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The Adalbert Foundation is a non-profit German foundation based in Krefeld . It was founded by the Krefeld industrialist and Senator Paul Kleinewefers (1905-2001) under the impression of the peaceful revolutions in East Central Europe in 1989 as the Kleinewefers Foundation . Due to the controversial past of the founder, it was later renamed the Adalbert Foundation. Founding board member and honorary chairman was Hans Friedrich Dickel (1928–2009).


The foundation wants to make a contribution to the spiritual and cultural growing together of all of Europe. This includes in particular the perspectives of a pan-European commonality with a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe. The foundation wants to contribute to the permanent integration of Europe.

The foundation is represented by the board of directors, which includes Hans Süssmuth , H. Dieter Gobbers and Hans Hermann Henrix . The board of directors is advised by the board of trustees, which consists of the following members: Leo Peters (chairman), Hans Hecker , Gregor Maria Hoff , Ferenc Holczer (Hungary), Marcus Optendrenk , Dieter Porschen, Wolfgang Radau, Martin Sloboda (Slovakia) and Wolfgang Teubig.

It pursues the goals of the foundation through:

  • International forums
  • Political dialogues
  • Seminar weeks
  • Awarding of the Adalbert Prizes

International Adalbert Prize

Certificate for the awarding of the Adalbert Prize to Hanna Suchocka in 2015

The patron saint of the award is Saint Adalbert (956–997) , who worked as a mission bishop in the present-day territories of the republics of Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The International Adalbert Prize is awarded to a personality who has made an outstanding contribution to the foundation's purpose. The respective award winner is selected by the international award committee consisting of representatives from the “Adalbert countries”. Currently the award committee consists of:

The prize is currently endowed with € 10,000. In addition to the prize money, the winners receive a certificate and a medal. The award ceremony takes place in a different Adalbert country. The prize is presented to the winner by the President of the Republic.

Award winners

year place Award winners Photo award winners presented by Laudator
1995 Prague Tadeusz Mazowiecki , former Prime Minister D., Poland Tadeusz Mazowiecki 80th birthday.jpg Václav Havel , President, Czech Republic Richard von Weizsäcker , former Federal President D., Germany
1996 Gniezno József Antall , Prime Minister, Hungary Portrait of József Antall, Jr.tif Aleksander Kwaśniewski , President, Poland Hans-Dietrich Genscher , Foreign Minister , Germany
1997 Budapest František Cardinal Tomášek , Prague František Tomášek.jpg Árpád Göncz , President, Hungary Michal Kováč , President, Slovakia
1998 Magdeburg Franz Cardinal König , Vienna Cardinal koenig.jpg Roman Herzog , Federal President, Germany Miloslav Cardinal Vlk , Prague
1999 Bratislava Václav Havel , President, Czech Republic Vaclav Havel cropped.jpg Rudolf Schuster , President, Slovakia Kurt Biedenkopf , Prime Minister of Saxony
2004 Warsaw Helmut Kohl , former Federal Chancellor D., Germany Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F074398-0021, Bonn, press conference for the Bundestag election campaign, Kohl.jpg Aleksander Kwaśniewski, President, Poland Władysław Bartoszewski, former Foreign Minister D., Poland
2005 Budapest František Mikloško, a. D. František Mikloško 5660.jpg Ferenc Mádl , President, Hungary Katalin Szili , President of the Hungarian Parliament
2007 Bratislava Władysław Bartoszewski, former Foreign Minister D., Poland Władysław Bartoszewski 5641.jpg Ivan Gašparovič , President of Slovakia Helmut Kohl, former Federal Chancellor D. Germany
2009 Prague Árpád Göncz , former President of Hungary Arpad Göncz 5891 2.jpg Václav Klaus , President of the Czech Republic František Mikloško
2011 Warsaw Ján Čarnogurský Ján Čarnogurský.jpg Bronisław Komorowski , President of Poland Tadeusz Mazowiecki
2013 Budapest Petr Pithart János Áder 5830 2.jpg János Áder , President of Hungary Rudolf Chmel
2015 Bratislava Hanna Suchocka Hanna Suchocka 1135.jpg Andrej Kiska , President of Slovakia Karel Schwarzenberg
2017 Berlin Imre Kónya Imre Kónya 1862.jpg Frank-Walter Steinmeier , Federal President of Germany Gábor Erdödy
2019 Prague Peter Zajak Peter Zajak 02364.jpg Milos Zeman , President of the Czech Republic František Mikloško

Award winner 2005

The prize was awarded for the seventh time in 2005. The award was presented on June 11, 2005 by the Hungarian President Ferenc Mádl in Budapest . The 2005 award winner is František Mikloško , the former President of the Slovak National Council . The laureate, who to this day advocates the rights of minorities, has been involved in the “Church in the Underground” and in the civil rights movement for many years.

The laudation was given by Katalin Szili , President of the Hungarian National Assembly . The award-winner's speech on the occasion of the award ceremony attracted a great deal of attention, particularly in Hungary and Slovakia.

The award ceremony took place in the domed hall of the Hungarian Parliament .

2007 award winner

On June 9, 2007, the prize was awarded for the eighth time. The new prize winner is the former Polish Foreign Minister, historian and essayist Władysław Bartoszewski from Warsaw. The award was presented in Bratislava Castle by the President of the Slovak Republic, Ivan Gašparovič . The laudator and laureate of 2004, Helmut Kohl , paid tribute to his friend Bartoszewski in a very personal speech.

Prize winner 2009

The ninth prize was awarded to the former Hungarian Prime Minister Árpád Göncz. The award was presented to Kinga Göncz on June 13, 2009 in the Rudolfsgalerie in Prague Castle by the Czech President Václav Klaus , as the award winner could not be present for health reasons.

Award winner 2011

In June 2011 in Warsaw , the tenth prize was presented to the former Prime Minister and Minister of Justice of the Slovak Republic Jan Čarnogurský by the Polish President Bronisław Komorowski .

Prize winner 2013

On June 8, 2013, the prize was presented to the former Czech Prime Minister Petr Pithart by the Hungarian President János Áder in Budapest . Rudolf Chmel gave the laudation.

Award winner 2015

In Bratislava on June 15, 2015, the award was presented to the Polish politician and first Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland Hanna Suchocka .

Award winner 2017

Award ceremony 2017

The winner is Imre Kónya from Hungary. The award was presented on December 8, 2017 by Federal President Steinmeier in Berlin.

Prize winners 2019

On June 13, 2019, the prize was presented to the Slovak Peter Zajac by the Czech President Miloš Zeman in Prague. On the occasion of the award ceremony, an original brick from the Berlin Wall was handed over to Dominik Duka for the St. Vitus Cathedral .


Award certificate Medallion Adalbert Prize Stone from the Berlin Wall


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