Frankie and his accomplices

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German title Frankie and his accomplices
Original title Ocean's 11th
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1960
length 122 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
Director Lewis Milestone
script Harry Brown ,
Charles Lederer
production Lewis Milestone
music Nelson Riddle
camera William H. Daniels
cut Philip W. Anderson

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Frankie and his cronies is the German title of the American comedy Ocean’s 11 , which was made in 1960 under the direction of Lewis Milestone . The film is based on a novel by George Clayton Johnson .


Eleven friends who served together in World War II in the 82nd Airborne Division meet again under the leadership of Frankie Ocean (in the original version: Danny Ocean) to simultaneously rob the five largest casinos in Las Vegas on New Year's Day . His troupe includes the bar singer Sam Harmon, the former explosives expert Josh Howard, now a garbage collector, the bon vivant Jimmy Foster and the seriously ill electrician Tony Bergdorf, who has just been released from St. Quentin prison. The coup runs smoothly, the problems follow later. According to plan, they blow up a power pole to bypass the security system of the casinos thanks to the following power failure. With the help of infrared glasses and previously applied color markings, it is possible for them to orientate themselves in the dark and to switch off the security personnel. After this has been successful, the stolen money from the five casinos is stowed in travel bags, these in turn are hidden in five garbage cans and then smuggled to a landfill by Josh Howard . Due to a chain of unfortunate circumstances, however, Jimmy's future stepfather Duke Santos, who used to be a crook himself, learns of the coup and now wants to blackmail Frankie and his people for 50 percent of the booty. The opportunity to forestall Duke and move the loot out of town to Los Angeles should be at Tony Bergdorf's memorial service. Shortly after the robbery, he had collapsed dead on the street due to a heart attack. The Ocean's Eleven want to transport the loot in Tony's coffin, which is supposed to be returned to Los Angeles. Since Tony's widow has little financial means to transfer the body, the undertaker convinces her to bury it in Las Vegas. When the cronies find out, they take part in the ceremony. During this it turns out that Tony is being cremated with his coffin. The booty burns with the exception of a small sum that the cronies had previously set aside for Tony's family. After the funeral, they part ways.

The "Rat Pack"

The leading actors in the film are Dean Martin , Sammy Davis Jr. , Frank Sinatra , Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford , all known collectively as the Rat Pack . In addition to Ocean's 11 , the "Rattenpack" made other films.

Remake and sequels

2001 came a remake of the original from 1960 with the main actors George Clooney , Julia Roberts , Brad Pitt , Matt Damon and Andy García under the title Ocean's Eleven , which is also used in German-speaking countries . Directed led while Steven Soderbergh .

In 2004 and 2007 sequels followed under the titles Ocean's 12 and Ocean's 13 .


“[…] Sinatra's rat pack is acting quite happily; with a surprising ending. (Rating: 2 stars, average) "

- Adolf Heinzlmeier and Berndt Schulz in the lexicon "Films on TV" (extended new edition). Rasch and Röhring, Hamburg 1990, ISBN 3-89136-392-3 , p. 246

"Attempt a crook comedy. Big star cast, little directing success. "

- Lexicon of international film (CD-ROM edition), Systhema, Munich 1997

“Director Lewis Milestone takes the time to introduce his actors and introduce them to the“ real thing ”. So the first 60 minutes are more "sniffing the Las Vegas atmosphere", where you can really let off steam in the remaining hour. "

- Frank Ehrlacher on Moviemaster

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