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The club (official until 2005, still colloquially known today as the Zischtigsclub ; with the Swiss-German expression “Zischtig” for Tuesday ) is a discussion program on Swiss radio and television . The show is an adaptation of the Austrian Club 2 format .


The format has been broadcast weekly on Tuesday evenings on SRF 1 since 1985 . In the approximately 80-minute broadcast, a panel of mostly six participants discusses a current topic, with the question of social backgrounds often forming the focus of the discussion. This topic is often given a catchphrase : the first topic in 1985 was called “ No Future ”. A lounge- like atmosphere is created by leather armchairs and sparse, warm light . The show is moderated alternately by Karin Frei (since November 2011, she replaced Christine Maier ) and since January 2012 by Mona Vetsch , who replaced Röbi Koller .

Editorial managers were or are:

Media club

In May 2013, the SRG launched the media club in the club because “the media themselves keep giving cause for discussion”. The media club should be broadcast at irregular intervals, moderated by Mona Vetsch or Karin Frei with six guests. The first broadcast took place on May 28, 2013 under the title Are media terror helpers? held, which discussed the role of the media in the London murder attack on May 22, 2013 . After two further broadcasts on September 24, 2013 (Ueli Maurers Medienschelte) and July 29, 2014 (Disasters and wars - what can pictures show?) , The format fell asleep or media topics were discussed in the club without naming the broadcast as a media club . The format was relaunched on November 10, 2015, now with the presenter Franz Fischlin and four instead of six guests. Four to six broadcasts a year are planned. The first one was titled Powerless Fourth Estate When Audiences Directed the Media . It reached 97,000 viewers or 15.9% of the Swiss who had their television switched on at this time, and thus more than the programs Literaturclub and Kulturplatz and only slightly less than the regular club with a 16.9% market share. Eight other media clubs had been broadcast by the end of 2017 , including the one described as an accident with Alice Schwarzer on the subject of media and refugees: between “brotherhood” and “xenophobia” .

Literary club

In place of the regular club , the literature club has appeared eight to ten times a year since 1990 ; is discussed in contrast to Zischtigsclub in High German . The content of the approximately 75-minute program is the critical review of books by the moderator, a (prominent) guest and two professional reviewers or literary critics . All panelists select any book for discussion. The first round of critics consisted of Andreas Isenschmid , who developed the concept of the show together with Ueli Heiniger, Gunhild Kübler , Iso Camartin and the presenter Charles Clerc . Other formative critics included Gabriele von Arnim , Corina Caduff and Peter Hamm .

From September 2012, Stefan Zweifel - a member of the critics' panel since 2007 - moderated the show. He was fired as a presenter in April 2014 after a controversial broadcast. The SRF's handling of doubts was sometimes criticized in the media. Before Stefan Zweifel, Elke Heidenreich , Daniel Cohn-Bendit , Roger Willemsen and Iris Radisch moderated the literature club.

Nicola Steiner has headed the literature club since September 2014 . The current team of critics includes Martin Ebel , Elke Heidenreich, Hildegard Keller , Milo Rau , Rüdiger Safranski , Thomas Strässle and Philipp Tingler .

From 2005 to 2008 the literature club was sponsored by the Orell Füssli bookstore and recorded the evening before in its main branch in Zurich or in the newly opened branch in the Westside shopping center in Bern . In 2009 the sponsor changed: in February the literary club was broadcast for the first time from the Thalia bookstore in Basel and since the beginning of 2010 from the “Papiersaal” in Zurich's Sihlcity .

The broadcast will be repeated on 3sat on one of the following Sundays .

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