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A hidden track ( English for "hidden title"), also ghosttrack (English for "ghost title"), is a title on a sound carrier ( music cassette , record , audio CD ) that is not listed on the cover and also so is placed so that it will not be discovered immediately. As a predecessor, grooves provided with music, noises or speech can be seen on records.


Deny track

A track that is available on the sound carrier (typically at the end) but is not mentioned in the accompanying documentation ( insert, booklet ). It is in the nature of things that the existence of the hidden track is also concealed with the following methods.

Long breaks

On an audio CD it is possible to add a long pause to a track, followed by the hidden track. Usually this happens on the last track. A familiar example is the album Nevermind by Nirvana . There, after the end of the last piece, around ten minutes of silence follow before the instrumental improvisation Endless, Nameless begins.


When playing a CD, CD players always start with track 1. However, there is the option of storing a normal track within the so-called pregap . It can be heard by rewinding the first track when starting the CD. This track is referred to as a Null Track , the process as Hidden Track One Audio (HTOA). Playback is not possible with some devices. The so-called pregap is also referred to as the “minus area” of a CD.

Index 0 gap

There are usually a few seconds of silence in front of a track on an audio CD, which is displayed as index 0 in the CD player, but only played when the CD is continuously listened to. Usually these pauses are no longer than one or two seconds, but it is technically possible to fill the pauses with complete songs. For example, if the hidden track is in index 0 of track 7, the hidden song will be played after track 6 has ended; However, this hidden track cannot be selected individually, as the CD player starts directly with index 1 in this case .

Endless groove

With vinyl records , audio material may be present in the lead-out groove or the concentric endless groove at the end of one side of the record. Conventional turntables have an automatic switch-off and therefore stop playback before the endless groove is played. Naturally, the duration is limited to one revolution (1.8 or 1.33  seconds at the usual speeds of 33 13 or 45 per minute) of the record.


Although the term hidden track was first coined after the introduction of the audio CD in the early 1980s, there were already - albeit clearly limited - possibilities to place music or other sounds on sound carriers in such a way that they are difficult to find. Even on shellac records , tones or speech contributions were occasionally pressed into the groove of the record. A well-known example of this is the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band the Beatles . They composed an experimental sound collage that sounds when the outlet groove on this LP is played. Some phonograms contain - supposedly or actually - backward messages . Additional grooves were also embossed on vinyl records, whereby the beginning of the hidden groove sometimes only began after the inlet and was very difficult to hit.

List of albums with hidden tracks

Interpreter album Published method Title (if known; with source) Remarks
2 room apartment In reality 2002 long break - after title 11 We do not remember break until 8:30 min
Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill 1995 Denied track, long pause Unlisted track 13 contains the alternate version You Oughta Know (The Jimmy The Saint Blend), followed by the a cappella song Your House
The doctors That's not the whole truth ... 1988 denied track often titled as Tail , also known as Feminine
The doctors 13 1998 Pregap lady only audible by rewinding before the first track of the CD version
The doctors noise 2003 Pregap Hands inside only audible by rewinding before the first track when the CD version makes a black noise
Arcturus La Masquerade Infernale 1997 Pregap only audible by rewinding before the first track of the CD version. English-language note on the inside of the insert under the CD holder: "Hidden audio information can be found if you look for it."
The Beatles Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1967 Endless groove Sgt.Pepper's Inner Groove
The Beatles Abbey Road 1969 long break Your Majesty
Blokkmonsta Doom rap 2012 long break after track 20 Doom Rap (ultimatum) from 12:52, homage to Blokkmonsta's girlfriend at the time, only on the CDs from the Hirntot shop
Callejon Zombie Action Headquarters 2008 long break A light burns in dark waters after title 13 Porn from Spain from 10:18 min
Callejon Lightning cross 2012 long break Black tone after title 11 Kind im Nebel from 11:34 min
Circus of Fools REX 2018 denied track Specified in the metadata as From French till Core .
Coldplay Parachutes 2000 long break Life is for living after title 10 Everything's Not Lost from 5:37 min
Coldplay X&Y 2005 denied track Til Kingdom Come the title was originally planned for a collaboration with Johnny Cash , after his death the song was released as a hidden track
Coldplay Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends 2008 long break Chinese Sleep Chant after title 6 Yes from 4:03 min
Coldplay Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends 2008 long break The Escapist after title 10 Death And All His Friends from 3:31 min
Coldplay Ghost stories 2014 Fly on the 9th track O begins with the song Fly On (0: 00–3: 54) and ends with O (6: 18–7: 47 min)
Coldplay A Head Full Of Dreams 2015 long break X Marks The Spot after title 8 Army Of One from 3:22 min
D12 Devils Night 2001 denied track Girls Eminem's solo song ; Disstrack against Limp Bizkit and Everlast
Deee-Lite Dewdrops In The Garden 1994 long breaks Bring Me Your Love by track 16 What Is This Music?
Disturbed Asylum 2010 long break ISHFWILF (I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For) according to title 12 Innocence
The dead pants buy me 1993 long break The last day according to Title 16 Disaster Command
Dune Dune 2000 long break after track 13 from 10:04 min Instrumental with radio noise such as medium wave interference, 1 minute
Eminem Recovery 2010 denied track Untitled
Falco Out of the Dark (Into the Light) 1998 long break Money / mat. XI, 15 after title 9 Naked (Full Frontal Version)
Farin Urlaub At the end of the sun 2005 Denied track, pregap Once again only audible by rewinding before the first track of the CD version, according to Farin Urlaub's FAQ , this track is called Dieter
Fewjar gamma 2018 denied track Don't Tell A Weird Weakling Created as part of the "Liquiescent Project", which draws attention to conflicts in connection with sexual identity.
Free wild Rivals & rebels 2018 long break Forbidden love, forbidden kiss
Herbert Grönemeyer human 2002 long break often on the internet as Falling find sung by Grönemeyer's son Felix
Herbert Grönemeyer Shipping 2011 long break after title 11 Just like me
Hurts Happiness 2010 long break Verona
Jeanette Biedermann Rock My Life 2002 long break So deep inside On the Gold Edition, after title 18, pause until 6:03
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory (EP) 1999 long break Ambient or Secret , demo of session After Part of Me , the last few seconds of the song are repeated for about seven minutes, creating the effect of a broken record. Ambient is a demo of Session on the Linkin Park album Meteora .
Lamb Fear of Fours 1999 Pregap Variant of the song Lullaby
Leona Lewis echo 2009 long break Stoneheart after title 13 Lost then Found from 7:07 min
Majoe Wider than the bouncer 2014 denied track - after title 22 part of the movement (feat. you all)
Mika Life in Cartoon Motion 2007 long break Over my shoulder after title 10 happy ending from 5:35 min
Monster magnet Dopes to Infinity 1995 long break Forbidden Planet
My Chemical Romance The Black Parade 2006 Denied track, long pause Blood
Nena Chokmah 2001 Denied track, long pause I suspected it or I don't need you either after track 14 Carpe Diem (Söhne Mannheims Dancehall Mix) , which is also not listed on the cover.
Nirvana Nevermind 1991 long break Endless, Nameless after title 12 from 13:50 min
One ok rock 35xxxv 2015 long break Geru Geru Ba ~ n after title 13 Fight the Night break until 10:25 min
Oomph! truth or Dare 2004 long break I'm going down according to title 12 In the light .
Papa Roach Infest 2000 long break Tightrope after title 11 Thrown Away from 4:58 min
Pearl Jam Ten 1991 long break Master / slave
Pet Shop Boys Very 1993 long break Postscript (I Believe in Ecstasy)
Queen Made in Heaven 1995 denied tracks Track 12 , known as Yeah , a sample from Queen's Action This Day ; Instrumental piece known as Track 13 .
Queens of the Stone Age Songs for the Deaf 2002 Pregap The Real Song for the Deaf
Rage Against the Machine Renegades 2000 denied tracks The new edition with a green and black cover includes two live recordings of Kick out the Jams and How I Could Just Kill a Man
Rammstein mother

( Japanese edition)

2001 long break,

denied track

Hallelujah after title 11 Nebel from 6:54
Rammstein Journey, journey 2004 Denied track, pregap - Flight recorder recording of the crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123 |
Reinhard Mey Colorful dog 2007 Denied track, long pause Le temps de cerises
Robbie Williams Swing When You're Winning 2001 long break - after track 15 Beyond the Sea , outtakes of the recording session in the recording studio
Seeed New Dubby Conquerors 2001 long break Miss Understanding
Seeed Music Monks 2003 long break Fire In The Morning (Alternative Version)
Silke Bischoff To Protect and to Serve 1995 long break Untitled or Leave it all behind after track 10 Silke's Calling of the album follows a long break with distant church bells ringing, then the unplugged track Untitled or Leave it all behind
Slipknot Slipknot (album) 1999 long break Eeyore After a long break in Scissors, there is a recording in which you can probably hear the band members talking to each other indistinctly. This is followed by the Eeyore track
Slipknot .5: The Gray Chapter (Deluxe Edition) 2014 long break -Talk- and -Funny- -Talk- and -Funny- follow after a two-minute silence (-Silent-)
Smashing Pumpkins Gish 1991 long break I'm going crazy
System of a Down Toxicity 2001 long break Arto
Take that progress 2010 long break Flowerbed after title 10 Eight Letters
Take that The Circus 2008 long break - after title 11 Hold Up A Light
Unholy phosphorus 2001 long break Untitled (according to Wikipedia 1 min. Length) after track 12 strong (the pause varies depending on the CD)
Various artists Songs In The Key Of X 1996 Pregap Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Rivertentum by Nick Cave and the Dirty Three (6:22 min) & The X-Files Remix by Dirty Three (2:42 min) only audible by rewinding before the first track of the CD version. English-language notes can be found in the booklet: NICK CAVE AND THE DIRTY THREE would like you to know that 0 is also a number (German: Nick Cave and the Dirty Three want you to know that the 0 is also a number ) Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Rivertentum starts at -09: 00 min and The X-Files Remix at -02: 45 min.
Various artists The X-Files Movie Album 1998 long break Hear the truth revealed at 10:13 (German: Hear the truth revealed at 10:13 ) Chris Carter explains the series mythology 10 minutes and 13 seconds after the last track The X-Files Theme remix by The Dust Brothers
Weekend Music for those who don't like to think so much 2015 long break - after track 14 Better to believe (feat. Pimf) break until 8:30 min
Wise guys Plain text 2003 long break "The King of The Road";

"5-part canon for 2 to 3 multiple personalities"

After the last title on the CD there are two hidden tracks, including "King of the Road", recorded live at the Soesterborde motorway service station.
Xavas Split personality 2012 long break Where are you now after title 15 song of life pause until 0:40 min

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