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Pending dolerite in the Neolithic quarry of Quelfennec, Brittany (see also use )

Dolerite (Greek δολερός (dolerós): cunning, treacherous) is a sub-volcanic gangue that corresponds chemically and mineralogically to the volcanic basalt or the plutonic gabbro .

Internationally, dolerite is also referred to as diabase . Because in the German-speaking area the name Diabase in older literature often denotes a geologically old, altered (i.e. modified in the mineral stock) basalt, the use of this name is problematic.

Appearance and composition

" Playground of the giants ", dolerite rocks near the Gariganus farm, Namibia

Dolerite is a dark gray-brown form of basalt and is harder than granite . It is finer-grained than a gabbro in a pluton and coarser-grained than a basalt. Most often dolerites have an ophitic , subophitic or intergranular structure.

The main constituents are the minerals pyroxene (with up to 60%), plagioclase (50%), olivine (25%) and alkali feldspar (25%), in less pronounced proportions also magnetite and clinopyroxene (as detached objects, up to 15%).


Weathered dolerite in Hogsback
Dolerite rocks and quiver trees near Keetmanshoop

Dolerite occur relatively shallow as intrusive sills , floors and corridors in numerous rock units. Their occurrence is particularly common in areas where the earth's crust has been subject to expansion. Dolerite dikes often occur in swarms of dikes , in which many, sometimes hundreds, of dikes are roughly parallel or extend radially from a volcanic center.

  • Dolerite tunnels are widespread in the Rhenohercynian of Central Europe and England. In Germany they are widespread in association with the associated effluent rocks (diabase) in the Devonian and Carboniferous slate mountains.
  • Dolerites are most prevalent in the southern parts of Africa , South America and Antarctica , which were formerly connected and experienced a violent magma rise and volcanism when Gondwana broke up . The dolerites of the Karoo basalts in South Africa, the Ferrar group on the Ross Sea in Antarctica, the volcanic Chon Aike province in Patagonia and the dolerites of Tasmania are part of one of the largest igneous events in geological history. The dolerite deposits in Tasmania are the largest known contiguous dolerite deposits today. Here, within a geologically short period of time, doleritic magmas penetrated an area of ​​around 40,000 km². Today, dolerite takes up about a third of the surface of Tasmania and determines the landscape there. Due to the extent and the geologically comparatively rapid formation, these formerly contiguous dolerite deposits are an outstanding example of a magmatic large province.


Bluestone monument. In the background the Carn Menyn. At the summit quarry for the Stonehenge stones
Statue of František Polívka made of dolerite ("Schluckenauer Syenit") by Julius Pelikán (1933) in Olomouc , Czech Republic

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