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Hanns-Peter Herz (born June 21, 1927 in Berlin ; † September 1, 2012 ) was a German journalist , politician , contemporary witness and holder of the Order of Merit of the State of Berlin .


The son of a well-known journalist - his father was editor-in-chief of the RIAS and spokesman for Berlin's Lord Mayor Arthur Werner  - spent almost his entire life in the Hufeisensiedlung in Berlin-Britz . His playmates included the son of Adolf Eichmann , who lived in the neighboring settlement on Krugpfuhl from 1934 to 1938 , even though he was Jewish himself . Ernst Reuter was a friend of his father's. He studied together with Edzard Reuter . Until his death, Hanns-Peter Herz was a sought-after contemporary witness.


For 16 years, Hanns-Peter Herz worked for the RIAS in various departments (e.g. politics) (1950–1966). Among other things, he headed the domestic and eastern policy departments. From 1985 to 1995 he was chairman of the DJV Berlin. He was an honorary member of the DJV Berlin


Hanns-Peter Herz was a member of the SPD . In 1966 he went into politics and was Senate Spokesman for Berlin from 1966 to 1973. He was then State Secretary and head of the Berlin Senate Chancellery until Klaus Schütz resigned . From 1977 to 1980 he was district councilor for social affairs in the Neukölln district office of Berlin. Subsequently, from July 2, 1981 to April 17, 1985 district councilor for construction and deputy district mayor in the Neukölln district . After leaving the Neukölln district office, he carried out various voluntary activities.

During his time as press officer of the Senate, Herz wrote the following declaration on the death of Benno Ohnesorg for the then governing mayor of Berlin Heinrich Albertz :

“The city's patience is running out. A few dozen demonstrators, including students, have earned the sad merit of not only verbally abusing a guest from the Federal Republic of Germany in the German capital, but also one dead and numerous injured - police officers and demonstrators. The police, provoked by rowdies, were forced to crack down on them and use their batons. I expressly and emphatically say that I approve of the behavior of the police and that I have convinced myself through my own eyes that the police have restrained themselves to the limits of reasonableness. "

In the days that followed, he couldn't find a word for the relatives of the victim.

Voluntary functions

For 30 years, Hanns-Peter Herz was chairman of the Luftbrückendank Foundation and the German Multiple Sclerosis Society Berlin (since 1982) and member of the board of the Berlin-USA e. V.



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  • Hans-Rainer Sandvoss: Resistance in Neukölln . Issue 4 of the series on resistance in Berlin from 1933 to 1945. Published by the German Resistance Memorial Center , Berlin 1990

radio play

  • The radio play production Apparat Herz (DeutschlandRadio Kultur 2001), directed by Helgard Haug and Daniel Wetzel from the Rimini Protokoll group, is an original sound collage mainly from the telephone calls of Hanns-Peter Herz as the lead editor of the special broadcasts on issues relating to passes as part of the first pass agreement . Also included is a specially recorded comment from Herz from 2001.

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