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Hans Haas
medal table


Olympic games
gold 1928 Amsterdam Light
silver 1932 Los Angeles Light
European Championship
gold 1930 Munich Light
gold 1931 Luxembourg Light

Hans Haas (born October 17, 1906 in Vienna ; † May 14, 1973 ) was an Austrian weightlifter . He became Olympic champion in 1928 , won the silver medal at the Olympic Games in 1932 and was also European champion in 1930 and 1931 , always in the lightweight and always in the Olympic three-way fight.


The trained carpenter Haas began lifting weights as a teenager in the early 1920s. He started his career at the athletes' club of the city of Vienna , soon switched to the strength sports club of the Viennese newspapers , then to the athletes club D'Boeren Vienna , the Währinger AK "Herkules" Vienna and ended his weightlifting career in 1933 with the "Teutoburger "AK Vienna. At the age of 18, he took part in the Austrian championship in 1924 and took 4th place in the lightweight. In 1926 he was the first Austrian champion in the lightweight class. He also won this title in 1927, 1928 and 1930 in the lightweight and 1933 in the middleweight division . In 1927 he set his first world record in a competition in Marseille with 128.5 kg in the two-arm pushing of the lightweight. At times he held seven world records at the same time. It should be noted that at that time world records were also set in the one-armed exercises, but not in the all-round competitions.

In 1926, Hans Haas took second place at the German Fighting Games in Cologne in a lightweight pentathlon with 452.5 kg behind Willi Reinfrank from Mannheim , who weighed 455 kg and ahead of Kurt Helbig from Plauen , who scored 445 kg. This competition was one of the most important competitions worldwide from 1925 to 1927, because no world or European championships were held in those years.

At the Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928 , he and Kurt Helbig became Olympic champion, as both of them achieved the same performance in the Olympic three-way fight with 322.5 kg and were also equally heavy to a hundredth of a kilogram. Four years later, Hans Haas achieved second place again in the Olympic three-way battle in Los Angeles with a weight of 307.5 kg. The Olympic champion in Los Angeles was French Rene Duverger , who weighed 325 kg.

In 1930 and 1931, Hans Haas was also the European lightweight champion in Munich and Luxembourg . In Munich he referred Rene Duverger and his compatriot Robert Fein and in Luxembourg Kurt Helbig and the Egyptian Youssef to the next places.

Hans Haas ended his career after winning the Austrian championship title in 1933. He was a fair sportsman, but who often had difficulties with officials. This is proven by his frequent club changes and the fact that he was banned from the Austrian Weightlifting Association for insulting the judges for the whole of 1929.

International success

year space competition Competition type Weight class Results
1926 2. German fighting games in Cologne FK Light with 452.5 kg (70-95-92.5-77.5-117.5), behind Willi Reinfrank, VfK Mannheim, 455 kg (70-85-95-85-120) and in front of Kurt Helbig, Plauen, 445 kg (70-87.5-92.5-80-115)
1926 1. Tournament in Plauen FK Light with 480 kg (72.5-100-97.5-80-130), before Kurt Helbig, 435 kg (67.5-80-87.5-85-115)
1926 2. Tournament in Vienna FK Light with 472.5 kg (75-100-97.4-80-120), behind Willi Reinfrank, 475 kg (75-90-97.5-90-125)
1927 1. Tournament in Marseille OD Light with 303.5 kg (80-95-128.5), ahead of Fernand Arnout , France, 287.5 kg (82.5-90-115)
1927 1. Intern. Championship of Czechoslovakia in Brno OD medium with 305 kg (85-95-125), in front of Kostrba, Vrsovice, 277.5 kg
1928 gold OS in Amsterdam OD Light with 322.5 kg (85-102.5-135), together with Kurt Helbig, 322.5 kg (90-97.5-135), before Fernand Arnout, 302.5 kg (85-97.5-120 )
1930 1. EM in Munich OD Light with 317.5 kg (87.5-100-130), ahead of Rene Duverger, France, 300 kg (92.5-90-117.5) and Robert Fein, Austria, 292.5 kg (87.5-90 -115)
1931 1. EM in Luxembourg OD Light with 317.5 kg (90-97.5-130), ahead of Kurt Helbig, 302.5 kg (87.5-90-125) and Youssef, Egypt, 300 kg (90-90-120)
1932 silver OS in Los Angeles OD Light with 307.5 kg (82.5-100-125), behind Rene Duverger, 325 kg (97.5-102.5-125), in front of Gastone Pierini , Italy, 302.5 kg

National successes

year space competition Competition type Weight class Results
1924 4th Austrian championship VK Light with 355 kg, behind Kurt Huber, KSC of the Vienna Newspapers, 372.5 kg, Karl Okrouhly, AK "Altona" Vienna, 366.75 kg and Andreas Stadler , SC "Komet" Vienna, 356.5 kg
1925 1. Austrian Junior Championship VK Light with 347.5 kg (72.5-92.5-72.5-110)
1926 1. Viennese championship FK Light with 481.25 kg (77.5-92.5-92.8-77.5-120), ahead of Anton Zwerina , Währinger AK Vienna, 457.5 kg and Anton Hangel, AK "Oswald" Vienna, 439.5 kg
1926 1. Austrian championship VK Light with 412.75 kg (80-100-82.5-127.5), ahead of Karl Pipek, AK "D'Boeren" Vienna, 369 kg and Willy Etzenberger, AC "Siegfried" Vienna, 364.75 kg
1927 1. Viennese championship FK Light with 480 kg (82.5-100-80-92.5-125), in front of Anton Zwerina, 425 kg (//, 5-85-72.5-80-110)
1927 3. Viennese championship OD medium with 300 kg (85-95-120); behind Karl Hipfinger , Währinger AK Herkules Vienna, 330 kg (90-102.5-137.59) and Leopold Treffny , Währinger AK Vienna, 312.5 kg 885-97.5-1309
1927 1. Austrian championship VK medium with 395 kg (80-102.5-82.5-130), ahead of Leopold Treffny, 387.5 (89-90-87.5-130) and Fritz Haller , Himberger AC, 382.5 kg (80-100 -82.5-120)
1928 1. Viennese championship FK medium with 515 kg8 (85-112.5-87.5-100-130)
1928 1. Olympic qualification in Vienna OD Light with 317.5 kg (80-102.5-135) (world record), ahead of Anton Hangel, 295 kg (880-95-120) and Leopold Treffny, 292.5 kg
1928 1. Austrian championship OD Light with 305 kg, in front of Heinrich Jeschek, AK D'Boeren Vienna, 282.5 kg
1930 1. Austrian championship OD Light with 320 kg (85-105-135), before Rudolf Troppert , AC "Ursus" Vienna, 287.5 kg
1931 1. Viennese championship OD Light with 302.5 kg (85-95-122.5), in front of Robert Fein , 302.5 kg (95-92.5-115)
1933 1. Austrian championship OD medium with 325 kg (85-105-135), in front of Hans Gigl, Vienna, 302.5 kg
  • OS = Olympic Games, EM = European Championship
  • OD = Olympic three-way fight, consisting of two-armed pushing, tearing and pushing; VK = four-way fight, consisting of one-armed snatch, one-armed pushing, two-armed pushing and two-armed pushing; FK = pentathlon, consisting of one-armed snatch, one-armed thrusting, two-armed pushing, two-armed tearing and two-armed thrusting
  • Lightweight, weight class up to 67.5 kg, medium weight, up to 75 kg body weight
  • Until 1927, free and unfree transfer was permitted in Austria. Athletes who turned freely received a "supplement" of 10% of the lifted weight
  • "clean & jerk" = two-armed jerking with free turnover


  • Athletics magazine
  • Austrian Sporttagblatt (digitized edition at anno.onb.ac.at)

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