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Liao Hui ( Chinese  廖 辉 , Pinyin Liào Huī ; born October 5, 1987 in Xiantao , Hubei , People's Republic of China ) is a Chinese weightlifter . He was Olympic champion in 2008 and is multiple world champion in the lightweight .


Liao Hui started lifting weights as a teenager in his hometown. He was discovered by Gan Yongkui, who was also his first trainer. After his first major successes in the national field, he was accepted into the Chinese national weightlifting team in 2007. In this he is trained by Ju Jie. He is a member of the Chinese armed forces.

In 2005 he became Chinese junior champion in the lightweight with 317.5 kg in a duel. In the same year he was also Asian junior champion. In 2006 he was again Chinese junior champion.

The breakthrough to the international top of lightweight lifters came in 2007. That year he won the IMF World Cup in Apia , Zambia , in the lightweight and increased there in a duel to 335 kg (145-190). He was also the winner of the Universities World Cup in Lima , Peru and achieved there in the lightweight 325 kg (145-180), which he was clearly ahead of the runner-up Faiver Aroca from Colombia , who achieved 263 kg. Towards the end of 2007 he set up at the Chinese City Games in Wuhan with 342 kg (157-185) junior world records in the duel and in the snatch.

In 2008 Liao Hui became the first Chinese lightweight champion. He was then used at the Olympic Games in Beijing and won there in the lightweight superior with 348 kg (158-190) before the French Vencelas Dabaya , who achieved 338 kg (151-187) and Tigran Geworg Martirosjan from Armenia , who also had 338 kg (153-185) came. He became the successor of his compatriot Zhang Guozheng , who was 2004 Olympic champion in the lightweight and is the great role model of Liao Hui.

Liao Hui continued his success in 2009 as well. At the East Asian Games in Hong Kong he had to admit defeat in the middleweight with 351 kg (155-196) to the South Korean Kim Kwang-hoon , who scored 352 kg (153-199), but weighed in this championship, which as a test for the World Championship was only 71 kg. At the World Championships in Goyang / South Korea he started again in the lightweight and won with 346 kg (160-186) in a duel superior to the world title in front of Arakel Mirsojan from Armenia , who achieved 334 kg (154-180). His performance in the snap with 160 kg deserves a special mention. On October 24, 2009 he also started at the Chinese National Games in Jinan and achieved there in lightweight as the winner excellent 358 kg (163-195) in a duel and improved the world record of the Bulgarian Plamen Jeliaskow by 1 kg. In an additional attempt he also improved the world record in pushing by Zhang Guozheng from 197 kg to 198 kg. It will be interesting to see if Liao Hui will be the first weightlifter in the world who can push 200 kg as a lightweight.

At the 2010 World Championships in Antalya Liao Hui won a duel in a superior style with 358 kg (160-198) in front of Ninel Miculescu , Romania , 337 kg and the local hero Mete Binay , who managed to beat Liao Hui in the tear with 160 kg due to the lighter body weight to refer to the 2nd place. But Liao Hui was a class in pushing and again achieved the world record load of 198 kg. During the subsequent examination of the doping test , however, it turned out that Liao Hui had been doped with boldenone at the World Cup . The international weightlifting federation therefore revoked the 2010 world championship title in pushing and duel and the world records achieved in pushing and duel were annulled. It was also banned from September 30, 2010 to September 30, 2014. The ban was later reduced from four to two years by the International Court of Justice for Sports.

After the suspension has expired, he competes again. In March 2013 he won the China Cup in Shandong with 349 kg (161-188) in a duel and in August 2013 he also won the 12th Chinese national games in Shenyang with 348 kg (161-187), he started each in Lightweight. In October 2013 he also competed in the World Championships in Wrocław. He was there again in excellent shape and with 358 kg (160-198) was world champion in the duel and in the two individual disciplines of snatching and pushing. He achieved exactly the same performance as in the 2010 World Championship. The achieved duel performance and performance in pushing are new world records.

In November 2014 Liao Hui was again lightweight world champion in Almaty. His performance in a duel was 359 kg (166-193), which meant a new world record. His performance in the snap of 166 kg also set a new world record.

International success

year space competition Weight class
2005 1. Asian Junior Championship Light
2007 1. IMF World Cup in Apia , Samoa Light with 335 kg (145–190), ahead of Faerul Talib Mohd, Muscat , 291 kg
2007 1. Universities World Cup in Lima , Peru Light with 325 kg (145–180), ahead of Faiver Aroca, Colombia , 263 kg
2008 gold OS in Beijing Light with 348 kg (158-190), before Vencelas Dabaya , France , 338 kg (151-187) and the like. Tigran Geworg Martirosjan , Armenia , 338 kg (153–185)
2009 2. East Asian Games in Hong Kong medium with 351 kg (155–196), behind Kim Kwang-hoon , South Korea , 352 kg, in front of Pang Kum Chol, North Korea , 331 kg (151–180)
2009 1. World Cup in Goyang / South Korea Light with 346 kg (160–186), before Arakel Mirsojan , Armenia , 334 kg (154–180) and Triyatno , Indonesia , 330 kg (150–180)
2010 disq. World Cup in Antalya Light in the competition winner with 358 kg (160-198), ahead of Ninel Miculescu , Romania (also disqualified for doping), 337 kg (157-180) and Mete Binay , Turkey , 335 kg (160-175), but then disqualified for doping
2013 1. China Cup in Shandong Light with 349 kg (161–188), before Shi Zhiyong , 340 kg and Qiao Ningbo, 335 kg, both China
2013 1. World Cup in Wrocław Light with 358 kg (160–198), ahead of Oleg Chen , Russia, 340 kg (160–180) and Firidun Gulijew , Azerbaijan, 337 kg (143–194)
2014 1. World Cup in Almaty Light with 359 kg (166–193), ahead of Mohamed Ihab Youssef Ahmed Mahmoud , Egypt, 334 kg (152–182) and Kim Myong-hyok , North Korea, 334 kg (152–182)

World Cup individual medals

  • World Cup gold medals: 2009 / Tear - 2009 / Poke - 2013 / Tear - 2013 / Poke - 2014 / Tear - 2014 / Poke

National competitions

year space competition Weight class
2005 1. Chinese Junior Championship Light with 317.5 kg
2006 1. Chinese Junior Championship Light
2007 1. Chinese Cities Championship in Wuhan Light with 342 kg (157–185)
2008 1. Chinese championship Light
2009 1. Chinese championship Light with 340 kg (150-190), before Ye Bing, 329 kg (144-185) and Tang Deshang, 329 kg (148-181)
2009 1. Chinese National Games in Jinan Light with 358 kg (163-195), before Tang Deshang, 341 kg a. Lin Qingfeng , 332 kg
2010 unpl. Chinese championship Light after three failed attempts in tearing; Winner: Lin Qingfeng m. 345 kg (155–190)
2013 1. Chinese National Games in Shenyang Light with 348 kg (161–187), before Liang Chenxi, 340 kg (153–187) and Feng Ludong, 339 kg (153–186)

World records

date place discipline Weight class power
2007 Wuhan Duel (juniors) Light 342 kg (151-187)
2007 Wuhan Tear (juniors) Light 151 kg
10/24/09 Jinan Bump Light 198 kg
23/10/2013 Wroclaw Duel Light 358 kg (160-198) and pushing, 198 kg
11/10/2014 Almaty Duel Light 359 kg (166-193) and snatch, 166 kg
  • all competitions in single combat, consisting of snatch and push,
  • OS = Olympic Games,
  • WM = World Championship,
  • Lightweight, weight class up to 69 kg body weight,
  • the competitions at the Olympic Games have not counted as world championships since 1988


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  2. November 16, 2012