Arovell Publishing House

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Arovell Publishing House
legal form Sole proprietorship
founding 1991
Seat Vienna , Austria
management Sonja and Kathrin Jäger
Branch Book publishing
Small Press

The Arovell Verlag is an Austrian publisher of literature , which in 1991 by writer and artist Paul Jaeg was founded. Paul Jaeg was the publishing director until the second half of 2016. Since then, his daughter has been running the company.

The publisher puts out between ten and twenty books each year, usually published in February. While individual authors, such as Peter Paul Wiplinger , have already published several years at Arovell, the publisher serves as a platform for others to publish the first book of their careers.

Arovell publishes contemporary German-language literature, with a clear emphasis on the genres of novel , short prose , short story and poetry . The covers of the Arovell books mostly show excerpts from watercolors , paintings and photos by Paul Jaeg , who is also a visual artist.

In addition, Arovell Verlag has published magazines on literature , music and art with various titles every year since 1991 . In 2008 the individual titles were merged. The arovell literature magazine has been published annually since 2011 with around 30 pages.

Readings, music events and artistic exhibitions as well as combined events are held by the publisher primarily in Upper Austria , Salzburg , Tyrol and Vienna . With the aim of improving public relations work, Paul Jaeg and several Viennese authors founded the so-called “First Literary Drum Group Vienna” in Vienna. The publisher has been looking after the Austrian group of authors Sinnenbrand since 2008 .

Arovell Verlag has had its headquarters in Vienna since 2016 and has a branch in Gosau .

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