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Joseph of Fisenne
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Joseph Johann August Maria von Fisenne (born March 27, 1902 in Aachen , † December 31, 1987 in Hamburg ) was a German pharmacist and politician ( CDU ).

Life and work

Josef Freiherr von Fisenne came from the Aachen branch of the aristocratic and wealthy Rhenish-Walloon family von Fisenne . The son of a pharmacist attended secondary school in Aachen, then completed a practical apprenticeship and studied pharmacy from 1923 to 1926 at the Friedrich Wilhelms University in Berlin . After obtaining his license to practice medicine in 1929, he initially worked as a pharmacist in Küstrin, Berlin and Hamburg for a few years and worked in the pharmaceutical industry from 1938 to 1944.

After the end of the Second World War , von Fisenne owned a pharmacy in Hamburg-St. Pauli , President of the re-established Hamburg Chamber of Pharmacists (1945–1951) and the German Pharmaceutical Society (1946–1953). In addition, he held a lectureship for law and history of pharmacy at the University of Hamburg , was editor of the "Pharmazeutische Nachrichten" and co-owner of the Govi publishing house .


After the end of the war, von Fisenne became a member of the CDU, whose Hamburg state chairman he was from 1954 to 1956.

In the second electoral period (1949-1953) he moved up on January 25, 1950 for the CDU in the Hamburg parliament . In the 3rd electoral period (1953-1957) he was elected to the Hamburg block (consisting of CDU, FDP and DP) in constituency 30 in the citizenship. In the 4th electoral period (1957–1961) he was again a member of the CDU's citizenship.

In the Sieveking Senate , Fisenne was a Senator, initially without portfolio, from December 15, 1954 to December 31, 1955, Senator of the Building Authority , and from January 1 to March 29, 1956, Senator of the Police Department .

He resigned on March 29, 1956. The trigger was a personnel decision by Fisenne, which plunged the Hamburg block into its worst crisis. Fisenne had suspended the then head of the criminal police, the SPD member Carl Breuer , from duty because of alleged false expense reports and other allegations, for which Breuer was later expressly rehabilitated in court.

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