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Dendemann 2007 live in Magdeburg
Dendemann 2007 live in Magdeburg
Chart positions
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The puddle of the iceberg
  DE 23 09/15/2006 (4 weeks)
Gone with vintage
  DE 9 04/23/2010 (5 weeks)
  AT 21st 04/23/2010 (4 weeks)
  CH 35 04/25/2010 (1 week)
Not for!
  DE 1Template: Infobox chart placements / maintenance / NR1 link 02/01/2019 (10 weeks)
  AT 2 02/08/2019 (5 weeks)
  CH 5 02/03/2019 (4 weeks)
The Silence Dilemma
  DE 78 12/08/2003 (1 week)
Finally non-swimmers
  DE 96 02/23/2007 (2 weeks)
So nice ( Beginner feat. Dendemann)
  DE 73 02.09.2016 (1 week)
All anniversaries again (feat. Casper )
  DE 100 02/01/2019 (1 week)
Dendemann (1998)

Dendemann , whose real name is Daniel Ebel , (born June 27, 1974 in Wickede ) is a German musician . He grew up in Menden and has lived in Hamburg since 1996 . He became known for his puny rap with everyday stories.

Music career

The beginnings

Dendemann first became known with the project Arme Ritter , which often acted as the opening act for Fettes Brot and on their album Top Hits on the outside, Taste on the inside with the music title ... and I don't go to the doctor can be heard. Before that, Dendemann released the music title Disco '95 (Sings and Swings the Leg) at Sony Music together with the rapper Majubiese and the producer Carsten “Boogie” Schulz under the name Arme Ritter , but with little commercial success.

One two

In the mid-1990s, Dendemann founded the hip-hop duo Eins Zwo together with DJ Rabauke , who previously worked as a tour DJ for Fettes Brot . The duo's great success was the album Hazardous Half-Knowing with the song Hand on Heart . The music video is a parody of the wave of US talk shows at the time, particularly The Jerry Springer Show . At the same time, Dendemann was temporarily out and about with the ex- poor knight Majubiese and buddy Nico Suave under the pseudonym Mother Nature . The results of this collaboration were various tracks that appeared on each of the three artists' albums, including The Old Song of and with Mother Nature , Sins of Youth with Manuva from Total Chaos and bonus track from Mother Nature , which sprang from the springs of the trio. However, the Mother Nature project is currently on hold.

In 1998 Dendemann was involved in the production of Susanne zur Freiheit von Fischmob together with Hausmarke , Smudo and the Stieber Twins and was seen in the music video .

with Nico Suave, Hamburg 2000

From 2003 Rabauke and Dendemeier , as he sometimes called himself, went their separate ways. Both are now active as solo artists.


In 2003 Dendemann published the EP DasSchweigenDilemma , the instrumentals of which he programmed himself.

His first solo album is entitled Die Pfütze des Eisbergs and was released on September 1, 2006 after a long production period, as was the single 3 1/2 minutes . The single is humorously based on D'Angelo's Untitled (How does it feel) in terms of both the beat and the video . Most of the beats on the new album come from the audio treats from Mainz and Jansen & Kowalski . In 2007 he released the EP Non- Swimmer and the download single Hörtnichauf from his album .

Before another tour of Germany in December 2007, he appeared in the opening act for the Beatsteaks on their tour; In 2008 he accompanied Herbert Grönemeyer in large stadiums across Germany. On July 18, 2008, abersowasvonlive was released , a live album with titles from Die Pfütze des Eisbergs , rare B-sides and a new track.

On April 9, 2010 his second solo album was released with the title Gone From Vintage . The single Stumpf ist Trumpf 3.0 was released on April 2nd, 2010. The album, produced by Moses Schneider , the producer of Beatsteaks, is more rock-oriented.

At the end of 2012 he was involved in the remix of the track “Everything rotates”, which was created together with Casper , Kraftklub and Der König Tanzt . On January 25, 2019, Da nich für! his third studio album. This was the first of his releases to reach number 1 in the German album charts.

watch TV

In January 2015 it was announced that Dendemann had been hired by Jan Böhmermann as band leader and musical director for the show band of the ZDFneo broadcast Neo Magazin Royale . From February 5, 2015, he performed weekly on the show with his band “Die Freie Radikalische”. Here Dendemann played an opening song as well as a short individual song when a guest entered the stage, took part in songs by musical guests and rapped a two-minute mostly based on the topic of the show. The Neo Magazin Royale episode of December 15, 2016 made his departure the main topic of the show. Many rappers and celebrities said goodbye to Dendemann. Among others, Fettes Brot , Roger of flower pot , Olli Schulz , Carolin Kebekus , Oliver Petszokat , Kollegah , Nana , Prinz Pi , Eko Fresh , MoTrip and Bürger Lars Dietrich guest.


For publications with Eins Zwo see there.


Studio albums

  • 2006: The Puddle of the Iceberg ( Yo Mama )
  • 2010: Gone with Vintage (Yo Mama)
  • 2019: Not for! (Vertigo Berlin)

Live albums

  • 2008: Abersowasvonlive (Yo Mama)


  • 2003: DasSchweigenDilemma (Yo Mama)

Mix tapes

  • 2007: Mixtape Mindtricks - Best of Dendemann Mixtape (self-distribution)


  • 2006: 3 1/2 minutes (Yo Mama)
  • 2007: Finally non-swimmer (Yo Mama)
  • 2010: Blunt is trump 3.0 (Yo Mama)
  • 2018: No slogans (Paroli Beats)


Pop culture award

  • 2019: in the category "Favorite Solo Artist" ( not for! )
  • 2019: in the category "Favorite album" ( not for! )

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