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Portrait drawing by Herbert Baum

Herbert Baum (born February 10, 1912 in Moschin , Posen province ; † June 11, 1942 in Berlin ) was a German-Jewish resistance fighter and communist .


Baum came to Berlin as a child and completed secondary school and an apprenticeship as an electrician . He then worked in this profession. Baum has been involved in various left-wing and Jewish children and youth organizations since 1926, and in 1931 in the Communist Youth Association of Germany (KJVD). From 1940 he was a forced laborer in the electric motor works of Siemens & Schuckert .

After the takeover of the Nazis , he started with his wife Marianne Baum and his friends Martin and Sala Kochmann - all four knew each other since their school days - mainly Jewish youths to surround himself with, mostly from the Jewish youth movement , from the communist, socialist or left-Zionist spectrum. The Circle of Friends, now often referred to as the “Herbert Baum Group”, to which at times up to 100 young people belonged, maintained internal political discussions and cultural work and made its appearance externally by distributing leaflets. From 1941 he supported Jewish forced laborers and helped Jews go into hiding in order to save them from deportation .

Arson attack

Herbert Baum's group was best known for an arson attack that they carried out on May 18, 1942, on the anti-communist propaganda exhibition The Soviet Paradise at Berlin's Lustgarten . The damage remained limited, however. Most of the group was arrested within a few days; presumably she had been denounced. Over 20 members of the group were later sentenced to death . Baum's tombstone lists 28, the memorial stone in the pleasure garden 34 members of the group as victims. A total of 28 members of the group were murdered in 1942 and 1943. Baum himself died in custody; it is unclear whether it was the result of torture or suicide . About 50 other members of the group received long prison sentences.

On 28/29 In May 1942, 500 Jewish men from Berlin were arrested in a “reprisal”, half of whom were shot immediately and the other half were taken to concentration camps . The next day, representatives of the “ Reich Association of Jews in Germany ” in Berlin were informed by Adolf Eichmann that the action was related to the attack on the exhibition in the Lustgarten, in which Jews were involved. Whether this connection actually existed is a matter of dispute today.


The Berlin memorial stone in the Lustgarten

Memorial plaque in Berlin at the Weissensee Jewish Cemetery

A memorial plaque for those killed in the Herbert Baum group and Baum's grave are in the row of honor in the field A1-G1 at the Weißensee Jewish cemetery . The grave is dedicated to the city of Berlin as an honor grave . The street leading to the main portal of the cemetery has been called Herbert-Baum-Straße since 1951.

Memorial stone in the pleasure garden

A memorial stone made by Jürgen Raue was erected in the Lustgarten in 1981 to commemorate the attack by the Baum group with the following slogan:

“The courageous deeds and steadfastness of the anti-fascist resistance group led by the young communist Herbert Baum will not be forgotten. - Forever in friendship with the Soviet Union. "

This memorial stone was changed in 2000: the part of the original inscription, which is about friendship with the Soviet Union, is now covered by printed glass plates. They contain historical information about the Baum group and its attack and close with the words:

"Today this memorial stone documents the courageous resistance action of 1942, our understanding of history in 1981 and our ongoing commemoration of the resistance against the Nazi regime."


There is a memorial plaque for these two members of the Baum group on the house of Sala and Martin Kochmann on Gipsstrasse in Berlin-Mitte .

A feeder trawler with the fishing identification number ROS 408 of the "Artur Becker" series also got its name.

Members of the "Herbert Baum Group"

Memorial grave for Herbert Baum in the Jewish cemetery in Berlin-Weißensee; Photo taken in April 2010

A plaque at the Jewish cemetery in Berlin-Weißensee commemorates 27 members of the group who were executed (or killed) for their resistance in 1942/43. It is a matter of:

In addition, the following are known as members:

  • Rita Meyer (nee Zocher), wife of Herbert Meyer
  • Herbert Ansbach
  • Lisa Behn (arrested in 1936, friend of Werner Steinbrink)
  • Joachim Franke (1905–1942)
  • Use Haak
  • Richard Holzer , who was able to flee to Hungary
  • Hermann Braun
  • Charlotte Paech , sentenced to death by the People's Court; After a bomb attack on Berlin, she managed to escape from the prison on Iranische Strasse and thus avoid execution.
  • Erwin Pavlowski
  • Lotte Rotholz , received a sentence of eight years in prison, brought from the women's prison in Berlin's Barnimstrasse to the Cottbus prison to serve her sentence, from here on October 12, 1943, transferred back to Berlin to the deportation center in Grosse Hamburger Strasse and finally together with two of them other women from the group around Herbert Baum, Alice Hirsch and Edith Fraenkel, on October 14, 1943 with the so-called “44. Osttransport ”was deported to the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp.
  • Walter Sack (born December 26, 1915, † April 29, 2008)
  • Alice Zadek , b. Kronheim, (born March 28, 1921, † April 14, 2005) and Gerhard Zadek (born November 2, 1919, † October 5, 2005)
  • Franz Krahl (1914–1990)
  • Lothar Cohn (1908–1944), brother of Marianne Baum
  • Hans Fruck

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