Friedrich von Vogel (General, 1828)

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Friedrich Franz Karl Otto von Vogel (born October 19, 1828 in Karlsruhe ; † November 28, 1889 there ) was a Prussian lieutenant general .



Friedrich was the son of the Baden court chamber councilor and government director Georg von Vogel (1796–1855) and his wife Friederike, née Freiin Schilling von Cannstatt (1804–1873).

Military career

After attending grammar schools in Freiburg im Breisgau , Konstanz and Karlsruhe, Vogel joined the artillery brigade of the Baden Army as a volunteer on April 1, 1846 . He was promoted to lieutenant by mid-April 1848 and took part in the Freyhold infantry regiment during the war against Denmark in the battle near Ulderup in 1848/49 . Due to the Baden Revolution and the reorganization of the army, Vogel was initially transferred to the 1st Infantry Battalion in early March 1850. This was followed by assignments in the 8th and 4th Infantry Battalion, from which the 2nd Line Infantry Regiment was formed at the end of October 1852 . From November 1852 he was active as a battalion adjutant, rose to first lieutenant in early April 1855 and was appointed regimental adjutant on May 21, 1856. On July 8, 1859, he was transferred to the Jäger Battalion and on January 10, 1860, Vogel was ordered to serve as an orderly officer with Grand Duke Friedrich I for one year . The award of the character as a captain , he was appointed on 16 February 1861 adjutant of the command of the infantry and in this position the end of May 1862-budgetary captain. During the war against Prussia in 1866 Vogel took part in the battles at Hundheim , Werbach and Gerchsheim in the Jäger Battalion .

After the war, Vogel worked briefly in the Leib Grenadier Regiment and returned to the 2nd Infantry Regiment “King of Prussia” at the end of May 1867 when he was appointed company commander . On March 17, 1868 Vogel was appointed Grand Duke Friedrich I.'s wing adjutant . Left in this position, he advanced to major and adjutant of the infantry at the end of November 1868 . During the war against France in 1870 Vogel took part in the sieges of Strasbourg and Paris . At the beginning of January 1871 he was assigned to the Leib Grenadier Regiment as battalion leader and fought in the battle of Belfort in the middle of the month . Awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class and the Knight's Cross 1st Class of the Order of the Zähringer Lion with Oak Leaves and Swords, Vogel was appointed commander of the 1st Battalion on April 18, 1871 after the preliminary peace at Versailles .

In this capacity, the military convention between Baden and Prussia took place on July 15, 1871 with a patent on June 19, 1869, and was incorporated into the Association of the Prussian Army . Vogel rose to lieutenant colonel in mid-September 1874 , was transferred to Mulhouse as commander of the 4th Westphalian Infantry Regiment No. 17 on September 22, 1877 , and was promoted to colonel in mid-October 1877 . In position à la suite of the regiment, he was appointed commander of Karlsruhe on October 17, 1878 . Left in this position, Vogel was placed à la suite of the 1st Baden Leib Grenadier Regiment No. 109 on December 17, 1878. At the beginning of August 1883 Vogel became major general and in 1885 received the Commander's Cross 1st Class of the Order of the Zähringer Lion and, on the occasion of the Order Festival in January 1886, the Red Eagle Order 2nd Class with Oak Leaves. For health reasons, he submitted his departure , which he was granted on April 14, 1887, with the status of lieutenant general with pension . He died on November 28, 1889 in Karlsruhe and was buried there.


Vogel married Anna Freiin von Stengel (1837–1913) in Mannheim on July 24, 1862 . The couple had several children:


Individual evidence

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