the relatively short time between Brandt's resignation and Berlin election, whereby he benefited from the fact that he had been Brandt's deputy since 1963 and had already been able to familiarize himself with the tasks.

Despite a loss of five percentage points, the SPD still achieved a considerable absolute majority with 56.9% of the vote . The opposition Christian Democrats, who ran for the third time in a row with Franz Amrehn as the top candidate, rose by 4.1 percentage points to 32.9% of the vote, while the FDP, as a coalition partner of the SPD, also suffered slight losses, compared with 7.1% 7.9% 1963.

Albertz continued the coalition with the FDP and was himself confirmed in office.

Election of March 12, 1967
Eligible voters 1,718,435
voter turnout 1,481,674 86.2%
SPD 829.694 56.9% 81 mand.
CDU 479.945 32.9% 47 mand.
FDP 103,973 7.1% 9 mand.
SED-W 29,925 2.1% - Mand.
AUD 15,507 1.1% - Mand.
to hum 100.0% 137 mand.

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