Diocese of Neuburg

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The Diocese of Neuburg was a diocese in Upper Bavaria .


The foundation of the Diocese of Neuburg probably took place before 750. The episcopal seat and eponymous was Neuburg an der Donau , which was already settled in Roman times and which belongs to the ranks of former Roman places ending in -burg , which developed into bishops in late antiquity or in the early Middle Ages , like Augsburg , Regensburg and Salzburg . Simpert , the last Neuburg bishop, is also called "Stafnensis" in a source, which is why the Staffelsee monastery on the island of Wörth in the Staffelsee near Murnau is to be regarded as the second seat of the Diocese of Neuburg.

On April 20, 798, the Diocese of Neuburg was subordinated to the Archdiocese of Salzburg as a suffragan . Bishop Simpert, who was also Bishop of Augsburg , united the Diocese of Neuburg with the Diocese of Augsburg between 801 and 807 . With this, the Diocese of Neuburg, which had included the part of the Augsburg Diocese district east of the Lech , became extinct .


  • Weggo (740-765)
  • Manno († before 774)
  • Odalbert (777-789)
  • St. Simpert (789-801 / 807)


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Individual evidence

  1. Romuald Bauerreiß put forward the thesis that Neuburg on the Danube was not the seat of the Diocese of Neuburg-Staffelsee, but a place called Neuburg on the Staffelsee. Recent research (see the Bibliography) no longer follows this theory.