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September 29, 2003

Label (s) Hot Action Records

Format (s)


Genre (s)

Punk rock , alternative rock

Title (number)

26 (+ 1 hidden track )

running time

91:42 (+ 3:42 hidden track)


Guest musician.

  • Vocals: Martin Klempnow ("Anti-Zombie")


Uwe Hoffmann , The Doctors

Studio (s)

  • Gaga Studio, Hamburg (Germany)
  • Casa Pepe Studio, Javea (Spain)
  • LXK Studios, Munich (Germany)
Rock 'n' Roll Secondary School
noise Devil
Single releases
September 15, 2003 Unrockable
November 24, 2003 Things from them
April 13, 2004 Nothing in the world
June 12, 2004 Your fault
November 22, 2004 The smartest men in the world

Noise is the tenth studio album by the German punk rock band Die Ärzte . It was released on September 29, 2003 as their first (and to date only) studio double album.

According to the record awards, noise has sold over 410,000 times.


Since, according to the band, every "big" rock band of the 1970s released a studio double album, the doctors decided to record one as the next release after the unplugged album Rock 'n' Roll Realschule . The packaging of the album is accordingly designed like a classic double LP and the CDs are each visually similar to a vinyl LP.

In addition to the usual doctor genre mix (fun, punk and rock songs on a wide range of sometimes absurd topics), there are several more serious, explicitly political songs on the album, which was mainly recorded at the time of the Iraq war .


In order to advertise the album, the information about the double album was split up in advance: The band's website only showed one CD with the corresponding cover, which changed day and night.

For the release of the second single, Things of which , drummer Bela B. was briefly deleted from the band's biography, retouched from all photos and covers, omitted from the song credits and even the song titles were renamed (“Super Drei” became, for example, “Super Two"). Even the three dots above the "Ä" in the band's logo became two. The video, which consisted of a black and white appearance on a made-up television show, was initially only shown with Urlaub and Rod, the drums remained unoccupied. The second version then brought the explanation: In incised scenes it was shown that Bela B. had forgotten the appearance or overslept. According to Farin Urlaub, this action should be an allusion to Trotsky's denial during the Stalin era in the Soviet Union.

Track list

Chart positions
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  DE 1Template: Infobox chart placements / maintenance / NR1 link 10/13/2003 (47 weeks)
  AT 2 10/12/2003 (24 weeks)
  CH 7th 10/12/2003 (8 weeks)
  DE 1Template: Infobox chart placements / maintenance / NR1 link 09/29/2003 (9 weeks)
  AT 9 09/28/2003 (11 weeks)
  CH 27 09/29/2003 (5 weeks)
Things from them
  DE 14th 12/08/2003 (9 weeks)
  AT 33 07/12/2003 (7 weeks)
  CH 68 12/14/2003 (4 weeks)
Nothing in the world
  DE 13 04/26/2004 (9 weeks)
  AT 29 04/25/2004 (7 weeks)
  CH 52 05/02/2004 (3 weeks)
Your fault
  DE 15th 07/26/2004 (8 weeks)
  AT 34 07/25/2004 (12 weeks)
  CH 62 08/08/2004 (3 weeks)
The smartest men in the world
  DE 23 12/06/2004 (9 weeks)
  AT 33 12/05/2004 (10 weeks)
  CH 50 12/05/2004 (2 weeks)

CD 1: "Black Noise"

  1. When I invented punk ... (Bela B., Farin Urlaub) - 1:53 (including hidden pregap track hands inside (Farin Urlaub) - 3:41)
  2. System (Farin Urlaub) - 2:44
  3. T-Error (Rodrigo González / Rodrigo González, Donna Blitz) - 3:37
  4. Not Alone (Farin Urlaub) - 5:19
  5. Things of which (Rodrigo González / Rodrigo González, Donna Blitz) - 3:57
  6. The reason (Bela B.) - 2:54
  7. Haunted House (Rodrigo González / Rodrigo González, Donna Blitz) - 3:49
  8. One man (Farin Urlaub) - 2:18
  9. Unlike last time (Farin Urlaub) - 4:17
  10. Take it easy (Bela B.) - 3:23
  11. Hunt Älskar Sverige! (Farin Urlaub) - 3:40 (Swedish for: " I love Sweden! ")
  12. Really nice Evil (Bela B.) - 3:21
  13. Live Faster (Farin Urlaub) - 3:03

CD 2: "Red Noise"

  1. Unrockable (Farin Urlaub) - 4:01
  2. Your Guilt (Farin Urlaub) - 3:35
  3. Lovepower (Rodrigo González / Rodrigo González, Donna Blitz) - 2:32
  4. The Day (Farin Urlaub) - 3:48 (with Celina Bostic )
  5. The night (Bela B.) - 5:02
  6. Nothing in the World (Farin Urlaub) - 3:47
  7. The smartest men in the world (Bela B.) - 3:58
  8. Piercing (Rodrigo González / Rodrigo González, Donna Blitz) - 4:17
  9. Know-it-all boy (Farin Urlaub) - 3:41 (with Gunter Gabriel )
  10. Anti-Zombie (Rodrigo González / Rodrigo González, Donna Blitz) - 4:09 (with Martin Klempnow )
  11. Pro-Zombie (Farin Vacation) - 2:08
  12. WAMMW (Farin Urlaub) - 1:51 (Abbreviation for " If all men were girls ")
  13. Not knowing (Bela B.) - 4:59


The first CD contains a hidden track as title zero ("Nulltrack"), the title of which is "Hands inside" according to the official DÄ songbook. In this track u. a. alluded to Sahnie's remark "You need my face" .

Another Easteregg: The song “Schneller Leben” is included in the CD-Text data with “ Oh dear, what are they singing? AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH “titled. The CD-Text data can be displayed with the appropriate software (player or burning software) or CD-Text-supporting playback devices.

The intro of "Anti-Zombie" was changed for the indoor tour that followed the album release. So it is said on the tour z. B. instead of “There is no more space in Hell”, “There is no more space in the hall”, or instead of “When there is no more space in Hell, the dead come to earth” it now says: “When in the When there is no more space, the doctors come on stage ”. This intro can also be heard on the live DVD The Band They Called Horse . The intro of the song is a quote from the movie Zombie .


Singles were:

  • 2003: "Unrockbar" - with the B-sides "Kontovollmacht ..." (Bela B.), "From the diary of a gunman" (Farin Urlaub) and "Dolannes Melodie (Live)" (Paul De Seeneville)
  • 2003: "Things from those" - with the B-sides "Powerlove" (Bela B.) and "What is it about" (Farin Urlaub)
  • 2004: "Nothing in the world" - with the B-sides "Money (Live)" (Bela B.), "Anti-Zombie (Live)" and "WAMMW MESMAAG (Live)" (the live versions are also on the DVD To Find The Band They Called Horse )
  • 2004: " Your debt " - with the B-sides "Biergourmet (Unplugged)" (Bela B., Rodrigo González, Farin Urlaub / Bela B.), "N 48.3 (Unplugged)" (Farin Urlaub) and "Frank'n 'stein (Syllable-Jive version!) "(Bela B.)
  • 2004: “The smartest men in the world” - with the B-side “Proverbs III” (Bela B., Farin Urlaub, Rodrigo González) (which is a continuation of the “Proverbs” from After us the Deluge and “Proverbs II” from Wir just want to represent your soul )

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