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Atzelberg with telecommunications tower

Atzelberg with telecommunications tower

height 506.7  m above sea level NHN
location near Eppenhain and Ruppertshain ; Main-Taunus-Kreis , Hessen ( Germany )
Mountains Taunus
Dominance 1.5 km →  Rossert
Notch height 52 m ↓  Eppenhain
Coordinates 50 ° 10 '28 "  N , 8 ° 23' 18"  E Coordinates: 50 ° 10 '28 "  N , 8 ° 23' 18"  E
Atzelberg (Hesse)
particularities - Telecommunication tower
- Atzelbergturm ( AT )

The Atzelberg is 506.7  m above sea level. NHN high mountain in the Taunus . It is located near Eppenhain and Ruppertshain in the Hessian Main-Taunus district .

On the Atzelberg there is a telecommunications tower and the Atzelbergturm observation tower with a barbecue area and barbecue hut, as well as a football field . The mountain is a popular destination for hikers and cyclists. The mountain name is derived from a dialect name for the Elster .



The Atzelberg is located in the Taunus Nature Park . Its summit is north of Eppenhain and west of Ruppertshain , two districts of Kelkheim that reach up to the high elevations of the mountain . The Fischbach flows north past the mountain , on its east-southeast flank the Fischbach (Krebsbach) rises on the outskirts of Ruppertshain . The south-eastern neighbor is the Rossert ( 515.9  m ).

Natural allocation

View from the Atzelberg Tower to the Eichkopf , on the right in the middle of the picture. Behind on the horizon (from right) Altkönig , Großer Feldberg , Glaskopf above the town of Glashütten as well as Hühnerberg and Windhain on the western edge of the Feldberg-Langhals-Pferdskopf-Scholle .

The Atzelberg belongs to the natural spatial main unit group Taunus (No. 30) and in the main unit Hoher Taunus (301) to the subunit Feldberg-Taunuskamm (301.3). The landscape leads south into the sub-unit Eppstein-Hornauer Vortaunus (300.1) and to the south-east into the natural area Königsteiner Taunusfuß (300.20) belonging to the sub-unit Altkönig Vorstufe (300.2 ), both of which are part of the main unit Vortaunus (300).

Telecommunications tower

The telecommunications tower ( type tower ) erected in 1969 is 98 m high and made of reinforced concrete . As of 2008, it is only used for mobile communications . The tower can be reached from Eppenhain via a paved path that is closed to motor vehicles.

Atzelberg Tower

The third (now dismantled) Atzelberg tower

The Atzelbergturm was a 30.39 m high observation tower made of pine wood, the open viewing platform at around 533  m above sea level. NHN could be reached over 151 steps. This made it the highest publicly accessible point in the Main-Taunus district.

It was the third observation tower on the Atzelberg. From 1913 to 1976, there were at the same place already a steel truss tower that after the wife of the founder of the factory director Philipp Maul , Luisenturm said. The old tower had to be demolished because it was in disrepair; the city of Kelkheim promised a new building after Eppenhain was incorporated in 1977. The successor, built in 1980, like the third tower, was also a 30.39 m high timber frame construction with a triangular floor plan. It had 169 steps and probably burned down by arson on the morning of August 5, 2008 . The ruins of the tower were then torn down.

After plans by a network provider to rebuild the tower at its own expense and to install a cellular antenna there failed due to resistance from the population, the city of Kelkheim was initially unable to finance the planned rebuilding. Not least because of a private donation of 80,000 euros, the Atzelbergturm was then rebuilt from wood in 2012 for a total of 330,000 euros and inaugurated on October 27 of the same year. On the night of July 3, 2017, a fire broke out on this tower in the upper third, which damaged it considerably, so that the tower is currently no longer accessible. It was not until the summer of 2019 that it became public that this tower would also be demolished (which has now happened) and that it would be rebuilt as a steel structure in its place.

60 meters east of the observation tower is a barbecue area with a barbecue hut and about 250 meters east-southeast of it is a football field .

The tower offers a largely unobstructed view in all directions. Among other things, the densely built-up Rhine-Main region with the skyline of Frankfurt am Main can be seen in the south-east and the wooded and hilly Hintertaunus in the north-east .

View from the Atzelberg tower westwards over the Taunus past Ehlhalten (right) and over the joint elevation of the Kippel and Hammersberg (in front) to Niedernhausen (in the middle) with the high pulpit behind ; to the left the cellar head


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