Under the sign of the dragonfly

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German title Under the sign of the dragonfly
Original title Dragonfly
Country of production United States ,
original language English
Publishing year 2002
length 104 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Tom Shadyac
script Brandon Camp ,
David Seltzer ,
Mike Thompson
production Gary Barber ,
Roger Birnbaum ,
Mark Johnson ,
Tom Shadyac
music John Debney
camera Dean Semler
cut Don Zimmerman

In the sign of the dragonfly ( Dragonfly ) is a mystery film or a feature film with psychological fantasy elements by Tom Shadyac , which was produced in 2002. The main role was played by Kevin Costner .


The Chicago doctor Emily Darrow was an organization in a bus accident in as part of a multi-month humanitarian mission Venezuela died when their bus plunged into a river. Emily's husband Joe, also a doctor, cannot overcome her death even after many months. It is as if Emily was desperately trying to reach him through death. Your parrot is going crazy, things seem to fall randomly, books open with a draft. The children from her ward (cancer patients) dream of her after near-death experiences or paint strange crosses, and he himself has visions in which even a recently deceased patient tries to tell him something. This strangely wavy cross, a dragonfly, water and a rainbow appear again and again with the signs and visions. His environment interprets his efforts to follow these traces as unresolved grief and ensures that he meets a psychotherapist. He is suspended from duty in the hospital.

Finally he finds out that this cross marks the spot on the map where his wife wanted to go: a waterfall with a rainbow. Is Emily Still Alive? Her body was never found. Joe Darrow goes to Venezuela himself and actually discovers the rainbow waterfall with a guide. When he shows the photo of his wife at the burial ground of the bus dead, natives recognize his wife and discuss whether they should take him to the village. While the Führer is pushing to leave, Joe runs off. He almost drowns himself in the river, when he finds the crashed wreck of the bus and sees the ghost of his dead wife, he is very close to death. But he can be saved. After being rescued, he continues to the village, which is actually closed to tourists.

The locals there recognize Emily in the photo and give him a white female baby named Dragonfly , who has a birthmark in the shape of a dragonfly on its foot. His wife had reached the village and gave birth to the child before she died. Joe returns to the United States with his daughter, where she grows up to be an image of her mother.


  • Chris Hewitt wrote in St. Paul Pioneer Press on February 22, 2002 that the film would be something for Kevin Costner's fans.
  • TV14 5/2006 wrote that the film was "emotionally staged".
  • The lexicon of international films rated the film as "boring Schmonzette , which is profound and spiritual, but in reality only remixes the common recipes for success of successful Hollywood films in order to get dozens of products on the road to success".


Chea Courtney was nominated for the Young Artist Award in 2003 .

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