Avtocesta A2

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Avtocesta A2 in Slovenia
Avtocesta A2
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Course of the A 2
Basic data
Operator: DARS
Overall length: 183 km
Course of the road
Austria Continue on  → VillachA11 E61
Toll booth Karawanken tunnel toll station
tunnel Karawanken tunnel (7,865 m)
EU border crossing Slovenia - Austria border in the tunnel
Junction Jesenice-zahod R201 R452
Gas station Rest stop Jesenice
Junction Jesenice-vzhod
Gas station Rest stop Lipce
Junction Lesce R452
Junction Radovljica R452
bridge Zgoša
bridge Dobruša
Junction Brezje R452 R411
bridge Peračica
tunnel Ljubno (270 m)
bridge Ljubno
bridge Lešnica
Junction Podbrezje
node Trži, Ljubelj near Podbrezje E652
bridge Tržiška Bistrica (426 m)
Junction Naklo R411
Junction Kranj -zahodR411
bridge Rupovščica (168 m)
Junction Kranj -vzhod 104
Gas station Rest stop Voclo
Junction Brnik
Junction Vodice
Gas station Rest stop Povodje
Junction Ljubljana- Šmartno
Junction Ljubljana-Brod
Junction Ljubljana-Šentvid R211
tunnel Šentvid (1,460 m)
Junction Ljubljana Podutik
node Koseze H3
Junction Ljubljana- Brdo
Template: AB / Maintenance / Empty Together with A1
node Kozarje A1 E61 E70
Junction Ljubljana-zahod
Junction Ljubljana center
Junction Ljubljana-Rudnik
Junction Ljubljana-jug 106
node Malence A1 E57
tunnel Debeli hrib (373 m)
tunnel Mali vrh (414 m)
Junction Šmarje-Sap ( HAS )
Junction Cikava
Junction Grosuplje
Junction Višnja Gora
Junction Ivančna Gorica
Junction Otočec
Junction Dobruška vas
Junction Otočec
Junction BIC
Junction Trebnje -zahod
Junction Trebnje -vzhod
Junction Mirna Peč
Junction Novo mesto -zahod
Junction Novo mesto -vzhod
bridge Mačkovec vrh (353 m)
Gas station Rest stop Otočec
Junction Kronovo
Junction Dobruška vas
Junction Smednik
Junction Krško
Junction Čatež ob Savi
Junction Obrežje
EU border crossing Border crossing Obrežje ( SLO ) - Bregana ( HR )
Croatia Continue on  → ZagrebA3 E70

The Avtocesta A2 ( Slovenian for 'A2 motorway'), also called Gorenjsko-dolenjska avtocesta (Slov. For 'Upper Carniola-Lower Carniola Motorway'), is the second longest motorway in Slovenia . Within Slovenia, the A2 connects Kranj and Novo mesto to the central area of Ljubljana / Ljubljana , and beyond the borders of the country it connects Villach with the Croatian capital Zagreb .

While Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia , this route was part of the Autoput Bratstvo i jedinstvo and had the number 1. As in Croatia , another motorway was given this number after the fall of Yugoslavia. The Pluska - Hrastije (near Trebnje) section was opened to traffic on June 30, 2010. This section is 14.8 km long and replaces one of the most dangerous roads. On the previous H1, 550 accidents with 39 deaths had occurred in the previous six years. The Peracica-Podbrezje section (2nd lane) was completed on October 28, 2011 after several delays.

This means that the A 2 between Ljubljana and Zagreb is consistently four-lane. After the opening of the Peracica-Podbrezje section (2nd lane) on October 28, 2011, the A2 from the Karawanken tunnel via Ljubljana to the Slovenian-Croatian border crossing Obrezje / Bregana is four lanes with the exception of the single-tube Karawanken tunnel.

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  1. ^ Last section Ljubljana-Zagreb opened

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