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As Wilaya ( Arabic ولاية, DMG Wilāya ; Pl. Wilayat  /ولايات / Wilāyāt ) is used especially in Algeria , but also in some other countries from the Islamic cultural area, the administrative districts of the highest level (province).

The Algerian Wilayat are always named after their capital, which in the vast majority of cases is also the largest city in the Wilaya. This is mainly due to the fact that the region that marks the Wilaya is often almost synonymous with the urban area, which in Algeria is due to the settlement structure. Because the Sahara desert stretches in the south , while the settlement-friendly Atlas Mountains and the coast to the Mediterranean are in the north, the inhabited areas are concentrated in the north.

In December 2019, ten new provinces were created, mainly in southern Algeria.

There are currently 58 Wilayat in Algeria. In each there is a wali , a kind of governor who is the highest politician of the Wilaya.

Within a Wilaya there is the Daïra (the district) as the subordinate administrative level and the commune ( Arabic بلدية, DMG Baladiyya , French Commune algérienne ). Like the Wilayat, the municipalities have the status of collectivités territoriales ( regional authorities ).

List of Wilayat Algeria

Wilayat Algeria
  1. Adrar
  2. Chlef
  3. Laghouat
  4. Oum el Bouaghi
  5. Batna
  6. Bejaia
  7. Biskra
  8. Bechar
  9. Blida
  10. Bouira
  11. Tamanrasset
  12. Tebessa
  13. Tlemcen
  14. Tiaret
  15. Tizi Ouzou
  16. Algiers
  17. Djelfa
  18. Jijel
  19. Sétif
  20. Saida
  21. Skikda
  22. Sidi Bel Abbès
  23. Annaba
  24. Guelma
  25. Constantine
  26. Medea
  27. Mostaganem
  28. M'Sila
  29. Mascara
  30. Ouargla
  31. Oran
  32. El Bayadh
  33. Illizi
  34. Bordj Bou Arreridj
  35. Boumerdes
  36. El Tarf
  37. Tindouf
  38. Tissemsilt
  39. El Oued
  40. Khenchela
  41. Souk Ahras
  42. Tipaza
  43. Mila
  44. Ain Defla
  45. Naama
  46. Ain Temouchent
  47. Ghardaia
  48. Relizane
  49. El M'Ghair
  50. El Meniaa
  51. Ouled Djellal
  52. Bordj Badji Mokhtar
  53. Béni Abbès
  54. Timimoun
  55. Touggourt
  56. Djanet
  57. In Salah
  58. In Guezzam


Provincial division of Algeria from 1974–1983

The regional division goes back to the French colonial rule , in which the country was divided into three departments (Algiers, Oran and Constantine) in 1848 , and a fourth, Bône (= Annaba) was added in 1955. During the Algerian War of Independence (1954 to 1962) the country was restructured, 17 departments were created. After gaining independence in 1962, the departments were renamed Wilayat, some of them and the cities were given new Arabic names, otherwise the structure remained largely unchanged.

It was not until 1974 that it was divided into 31 Wilayat, which lasted until 1983, before some provinces were divided again in 1984 and 2019, so that since then there are 58 Wilayat.

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