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The Bokhandlerprisen (German: "Bookseller Prize") is a Norwegian literary prize , first awarded in 1948 by the Norwegian booksellers association Den norske Bokhandlerforening . The annual award was suspended from 1949 to 1960 and from 1970 to 1980, but has been continuous from 1981 to the present day.

Structure and history

All employees of the member companies who work in bookselling are entitled to vote. Is selected the book of the year mandatory by a Norwegian writer must come.

Until 1980 the award was primarily known as Takk for boken-prisen (“Day of the Book Prize”). Since 1998, a rule change has made it possible for writers who had previously received the award to be considered again. From 2008, a shortlist of the ten nominees was published in favor of more exciting marketing. Books for children and young people are included in the price selection process on an equal footing with fiction and non-fiction.

For many years, the winner of the Bokhandler Prize has usually been honored in the Literaturhuset Oslo in mid-November. At the award ceremony, the winners will receive a bronze statue named Takk for boken , created by the well-known sculptor Nils Aas . Otherwise the award is undoped, but is still considered to be renowned.

Award winners

Jo Benkow won in 1985
Gunnar Staalesen won in 1989
Ingvar Ambjørnsen won in 1996
Åsne Seierstad won in 2002
Cecilie Enger won in 2013

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