Ernst von Holleben (General, 1789)

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Ernst Ludwig Christian Erdmann von Holleben (born August 14, 1789 in Udersleben , † March 13, 1863 in Erfurt ) was a Prussian lieutenant general .



Ernst was a son of the princely-Schwarzburg Oberlandjägermeister Ernst Friedrich Ludwig von Holleben (1753-1826) and his wife Charlotte, born von Nostiz (* 1758). He had six brothers and six sisters, all of whom reached adulthood. His brother Heinrich (1784–1864) became a Prussian general of the infantry .

Military career

Holleben took effect on 1 April 1805 as a Corporal Corporal in the Infantry Regiment "von Kleist" the Prussian army and was promoted in mid-February 1806 Portepeefähnrich . During the Fourth Coalition War he fought in the Battle of Jena and then became a prisoner of war when the Magdeburg Fortress surrendered . On October 9, 1808 he received his departure as second lieutenant .

He then entered the Saxon service on December 15, 1808 and was employed as a second lieutenant in the Chevauleg regiment "von Polenz". Holleben fought against Austria in 1809 and took part in the Russian campaign in 1812 . In 1813 he joined the hussar regiment and on October 9, 1813, he was first lieutenant . At the beginning of the Wars of Liberation he fought in battle near Reichenbach and was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Military Order of St. Henry .

He left the Saxon services, returned to the Prussian Army in mid-June 1815 and was employed as a prime lieutenant with a patent from August 6, 1815 in the 12th Hussar Regiment . During the summer campaign in 1815 he was commanded to General von Thielmann and fought in the battles at Ligny and Waterloo .

After the war, Holleben rose to Rittmeister and squadron chief on December 12, 1817 . On March 30, 1837 he was transferred to the 2nd Uhlan Regiment as a major and at the same time as a regular staff officer . This was followed by a use in the 5th Uhlan Regiment from January 11, 1840, and from mid-August 1842 Holleben also acted as President of the Examination Commission for Portepeefähnrich and director of the division school of the 14th Division. He was commissioned on May 16, 1844, to lead the 2nd Dragoons Regiment and on January 14, 1845, he was appointed regiment commander. In this position, Holleben advanced to colonel until the beginning of May 1849 , before he was given command of the 10th Cavalry Brigade in Posen on December 6, 1851 . There he became major general on March 22, 1853 and on the occasion of his 50th anniversary in service, he was awarded the Order of the Red Eagle, 2nd class with oak leaves, on April 1, 1855 . On May 5, 1855 Holleben resigned with pension and end of the month was him nor the character bestowed as a lieutenant general. He died on March 13, 1863 in Erfurt.


Holleben married Henriette von Holleben (1789-1829) in Etzelbach near Pößneck on August 14, 1817. The couple had several children:

  • Berta (1818–1904), countess since October 15, 1840 ⚭ October 31, 1840 Prince Gustav zu Ysenburg and Büdingen (1813–1883), Prussian diplomat and lieutenant general
  • Heinrich Ludwig (1820–1850), lieutenant in the 1st Guard Regiment
  • Ernst Ludwig (* 1822)
  • Elisabeth (1823–1839)
  • Henriette (* 1825)
  • Henriette Ernestine (* 1829), canon , honorary citizen of Rudolstadt


Individual evidence

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