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Christian media initiative pro e. V.
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purpose Networking of journalists with a Christian background, promotion of media skills, presentation and commentary on current topics
Chair: Michael Voss
Executive Director: Christoph Irion
Establishment date: 1975
Number of employees: 30th
Seat : Wetzlar

The Christian media initiative pro e. V. is an association of evangelically oriented journalists, publicists, publishers and representatives of media organizations and represents the media policy interests of the German Evangelical Alliance .

The aim of the association is to present and comment on current topics, to strengthen media competence in communities and to support the exchange of ideas between media professionals. In addition, the press and public relations work for major events such as Willow Creek , Christival , ProChrist or the parish day under the word is taken over.

The Christian Media Initiative emerged from the Conference of Evangelical Publicists (KEP) and was called Christian Media Association KEP until 2019 . It is based in Wetzlar , Hessen .


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last logo under the old name

On May 20, 1975, the Association of Conference Evangelical Publizists was founded. V. founded in Stuttgart by Bärbel Wilde , Friedrich Hänssler , Horst Marquardt and Waldemar Murjahn . Her guiding principle was "More Gospel in the Media". Public relations work to date should be coordinated on the basis of the German Evangelical Alliance.

In 1999 the association was transformed into Christlicher Medienverbund KEP e. V. renamed. In 2013, 30 employees in Germany, Israel and Russia worked for the association, which is financed exclusively through donations. In March 2019 it was decided to change the name to “Christian Media Initiative pro”.


The board of the association consists of Michael Voss (chairman), Christoph Irion (managing director), Uwe Heimowski , Wolfram Heidenreich , Thomas Peters and Hartmut Spiesecke.

working area

Christian media magazine pro

The Christian media magazine pro is a Christian media magazine that appears six times a year. pro has been presenting current developments in the media world since 1987 and takes a position from a conservative-Christian point of view on issues from the church, society, media or politics. Protestant, Roman Catholic and Free Church authors write for pro . The print run is 78,500 copies each (as of Nov. 2013). The print editor-in-chief is Jonathan Steinert and the digital editor-in-chief is Nicolai Franz. The editor-in-chief was the former FAZ author Stefanie Ramsperger until 2020 .

News from the media is published daily on the media magazine's internet portal. ProKOMPAKT was launched in 2006 as a weekly e-mail newsletter. The pdf magazine is now available to around 11,500 readers (December 2016) and is always published on Thursdays.

The German College of Journalists lists pro as a specialist journal for media and journalism. Sabine Schiffer lists the website in a selection of “German-language anti-Islamic websites”.

Media academy

In 1987 the association founded the Christian Media Academy to train young Christians for journalistic activities. Since then, around 6,000 journalists, volunteers and employees from companies, organizations and editorial offices have been trained (as of 2006).

The director is the journalist and theologian Egmond Prill .

Israel network

Israelnetz is a journalistic media service of the Christian media initiative pro that publishes information on political, economic, religious and cultural life in Israel and the Middle East from a conservative Christian perspective. The bimonthly print edition of the Israelnetz Magazin offers background information, while the internet portal “” reports on a daily basis. The Israelnetz editorial team has been working in Wetzlar since 1999 and reports from an office in Jerusalem . The theologian and journalist Johannes Gerloff worked there as a correspondent until October 2016 . Journalist Ulrich W. Sahm is one of the regular authors .


"Publicon - Christians in Journalism" is an association of journalistic Christians in order to facilitate professional and spiritual exchange.

Press work

The Christian media initiative pro takes on the press and public relations work for events, works and organizations; so far for ProChrist , Christival , JesusHouse and kickoff 2006, among others .

Golden Compass media award

The Christian media initiative pro e. Since 1988, V. has been awarding the Golden Compass media prize worth 2,500 euros at irregular intervals of one to four years in recognition of valuable contributions in the media .

Previous winners of the media award are Kai Diekmann , Gernot Facius (2000), Bernhard Langer , Normal Generation? , Sir Cliff Richard , Henning Röhl , Heinz Rühmann , Devid Striesow (2015), Wim Thoelke and Andrea Zangemeister .

On April 29, 2004 the director of the Luther film Eric Till as well as Alexander Thies, Brigitte Rochow and Gabriela Pfändner received an award from the “Neue Filmproduktion” in Berlin. Robert Mehlhose received a special award for his life's work as senior church councilor and journalist for the EKD. The tz editor Gerald Selch received an award for his reporting on the faith of soccer player Zé Roberto . The Christian Media Agency's young talent award went to Axel Rothkehl from NDR.

On November 28, 2005, Günther Jauch , Stern TV, as well as Anette Lache, Frank Ochmann and Anne Schönharting, Stern, were honored for their reporting on the fate of the Siamese twins Lea and Tabea. The editors of Wirtschaftswoche Andreas Grosse Halbuer, Jochen Mai and Cornelius Welp were honored for an article in Wirtschaftswoche about “Christians in Business”. Carsten Behrendt received the young talent award from the Christian Media Agency for an article about the start of the “ProChrist” campaign “The smallest church in the world” in Berlin and a TV report about the Christian social work “Arche”.

The 2007 award winners were journalists Uwe Mönninghoff, Carsten Erdmann and Philip Hohage, as well as professional soccer player Cacau . They were honored for their contributions to the book "Mit Gott auf Schalke".

In 2008 the editor Till-Reimer Stoldt and the soccer club FC Schalke 04 were awarded the prize together with the author David Kadel and the musician Jens Sembdner (Die Prinzen).

In 2010 the winners were the CDU / CSU politicians Volker Kauder , the journalists Tobias Kurfer and Ralf Fischer, and the screenwriter Thorsten Näter. Horst Marquardt received a special award for his life's work.

In 2012 Samuel Koch was honored for his book "Samuel Koch - Two Lives".

In 2017 Daniel Böcking , deputy editor-in-chief of , received an award for addressing his faith and his book A bit of faith does not exist: How God turns my life inside out .

Young Journalist Award

Since 2009, the media academy of the Christian Media Initiative has been awarding the “Young Journalist Prize” endowed with 1,500 euros every 18 months for articles that address Christian topics and values ​​in an exemplary manner.


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