CD Baskonia

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CD Baskonia
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Basic data
Surname Club Deportivo Baskonia
Seat Basauri
founding 1913
Colours black yellow
First soccer team
Head coach Patxi Salinas
Venue Estadio de Lopez Cortazar
Basauri , Spain
Places 8,500
league Tercera División , Group 4
2019/20 4th Place

CD Baskonia is a Spanish football club from the Basque town of Basauri . The club, founded in 1913, has played in the Tercera División , Group 4 , since the 1994/95 season. In the mid-1950s, the club played for several years in the Segunda División , and the club is currently the second training team for Athletic Bilbao . Athletic's youth players usually switch to Baskonia for one season before they can play for Athletic B in Segunda División B.


Independent association

In the Basque town of Basauri was Club Deportivo Baskonia in 1913 founded. After a small farming village became an industrial town with 50,000 inhabitants at the beginning of the 20th century, the CD Baskonia also got a boost. In the mid-1950s, the club was able to play in the Segunda División for six years in a row . The term Baskonia is derived from the word "Vasconia", which is the Latin name for today's Basque Country . The Basques have been using the name "Baskonia" for a number of years, although the association is still officially called "Basconia" and the name has not yet been changed.

Cooperation with Athletic Bilbao

In June 1997, CD Baskonia signed an agreement with Athletic Bilbao , so that the club has since acted as Athletic's second training team. The youth players between 18 and 21 initially play at Baskonia before switching to Athletic B. Although the club reached the promotion places in 2005/2006, he could not compete in the play-offs, since Athletic B remained in the Segunda División B and not two teams of a club are allowed to play in the same league.

Squad 2019/20

As of February 25, 2020

goal Defense midfield attack
SpainSpain Julen Agirrezabala II
SpainSpain Gorka Campo
SpainSpain Xabier Arberas
SpainSpain Mikel Kortazar
SpainSpain Other Lorente
SpainSpain Álvaro Núñez II
ColombiaColombia SpainSpain Deiby Ochoa
SpainSpain Aitor Paredes II
SpainSpain Aitor Ruiz de Mendarozqueta
SpainSpain Iker Salvador
SpainSpain Gorka Agirre
MaliMali SpainSpain Youssouf Diarra (C)Captain of the crew
SpainSpain Gorka Estrada
SpainSpain Jon Guruzeta
SpainSpain Unai Naveira
SpainSpain Xabier Naveira
SpainSpain Beñat Prados II
SpainSpain Rubén Azcona II
SpainSpain Jon Cabo II
SpainSpain Marco Diliberto
SpainSpain Alejandro Ibarrondo
SpainSpain Josu Juste
SpainSpain Javier Rudi
SpainSpain Nicholas Williams A
IIalso in the squad of the second team
A. also in the A-youth squad

Awarded Players

No. position Surname
SpainSpain TW Aritz de Miguel (to SD Leioa until June 30, 2020)
SpainSpain TW Sergio García (to SD Zamudio until June 30, 2020)
SpainSpain FROM Asier Arana (to Gernika Club until June 30, 2020)
SpainSpain FROM Aitor Aguado (to SD Deusto until June 30, 2020)
SpainSpain ST Keenan Mendibelzua (on CD Getxo until June 30, 2020)


CD Baskonia plays in the Estadio de Lopez Cortázar , which has a capacity of 8,500 spectators.

Playing times

  • 2000/01: Tercera División - 6th place
  • 2001/02: Tercera División - 7th place
  • 2002/03: Tercera División - 1st place
  • 2003/04: Tercera División - 3rd place
  • 2004/05: Tercera División - 8th place
  • 2005/06: Tercera División - 4th place
  • 2006/07: Tercera División - 5th place
  • 2007/08: Tercera División - 5th place
  • 2008/09: Tercera División - 7th place
  • 2009/10: Tercera División - 10th place
  • 2010/11: Tercera División - 8th place
  • 2011/12: Tercera División - 10th place
  • 2012/13: Tercera División - 12th place
  • 2013/14: Tercera División - 4th place
  • 2014/15: Tercera División - 16th place
  • 2015/16: Tercera División - 14th place
  • 2016/17: Tercera División - 10th place
  • 2017/18: Tercera División - 15th place
  • 2018/19: Tercera División - 6th place
  • 2019/20: Tercera División - 4th place

Club dates

  • League 1: 0
  • League 2: 6
  • League 2B seasons: 8
  • League 3: 51
  • Best place in League 2: 8th (1958/59)
  • Worst place in League 2: 30. (1962/63)


  • Promotion to Segunda División: 1956–57
  • Master Tercera División (4): 1957, 1985, 1998, 2003



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